What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Find Out Your Bimbo Quotient

Your "B.Q." is is kind of like an I.Q. but for something much more important - how much of a bimbo you are. Answer the questions below. Give yourself a point for every question that you answer "yes" or "usually" to.

1. Men who drive sports cars are better catches than guys who don't because guys with sports cars probably have more money and know how to have more fun.

2. You are such a loser if you can't get a guy - I mean like there are millions of guys out there who are just dying for a girlfriend

3. If a guy does something for me, like spends a lot of money on me, it's only fair to do something for him in return, like treat him to a few sexual favors.

4. When trying to get a man, it always helps if I pretend to be a little dumb.

5. If a guy treats you too well there must be something wrong with him, like his is a momma's boy or some kind of wimp.

6. Most women are way too uptight about sex.

7. It's important to try and be what the man wants you to be if you want to keep him.

8. I enjoy the relationship more if the man is a little dangerous - I mean, like, who doesn't like a little excitement and drama?

9. I never let a guy see me unless my hair and make-up are perfect.

10. I really want a someone to take care of me so I don't have to worry too much about money and stuff - I'd rather spend my time doing fun things.

11. A woman's most important goal should be to make sure that she is taken care of.

12. I feel really bummed out when I don't have a guy.

13. I am always be eager to do whatever my guy wants to do sexually since that shows him just how special our relationship is.

14. I am happy to get a boob job or lip injections if that makes my guy happier with me.

15. As long as I'm wanted, I feel worthwhile.

16. It is fun to see how many guys I can get to do things for me by dressing up sexy.

17. If a man is a real man then he'll probably treat you a little rough.

18. The best guys to have a lot going for them so it's natural for them not to want to rush into making commitments.

19. Even if you don't want to date a guy much, going out with him is better than staying home alone.

20. In bed, it doesn't matter if I get satisfied as long as my partner is.

20. Guys are much better off handling money than girls.

21. Men like girls who are pretty and sexy, so to get a man you should dress and act as sexy as possible.

22. It's okay to do some harmless flirting with others to make my boyfriend a little jealous.

23. My body is a temple.

24. I would never consider dating a guy who's ugly unless he had something else going for him, like he was really rich or famous.

25. I like big, strong, powerful men who will be protect me like a knight in shining armor

26. Having sex with a guy is a great way to keep him.

27. If you want a guy to like you more you should always agree with what he says.

28. Guys like girl on girl stuff so I make sure to play the "little lezzie" for them from time to time.

29. If it gets you what you want, it is OK to make a guy think that he might get a "little something" even if you have no intention to - hey, it is not like I actually promise him anything.

30. The best things in life don't come easy and the same goes with relationships, so I more than willing to change in order to make a relationship work

What is Your Bimbo Quotient?

0 - 5: You have a really low Bimbo Quotient. You probably think that you're capable of taking care of yourself and that, as an independent woman, you don't need anyone in order to be happy. You probably don't get very many dates either... You hate bimbos because you feel that they hurt the cause of feminism and that they get all the best guys just by flashing their boobs. Although you are interested in someone to share your life, you are holding out for that "certain special someone" who will love you for who you are inside regardless how pretty you may be - and you are willing to wait for him however long that takes. Good luck with that one, sister. Make sure that you at least have some cats to keep you company because you'll never be satisfied with anyone else. Emotionally, you are a cripple and should get some help. 

6 - 15: Your Bimbo Quotient is typical, but is that good enough for you? You try not to be a bimbo because of some silly idea of being a "strong woman" or some feminist ideals of what a real woman should be. Still, you do find that you occasionally do act like a bimbo and you secretly love doing so. When you're with a man who is attracted to bimbos, it brings out the bimbo in you. You are not entirely happy with yourself and know that you could stand for some self-improvement but you are afraid of being seen as vain. Loosen up girl and give your inner bimbo permission to let you have some fun! You know you want to!

16 - 22: With an above-average Bimbo Quotient, you are in touch with your emotions and really benefit by healthy doses of Bimboism. You've never really lost your youthful idealism and you are in touch with your inner child. You can be fun, you can be passionate and you can appreciate the excitement that a handsome, wealthy man can generate. You often compare yourself with other women and make some effort to take care of yourself  but you know that something is still lacking. Having a partner is important to you and you are willing to do that extra something to make sure that you have one. You like to be pampered and you like to pamper your man.  You have some much untapped potential! You would be so much better off if you didn't take life so seriously and had the support of a man.
23 - 30: Oh Goodie! You are a true-blue BIMBO! Although some people may think that you are childish, superficial and self absorbed, those people are just jealous bitches who are too uptight to live life to its fullest. You are attracted to important, powerful men and they are attracted to you. And why not? You constantly make sure that you look your sexy best - and it shows! In fact, you love all the primping and preening and just love the attention your curvy womanhood demands. You know what it takes to get a man, you are good at getting them, and the lots and lots of past relationships prove this. You are loyal, caring, and dedicated and are willing to demonstrate these qualities by adapting to the wants and desires of your man. You really, really understand that in any relationship, you have your role and your man has his role: you can take care of your man and he will take care of you. You can't have too many chefs in the kitchen so you are glad to let your man make all of the important decisions - this frees you up to be more attentive to his needs and his desires. You are sexy, desirable, fun to be with, happy, and admired. What more could a girl want in life?

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  1. Oh, I kept losing track! Stupid number thingies. :(

    Finally finished, and I think a score of 27 makes me a true-blue BIMBO . . . that's between 23 and 30 right? Right?