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What's Your Perversion?
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Bimbo Hair

In this edition of "Being A Better Bimbo" we go over a really import part of your bimbo look - your hair.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no requirement that a bimbo have blonde hair. There are plenty of bimbos out there who are brunettes or redheads. But if you really want your look to scream “I’m a bimbo” then bleach the hell out of your hair and then bleach it again. Afterwards, if you want some color, try a light golden blonde. It is especially “bimbo typical” to have an unnaturally light blonde hair with streaks of color.

The length of the hair is not nearly as important as how feminine the cut is. If you are not sure what hairstyle to get then think “pornstar locks.” You know, when a girl’s hair is just long enough to cover her breasts so she can go topless without exposing herself. Usually, pornstar hair is really wavy or a mass of curls.

Just keep in mind that sissies grew up having a guy’s body, so a sissies head is not shaped exactly the same way a genetic girl’s head is. You can often get a hair style that hides some of the birth defects. For example, guys usually have a much more pronounce brow and a more sloping forehead but a hairstyle with bangs can go a long way to make these less noticeable.

In the long run, you are way better off if you can grow your own hair rather than get a wig but wigs are a great way to try out different styles and colors to see what works best for you. Go to a wig shop and try out a few. Just find a shop that is way outside where you live so nobody will recognize you there. If you are not sure where to go, go to a drag show and ask any of the performers where they get their wigs or hair done.

One ultra cool thing about growing out your own hair is getting to go to a hair salon every six weeks or so. The whole salon experience is really fun. Just don't go to some chain in a mall. Find one that is all girlie with pink flowered wallpaper and does more than just hair. You can practically feel the whole ultra feminine atmosphere just soaking into your skin! I'll have to write more about the femininity of salons in another post.

Another super cool thing about bleached your own hair is that you get that sexy trashy look as your dark roots grow out.

You need to find a hair stylist who understands sissies who want to be bimbos. The best ones are drag queens themselves so, if you don’t have a hair stylist already, head out to some drag shows and start asking around.

One other thing about your coloring hair. If you color it, make sure that “curtains match the drapes.” In other words, make sure that your pubic hair is the same color. 

For many sissies, this is not a problem since they keep themselves hair-free down there, but many bimbos like to shape their bush – kind of like a personal topiary. (For those of you who might not know what a topiary is, it is a garden where the plants are trimmed into shapes as if they were sculptures). If you are not up for the thrill of having your crotch colored (although I highly recommend that you experience it at least once), ask your hair stylist to recommend to you an off-the-shelf product that you can use at home.

Speaking of things that you use at home, you'll need to get some good hair care supplies. If you are not already, start using a good, quality shampoo and conditioner. Pantene is a decent, inexpensive brand. You should also invest in a hot roller set, a hair curler, a variety of brushes and combs, hair clips and bobbie pins, a hand mirror. Also pick up some sculpting gel and some hair spray. I recommend getting several of different strengths, from light hold to hurricane strength. On yes, a hairdryer. If you can get one of those old fashioned hooded drier, even better!

Why all of these hair care products? So you can do your own hair, silly! Every bimbo should know how to do their own hair. True, the goal is to be a pampered bimbo who can go to the salon anytime she chooses, but even the most pampered bimbo needs to take care of her own hair now and then.

The Internet is loaded with lots of help on doing your hair, so I won't go into much details here. Do an Internet search on "how to style hair" and you'll have lots to look at. Take a look at the mother-daughter team that publish on YouTube as Natures Knockout TV to get you started. For some super hairstyling fun, take a look at The Fifties Web. It has bunches of "how to" instructions to reproduce your favorite classic hairstyles.

Styling your hair using hot rollers is actually very easy and boat loads of fun. In less than an hour you can give yourself a whole new look just by doing your hair! The stereotypical bimbo has big, bouncy hair so why not give it a try? Here's a super easy way to give yourself big bimbo locks:

Make sure that your hair is completely dry. It is best to let it air dry rather than use a hairdryer. Comb out your hair so that it is smooth without any tangles. Next, use a comb to separate a small section of hair at your hairline in the center of your face. The section should be about the same width as one of your hot rollers and not too thick. Comb it straight up, give it a quick spray of loose holding hairspray and then roll that section onto a roller. Actually rolling the hair onto the roller is the only really tricky part but with practice it becomes pretty easy. Secure the roller with one of the roller's clips and repeat! Roll all the hair on your head starting from the top front and working your way down and back. This way, if you run out of rollers, at least the top of your head will be done and it will cover what is underneath. Give your whole head a light spray of hair spray and then let the rollers cool for a while. You really don't need to wait too long but I do recommend at least 15 minutes. As you take the rollers out, don't pull on them but instead unroll them. Once they are all out, very gently use your fingers or a rat-tailed comb to pick at the curls in order to loosen them. Don't pick too much though since that could destroy the curls. Now, bend over so that your head is down and your hair is hanging under you, shake your hair a few time and then spray it with lots and lots of hairspray. Then spray it some more. Really spray the crap out of it. Keep your head down for several minutes to let the hairspray dry. Finally, whip your hair back, shake it a few times and you've got bimbo hair!

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