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What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Shoes for the Bimbo

I love shoes. What sissy doesn't? I feel extra girly in high heels and enjoy the sound that they make as I walk. I really love shoes that scream femininity, like a red stiletto with a five inch heel or pink high heels sandals embellished with flowers.

Part of the reasons why I love shoes so much is the effect they have on me and on others. They can help make you look better, they can help make you feel better, and collecting them is a wonderful hobby. Yes, they are just shoes, but when they are sexy high heels, they can change how people see you and even your personality.

Have you ever been people-watching at a mall or some other public place and noticed what men are looking at? Girls, of course, but more often than not the girls wearing sexy high heels or high heeled boots. The fact is that most men love to see women wearing high heels. Many women do too and it goes without saying that bimbos probably love them the most.

Why? There are a lot of reasons! First of all, why wear flats at all when there are so many yummy heeled shoes to select from!

High heels make you look and feel sexy. Just putting on a pair of sexy high heels can make you feel sexier, but they also can make you look sexier. High heels change our body stance, making our calf muscles more pronounced, and forcing our butts and chests out -- it's nearly as if high heels force us into better posture... and good posture is always sexy.

High heels make you walk sexier. Because of the change in stance high heels cause, your movement while walking changes a bit. When we wear high heels, we are more conscious of our balance and end up with a more graceful pace and gait. Because the heels cause our feet to point downward which ends up shortening our stride, so we end up swinging our hips a bit more to compensate. All this results in a sexier wiggle, which is another reason why pageant contestants love competing elegant high-heeled shoes.

High heels make your legs look longer, and therefor, more sexy. The heel, by giving you height and causing the toe to point down, gives the illusion of a sexier, longer leg.

High heels don't make you look fat. Unlike skinny jeans, cropped leggings, or whatever other styles that appear on runways, high heels won't make you look fat. Granted, some styles are more flattering than others, but as a general rule, heels are more slimming than flats.

High heels can make an outfit. A pair of gorgeous high heel shoes can rightly supplement a beautiful party gown! Even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can take on an entirely different look when a pair of heels is added, and nothing can make a plain skirt pop like the perfect pair of pumps or sandals.

For the sissy, there are other reasons to adore high heels. They are decidedly feminine – no macho guy would normally wear high heels in public. Although most genetic women don’t like being a bit off balance while teetering in a pair of sky scraper stilettos, this often acts as a wonderful reminder of femininity.

Some women have a love/hate relationship with shoes – they love the shoes but hate the pain that the shoes often cause. Personally, I make an effort to buy killer heels that are also comfy to wear. Usually, this means buying shoes that fits correctly and is of decent quality. Anytime you wear shoes that are tight or constrict the natural shape of your foot, doctors say it is bound to cause foot pain. Buy well-fitting shoes--if they are too loose, you'll have problems keeping them on your feet; if they're too tight, they'll be uncomfortable. You can add foot cushions, like those from Dr. Sholl’s, if the shoes are only a little bit too loose.

While buying shoes that are comfortable isn’t always possible, I know a few tricks that help make even the most uncomfortable shoes feel OK. I have a friend who is a marathon runner who turned me onto the Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit.

If your shoe rubs you the wrong way and you want to help avoid a blister, use these cushioning bandages on your foot where the shoes before your skin gets damaged. If you don’t have a blister kit, you can do something similar with just plain old Band-Aids. Unfortunately, regular Band-Aids don’t seem to handle the wear and tear that your foot may give so you may need to change them frequently.

If you are wearing open toed shoes or sandals so you don’t want to be seen with bandages on your feet, try using New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage Spray 1 fl oz (28 g) instead.

So with these tips, there should be little reason why you can't wear heels that are appropriate for the better bimbo! The overall look of a bimbo should be provocative but not outright slutty. It is a fine line between oozing sexuality and looking like a stripper in a tittie bar. Two inch heels should be considered the bimbo equivalent of "flats" and 3 inch Stiletto heels are probably the best for general wear. Heels between 4 and 5 inches are the best for making the correct bimbo impression. In general, platform shoes should be worn only when going for the slut look and anything over 6 inches should be considered strictly “bedroom shoes.”

It is an absolutely necessity for a bimbo to learn how to walk well in high heels. If she does not then she will end up sitting a lot and that will make it harder for people to see her – and see her as a bimbo. I will write about walking in heels in detail in another post, but here are a couple of pointers.

First, practice, practice, practice! Second, make sure to break in new shoes before you wear them out for the evening. Fourth, don’t try to walk like a runway model. Fifth, don't be stiff and practice moving your hips slightly while walking. Finally, be careful on stairs! There are way more items to discuss on this seemingly simple topic, but these should get you started!

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  1. Great article and love the photos, especially that last one with those amazing sky high pink pumps ;)


  2. I like the pink Heels well, they look so nicely indecent!!