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What's Your Perversion?
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forced Femme Story: "When You Awake" by Deborah Ford

Here is another favorite story... It was written by the wonderfully talented Deborah Ford. Actually, this is just the opening page or so - just to give you a taste of this delicious fantasy.

It is a story of a guy who wanted his wife to become his fantasy girl, a slutty, bimbo schoolgirl, but he ends up the bimbo instead.

Unfortunately, this story used to be available for free on a number of websites but the author has decided to offer it only via Kindle. I do not know what the charge will be for the story, but whatever it is, it will probably be worth every penny.

You can read more of Deborah's writings at blog.thehoteltransform.com

-When you awake you will feel fully sat ease with yourself.-

Simon awoke and felt fully at ease with himself. He sat up on his bed feeling invigorated. He was calm, relaxed and at ease.

-You will place the CD in your knickers draw where you can find it again.-

Simon did not have a knickers drawer but his wife Julie did. He rummaged through her underwear and carefully placed the CD where he could easily find it again.

-Because you will want to listen to this CD as often as you can, at least twice a day.-

While he was doing so he found the white panties he would need. But he also needed a black very lacy bra. He found the items and decided that they were...

-Sexy in an obvious way.-

He laid them on the bed. He desperately needed to shower. To shower and shave. To shave and become...

-...baby smooth.-

But something was not right. This was not how it was supposed to be. Yet he felt inwardly calm, relaxed and at ease.

He stripped and climbed into the shower with a fresh blade in his razor. He washed every...

-...inch of your person, carefully and thoroughly.-

He then shaved himself. 'I should not be doing this,' he thought. Yet he knew that he needed to be...

-...baby smooth.-

Under the arms, his chest, arms, legs, the back of his neck. Even with in the cheeks of his bottom. He had to be careful. There should be no nicks. There were not. He felt oddly pleased with himself now that he had fulfilled that instruction. Of course shaving to create a perfect vee bikini line down below had him worried.

Simon could not work out why he was doing this.

He had to think.

Yet there was something in his mind about not thinking. About not questioning what he had to do.

Which was firstly to dry thoroughly. Then to use the most expensive perfume he could find. Julie would kill him if she knew he was squirting himself with this subtly sweet aroma. She paid a fortune for it.

The knickers needed to be white. Quite right, that is what schoolgirls wore. The bra had to be black and very lacy so that it showed through under the crisp white blouse. Yes that all made sense. The slutty schoolgirl look. White knickers but black bra, a truly slutty combination.

That was what he had always found sexy. That was what he wanted Julie to look like. So why was he easing the silky knickers up his own smooth legs and thighs and nestling them around his hips?

He needed to think.

He wanted Julie to dress as a slutty schoolgirl for some fun and games. He wanted to spank her bottom. As he hooked the bra on his chest and twisted the hooks around to his back just as he had watched Julie doing so many times, a realisation crept up in his mind.

This was all wrong. He wanted Julie to be pushing her arms through the elaborate finery of the bra straps. Where was she?

She was at work. That was right. She would be back about five o'clock.

He opened the box at the bottom of the wardrobe and immediately found what he was looking for. Two diaphanous white schoolgirl socks. He sat on the bed and pulled them on.

That was when he saw the reflection in the mirror. This should be Julie. She should be wearing the bra, panties and socks.

It was coming back to him as if in last nights dream. The CD he had placed on the bed was the key. He lifted up the note:

Julie thought you might like to hear this band. 
Thought of you when I bought it. 
Listen and see what you think, 


---to be continued---

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