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What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Speaking Like A Bimbo

There are ways to behave that will help be a better bimbo – for yourself and for your partner. Your attitude, how you present yourself, how you behave, and your appearance are all super important to the successful bimbo. One of the most important aspects of being a better bimbo is how you speak.

Before we get into speaking like a good bimbo, just think about what a good bimbo is trying to do when she speaks. Obviously, when you speak you want to say something and being a better bimbo doesn’t change that. But when a bimbo speaks there is much more to it than just speaking words! Much of what makes a bimbo a better bimbo is her relationships with others. A lot of this has to do with being seen as a bimbo: you want to be accommodating to others, you want to show the proper attitude, you want to be desirable and you want others to desire you. Whenever you speak, you should emphasize these things.

When you speak, don’t be afraid to smile or to giggle and laugh a lot. They say that laughter is contagious and when you smile, people smile back. Whenever you open your mouth, you want people to know that you are fun to be with! Te-he! People are more attracted to the happy, fun girl than to the somber buzz-kill. The better bimbo lets people know how much fun she is and how much fun it is to be with her!

Being a bimbo does not mean that you need to sound stupid. Bimbos are fun, nice people who are easy to be with. They are not intimidating and they are not rude. This is not the same as being dumb or gullible. 

Sure, the stereotypical bimbo may not know anything about physics or medicine, but that is not because they are unable to learn about these subject – it is because a bimbo chooses to focus their attention on other things in life. Bimbos are smart – very smart – but in subjects that they matter to them. A lot of people may not appreciate how smart a bimbo is only because a bimbo doesn’t go around trying to convince people just how smart she really is.

Smart people often intimate people who aren’t as smart as they are. If you try not to show others how smart you really are, you are less likely to make them feel uncomfortable. Nobody likes a pushy know-it-all. Bimbos are fun to be with and being intimidated is not fun. This is why a good bimbo does not advertise her intelligence.

How many times have you been in a party and someone starts a conversation with you but they really don’t talk with you? Instead, they talk at you like they were a teacher giving some lecture. They tell you about their opinions as if they were facts. They will often complain about others and tell you the way things ought to be. They may even get angry and that anger may even feel like it is directed at you. They don’t let you say much and when you do, they cut you off in mid-sentence or ignore what you say. These people don’t make you feel comfortable.

A bimbo would never act this way and takes a different approach to make the people they talk with feel at ease. When a bimbo approaches someone, they do so in a non-threatening manner. The better bimbo has a smiling, friendly expression, they make eye contact, and they are cheerful. Bimbos avoid smirking, sarcasm, and criticism. When a bimbo asks a question, they do it ways so that they don’t sound like an interrogator. The better bimbo makes the other person feel comfortable.

The better bimbo will talk about things related to current activity since that is a shared experience and therefore it is more bonding for the two. They try to ask question that encourage a real conversation. For example, instead of asking a question like “Did you like the movie?”, a good bimbo would ask “What did you like about the movie?” The better bimbo shows that she is genuinely interested in what the other person has to say.

Many people like to brag a little about themselves or their family. It makes them feel better about themselves and the better bimbo will often invite their speaking partner to do talk about about those things that they are proud of. Also, by asking things about the other person, they feel like they are noticed and people like being noticed. The better bimbo shows that she really is interested in the other person and values them enough to give them their undivided attention.

When a bimbo speaks, her voice should rise or fall as a way of expressing more than just the words. The better bimbo’s voice is expressive and she never speaks in a monotone. A “rising intonation” can help convey such things as emotion, interest, surprise, politeness, and insecurity. For example, “She was so glad to see him” might come across as differently if it were said as “She was SOOOO glad to see him” rather than “She was so glad to see HIM.”

Using an ultra-high, squeaky voice rarely works well unless it is your natural speaking voice. For example, Trisha in the following video. Although she is likely speaking with a higher register on purpose, you can tell that she already has a fairly high voice. Just about any sissy who suffered through a testosterone-driven puberty could not pull off a voice like hers. 

The words you choose are really important too! Big, complicated words that only professors use are not fun. When you use a word someone does not normally hear, they often stop thinking about what you are saying in order to think of what the word means. Plus, if they don’t know what the word means then you might feel intimidated and the better bimbo does not want to intimidate anyone. Using jargon is no better. How many times have you lost interest in a conversation with a techie type person once they using lots of computer terms like “double clocked,” “winsock,” or “bit torrent?” The better bimbo says what she means using the easiest-to-understand words as possible.

