What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hair Salons

What is more of a feminine haven than a hair salon? I'm not talking about one of those national chains unisex hair cutters found in every mall. I am referring to the ones that just ooze with femininity!

The smell of perfume, styling spray and hair coloring chemicals waft through the air. In the waiting area there will be dozens of fashion mags and nothing that even comes close to the likes of Sports Illustrated or Newsweek.

Behind the counter is a young twenty-something bimbo with immaculately done makeup, big boobs and a cascade of blond curls. She is filing her already perfect french tipped nails.

As you pass by the wall covered with every imaginable color nail polish, you see a women in the near-erotic bliss of getting a pedicure while a second woman is getting a fill for her inch-long talons... Voices of women chatting and the tell-tale sound of waxing come from a private room off to the side.

To your right is a young freckled-face redhead is having her auburn hair trimmed while the milf on the left is having her roots colored.

The stylist cutting the hair of the redhead looks like she could have been a fashion model had she been a bit taller and wasn't so busty. Despite spending hours on her feet each day, she still wears four inch heels, causing her backside to look even more inviting.

The stylist working with the milf is an older woman with a slightly dominant air about her. Her style reminds you of Betty Page or Dita Von Tease. You can't help but notice her severely cut black pencil skirt, her flaming red silk blouse revealing her ample bosom, and heavy makeup. She smiles at you as you pass. She gazes at you from head to toe, almost as if she were sizing you up for some potential lesbian encounter.

There is a row of the old fashion hair driers, with head fulls of rollers under them. A couple of women talk over the sound of the hair driers while others read magazines or contemplate the events to unfold later that evening. How many of them are smiling because they know that all of this primping will have the boys falling all over them... They'll enjoy the flirting and they will enjoy taking someone home and then they'll enjoy the carnal sins of the flesh.

While a real manly-man would undoubtedly feel out of place in this bastion of femininity, any sissy would simply gush to be there! Personally, I enjoy going to my salon with a nice fat plug nestled inside of my sissy hole and my little sissy clit tucked such that I couldn't get erect even if I wanted to.

If you have read this far, then I bet you have had some experience in a salon, or at least fantasized about being in one. Why don't you share with us girls your thoughts?


  1. My fantasy is to be caped by the hairstylist in a pink hair cape and for her to cut a blunt full fringe into my shoulder length hair and to use lots of hair spray

  2. I've been to salons like the one described. I've had pedicures while sitting under a hairdryer with a headful of rollers. When you're in that position you're no longer a male. You're a submissive sissy and feel like you'll do anything asked of you by your stylist. Anything at all. The smells, the sounds and the sensation of having your hair rolled tightly onto rollers to help create a hairdo no real man would be caught dead wearing. That's true sissy bliss for me.

    1. I agree full heartedly that blissful is the feeling. I Grew up with grama,aunts,mom that were always doing home perms and curlers. I have gotten my hair done in a salon only once but it was wonderful, a true sissy experience. Love the estrogen sent an smells of GG's throughout. The pink colors all around, the womens mags throughout. True heaven on earth. stephaniecurl