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What's Your Perversion?
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Getting Started With Your "Bimbo Look"

In a recent post, I wrote a little about what it is to be a bimbo, at least according to what others think. Part of this is to always look your best. Another thing about being a bimbo is being seen as a bimbo. Put these things together and you’ll get what is often called the “bimbo look.”

As a bimbo, it is your place to look and act however your partner wants you to look and act. If they want you to be a giggly, strawberry blonde in pigtails then that is the look you should perfect. If they want you to be a silent, brooding, goth chic with straight, jet black hair in a tight lace mini-dress, well bring on the black eyeliner! 

But what about those bimbos who are unattached and don't have someone to tell them how to look? Well, that's easy - just copy what other bimbos do!

Take a good look at other bimbos, notice what they do and what kind of look they have. Are they doing the little girl thing? Do they more "trailer park" or more "high class call girl"?  "Stripper" or "Candy Striper?" "Goth" or "Sorority Girl?" "Fashionista" or "Fashion Victim?" Which of their looks do you like? What is it about each look that you like or don't like? Which looks do you think you'd be comfortable with? These are all really important things to think about when trying to decide which looks to experiment with.

Look at  some gossip and fashion magazines to see what the upscale bimbos are doing. Dance clubs are always super places to bimbo watch. Visit some online stores that sell club wear, such as Fredericks of Hollywood or Body Central to get ideas. Also, check out fetish websites, porn videos, and even hookers in red light districts to see what the sleazy girls are doing.

Keep in mind that what looks the best for Molly may not look the best for Nancy.  Most fresh-faced twenty year old girls with big boobs and a tiny waist can look great in almost anything but an older girl with a few extra pounds has fewer good options. If you have the figure of a guy then you have way more challenges... So what looks good on that cute bimbo dancing at the club might not look with you. You need to find your own personal "bimbo look." That's what the "Being A Better Bimbo" series is all about!

A lot depends on what you look like to begin with but there are some things that usually work out pretty well for the bimbo wannabe. When in doubt, try going with what seems like the most common stereotype for a bimbo. If you're not still sure then lean towards what seems to be the most cute or revealing - remember, a bimbo wants to make an impression!

Most sissies were raised as boys and so tend to think of wardrobe in terms of black, white, and grays. How dull and soooooo not bimbo. Bimbos want to be noticed. To get your little bimbo bod noticed, you need color. Sure, every girl needs a little black dress or two, but a bimbo's wardrobe should be filled with bright, noticeable colors.

Get Carole Jackson's Color Me Beautiful. This classic book is all about color - color in your wardrobe, color in the makeup, color to deal with specific figure problems. I recommend this book a real, real lot.

The group "Girls Aloud" Notice the colors!.
Victoria Beckham has a super terrific book called That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between. If anyone is an expert on how to dress like a bimbo, it's this ex-Spice Girl.

The Spice Girls. Victoria is on the far left.
Just keep in mind, girlie, that it isn’t any one thing that will make you look like a bimbo. It really is every little thing along with all the other little things. Plus, it is how you act, how you talk, and a super terrific attitude. So don’t worry too much about getting everything right the first time. And no matter how far you go with your Bimboization, you’ll always be able to go farther. The most important thing is that you keep going!

In future blog entries, we will go over specific super important stuff that every bimbo needs to know. Stuff like hair, makeup, nails, shoes, walking, talking, attitude, sex... Ya know, all the important stuff. If there are any things that you want me to cover, please leave a comment or send me an email at SarahStClaire at Yahoo dot com.



  1. Mmmmm... such a wonderful post. I am going to enjoy reading all your tips for becoming a better bimbo. I can't wait to see what you post about next. Keep up the good work hun, I will be reading and learning.

  2. Your Spice Girls picture is actually of Girls Aloud, the woman in yellow is Sarah Harding

  3. Love it, speaking of bimbos- who's the beauty on the far right of the pics under your title, the sissy coming down the stairs wearing a chastity- she's yummy

  4. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry, but I have no idea who that lovely sissy in chastity is.

  5. keep up the good work, sweetie. tell the bimbos and bimboettes how to be always available, always willing and smiling, even if it means strutting in too short and too tight skirts and t-shirts, with that vacuous but super well made-up glance and lush glossy lips smelling -- oh, yes -- of semen.

  6. ohmygod i LOVE it...another wonderful post Sarah!!