Whenever you can, try using words that are fun, playful, energetic, or more positive. “I so want to wrap my lips around your big, throbbing man-meat and suck you off until you shoot your hot spunk into my tummy” is so much more enticing than “I want to fellate you until ejaculation.” Of course, you should be aware of your current situation. The words that you use at a restaurant will likely be much different from the words used in the bedroom!

Valley Girl, circa 1981

Even though you might try to sound more playful, try not to imitate the “Valley Girl” talk that became popular in the early 1980s. Every other sentence should not have phrases such as “like, totally” or "Oh my gosh!" It is important that you choose words that are somewhat age appropriate. If you are over 40 but talk like a twelve-year-old then you are likely just to come across as embarrassing - to yourself and to your partner.

The better bimbo is always looking at the more positive side of things. Rather than use negative words, use words that are more neutral. For example, have you ever been to a hospital and noticed how the nurses talk about “discomfort” instead of “pain?” Instead of using words like “hate” and “angry” - as in, “I hate traffic! It makes me so angry!” - you can use words such as ‘don’t like’ and ‘annoyed’. “I don’t like traffic; it makes me annoyed,” sounds much milder, doesn’t it? Even better is to rephrase negative things so that they are positive. For example, “I hope that you don’t mind that I am a sissy” comes across as a bit pathetic whereas “I am certain that you can appreciate having around a sissy like me!” sounds upbeat.

In a similar vein, if you do need to say something that is not positive, try not to make statements about other but rather talk about yourself. For example, rather than saying things like, “You really messed up here,” say something about yourself and your feelings, like, “I feel frustrated when this happens.” It helps the other person understand your point of view rather than avoids them feeling like they are being attacked. Remember, the better bimbo makes others feel comfortable rather than intimidated.

A good bimbo understands knows that, even when there is a disagreement, a discussion is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is not about who says more or who gets to have the last word. It is about getting along. It is about the shared experience. Talking with someone is about doing something with someone. It is an opportunity to make the person you are speaking with feel good about themselves and their relationship with you. In many ways, the real point of a bimbo talking with someone is just to talk!

Listening is just as important as talking. Listening is more than just keeping your ears clean, so the noise comes through. You have to really pay attention to what the other person is saying. By listening, really listening, if they ask a question you will be able to answer. If they tell a joke, you'll know when to laugh. People really like it when are are focused on them. Nobody likes talking to someone who is not listening to them.

People often think they are listening, but are really thinking about what they are going to say next when the other person stops talking. A good bimbo really does listen to what their partner is saying and would never interrupt, although they may occasionally nod their head to indicate that they are following what is said. The better bimbo knows to be patient when the other person is speaking. It may take some time for the speaker to finish and there may be some awkward pauses. Don't be afraid of a little silence. In general, prompting, such as "go on," or "are you done?" will not help and might even make them nervous. You should also generally avoid finishing their sentences when they pause momentarily. The speaker may want to express their thoughts in a particular way, so give them enough time to do so.

The better bimbo will hear them out and reflect back what their partner said so their partner knows that they heard them. The better bimbo will always try to give some sort of positive feedback, such as “That is such an interesting way of looking at it!”

The better bimbo knows that a lot of people like it when you make them feel important.  Don't be afraid to give out compliments and show appreciation. For example, "Wow, that is such an interesting way of looking at it! You really know what you are talking about. Thanks so much for helping me understand this." 

The better bimbo also knows a few things about the importance of body language when talking with someone. They will take into account other other person's facial expression, posture, and gestures to  help make sense of their emotions.

The better bimbo will also use body language to mimic the other person's movement. The movement can be virtually anything, but some obvious ones are hand gestures, leaning forward or away, or various head and arm movements. Mirroring the other person's movements is often picked up unconsciously as a form of flattery. The key thing to remember here is that you need to be subtle about it and delay your mirroring by a couple of seconds.

A bimbo is above all, accommodating, especially to their partner. When the better bimbo speaks, she does so in a manner that is not intimidating or negative. She is fun and easy going, and even if people may think that she is a ditz, the better bimbo is really smart. The better bimbo knows that when she speaks she should not make other people uncomfortable by showing off just how smart she is. Having a fun and comfortable conversation is so important to the better bimbo. She would never talk down to anyone and she is always respectful. The better bimbo is a great listener and will always try to see things from the other person’s view. She understands the importance of connecting with the other person’s emotions and responding with empathy for those feelings. The better bimbo is always fun to be around and how she speaks let’s people know that!

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  1. Thank you for ideas on how to bimbofy myself better! Acting like my younger sis only would get me so far, lol! :)

  2. This is a great article with a lot of good advice. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. fantastic idea! Many thanks for the marvellous suggestions