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What's Your Perversion?
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Bimbo Makeup

This edition of "Being A Better Bimbo" is about a favorite topic of sissies - enhancing our bimbo look with makeup.

The topic of makeup is a big one – way bigger than I can write in this single blog entry. Makeup is so super important to a woman. It can do wonders for even the homely looking girls and it can make you look like a supermodel.

A girl doesn't need makeup to be a bimbo, but it does help a real lot. Plus, makeup is really fun and wearing lots of makeup will make you feel better about yourself. The more makeup that you use the better you'll look and the more that you'll show the world how important your looks are to you. People will notice and admire you because of your makeup skill. They'll see you as a bimbo who has it all and it will make so many women jealous.

Learning how to use makeup is not something that you can't master overnight. It takes a lot of practice and a willingness to try different things. Fortunately, there are a bazillion of makeup sites on the Internet and a bazillion YouTube videos that can show you almost everything you need to know about makeup.

A while back, I started watching some wonderful makeup tutorials on YouTube from Tanya Burr. Tanya shows you how to do looks inspired by well-know woman like Kim Kardashian, Doutzen Kroez, and Katy Perry. She offers suggestions on what tools to get, and her top picks for mascara, what products are awesome, like what to get for a MAC "starter kit." She instructs you on how to match your foundation, how to make you makeup last all day, and a whole bunch of other things.

If you want to pick up some books, I'll recommend to you the books recommended to me: Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro from Bobbie Brown (of course!). I own both of these and learned a whole bunch from them.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
The hardest part with makeup is the most fun part – trying different makeup styles and practicing over and over and over. This can make for a super fun night when you do this with other bimbos. Get your best girlfriends, a few bottles of wine, a supply of baby wipes and cold cream and make an event of it.
Try simple things. Try different things. Try outrageous things. Learn how to use your face as a canvas with your makeup being your paints. The more you do, the better you’ll get at it. Try doing up your face like Cleopatra then wash it off and then go for that look of your favorite female porn star. Wash that off and try to reproduce the look of “Snooki” (Nicole Polizzi, from that Jersey show) or something from the mind of Lady Gaga.

If you are going to be doing a lot of experimenting with your makeup, don’t go overboard at first by buying high-end, expensive makeup. Sure, good quality makeup (like that from MAC) is well worth the price, but if you are just trying a bunch of different things in an evening, just use cheap drugstore products that come off easily with water. Save the good stuff for when you go out. A quick look at some of the more mainstream woman’s magazines, like Glamour, will offer you lots of advice on fairly inexpensive products.

Speaking of woman's magazines, reading them is a great way to help learn what makeup styles are in fashion. Yes, makeup has styles just as there are style trends with clothing. For example, for a lot of the 1960s, it was all about super long lashes, thick cat eye liner, pastel shadow, and frosted pale lips. The seventies was when natural was in so the makeup trend was "less is more." We did a u-turn in the 1980s with heavy makeup - day glow lips and bold colored eye shadows. This, in turn, was replaced with the grungy heroin chic makeup styles of the 90’s. By making it a point to go through woman's magazines each month, you'll be keeping up with the latest looks.

1960 Makeup
The 70s

An 80s Look
Heroin Chic of the 90s
Unlike genetic girls, most sissies have to deal with  facial hair. The best thing to do is get rid of the facial hair altogether by getting electrolysis or laser hair removal. Of course that will be expensive but, girl, it is sooo worth it.
If you haven't had your facial hair zapped away, you'll have to do things the old way, like shave. But don't shave with just any cheap-o disposable razor. Go get one of those nifty, vibrating, triple bladed razors. They really do a much, much, much, much better job than those disposables. I don't know if the ones that vibrate do a better job than those razors that don't vibrate, but I just like vibrators. -giggle-

Even the closest shaves will probably still leave a shadow, so you'll probably need to use a bread cover. Dermablend is a commonly used beard cover - that's what I used before I have my facial hair zapped away. There may be better products now available, so ask some of your drag friends what they are using lately. If you don't have any drag friends, start going to drag shows and make some girlfriends! One of the biggest things with using beard cover is to get multiple shades. Get some that best matches your natural skin color and then get a shade darker and a shade lighter. Why? For a bunch of reasons. The first being that you can use the different shades to help contour your face. The second reason is that your skin tone will change throughout the year depending upon how much sun you get. Third, is that you may not have done as good of a job matching your skin tone as you had hoped...

After you start getting the hang of doing your own makeup, go get a makeover! Makeovers are super fun and the makeover artist can talk you through what they do so you can reproduce the look on your own. If you can find one that does a lot of t-gurls then you'll probably have a better experience. Bring your makeup kit with you so that they can see what you are missing and what should be replaced with better product.

Katie Price
Another must have for your kit are false eyelashes. False eyelashes enhance just about any look a bimbo could have. Glue on a pair, swipe on some mascara, curl them a bit and you'll look beautiful as you gaze upwards to your boyfriend's eyes as your lips are wrapping around his knob.

If you have never before put false lashes on, it will take a bit of getting used to. If you can trust yourself not to poke out your eye, putting them on with tweezers is often easier than with just your fingers. The most common new girl mistakes with false lashes are to use too much glue and to not wait a minute or so for the glue to get tacky before setting them on your eyes.

I have tried all different types of false lashes and don’t see any real difference between those that are cheap and those that are expensive. I just buy a bunch when I see them on sale. I usually try to buy the ones that come with their own single use tube of glue. This way, I don’t have to worry about the glue growing yukky bacteria in it over time.
Nails are a showcase for any bimbo. They should always be diligently looked after and carefully maintained to be as long as humanly possible. Yea, it is really, really hard to keep natural nails longer than an inch but it can be done if you put in the effort.

You’ll have to be constantly on the alert to avoid doing anything with your hands that might break a nail. You’ll have to keep filing them smooth and to make sure that they are free of burrs. Most likely, you’ll have to use a nail strengthening product, like Nail Envy.  Having to religiously pamper your nails is a wonderful obsession for any bimbo to have. It reinforced your devotion to being a bimbo and the long nails loudly announce to the world how much of a girlie girl you are!

Fortunately, if you can’t grow your own nails out, there are artificial nails that you can use. It is so fun to go to a salon to have a full set of acrylic nails put one. These should be at least a half-inch past the finger tips and 1 -2 inches is much, much more bimboesque.

If you can’t commit to acrylic nails, then at least go out and buy some press on nails! I like the Easy Step Stick on Nails by Kiss since they stick pretty well without having to use Crazy Glue and I can easily pull them off without damaging my nail beds. They usually cost $5 - $7 for one pair and $10 - $15 for a double set. Occasionally, I see them on sale for less but very often.

Pink is always a wonderful color for either a sissy or a bimbo. Many people feel that pink nails makes a bimbo look more childlike and less intelligent. This is so true when the pink polish has a shimmer like OPI's Shanghai Shimmer polish. French tips are great because they can look elegant or slutty depending upon your outfit. Deep red is often great when you are going for a slutty look. If you want an upscale look, make sure that your lipstick and your nail color match.

Whew! It seems like there is so much to all of this and there is. But don't worry about that - makeup is so much fun and isn't fun part of the reason why so many people admire bimbos? Girl, go have some fun!

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  1. The first pic is simply stunning. What perfect makeup to copy! I think i would like to do that...

    kara x x x

  2. nice post, i cant wait to slut it up a bit more with some makeup