What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Why Be A Bimbo?

Bimbos. Some people lust after them, some people despise them, and for many a sissy, a bimbo is someone to admire and emulate.

If you are reading this blog then chances are that you are in the latter group of people. As a sissy who would love to be a bimbo, I’ll make sure not to use too many big words – and if I do, I’ll try to explain them in really simple terms!

As a bimbo wanna be, it might be worth it to think a bit about what a bimbo really is – or, at least, what it is about bimbos that make us want to be one.

So what is a “bimbo?” I could look up “bimbo” in the dictionary, but using a dictionary really isn’t something a bimbo would do so I won’t. One thing for sure, is that bimbos aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed so they usually let others do the thinking for them. So, it kind of makes sense to let other people tell us what we should be. But isn’t that part of what it is to be a bimbo? Let other people think for us? Oh, yes, that sounds right! Goodie!

I asked around to see what others thought a bimbo was and here is the highlights of what I found:

A good bimbo gets off by catering to their partner’s wants and desires (hopefully, these wants and desires include sexual fantasies too!). And a reeeeally good bimbo will make their partner’s fantasies to become their own.  If your partner wants you to be a little girlie girl in ribbons and bows then that is what you want most in the entire world! If your partner wants you to look like Jessica Rabbit in heavy makeup, opera length gloves, a skin-tight gown, and wearing a ball gag, you want to be just like that – not just for them, but because they want you to be this way, you so want to be this way. Part of being a bimbo is finding joy by being what your partner to tells you to be.

And if your partner changes their mind and wants you to look or act differently, that it really, really good too! Just remember that every time your partner changes their mind about what you should be, you have another chance to show them just how good of a bimbo you are! If your partner wants you now to be a quiet, smiling piece of fluff on his arm, be the best quiet, smiling piece of fluff ever. If they want you to be the slut in a French Maid outfit, then live the part. Part of being a bimbo is being responsive to others whims.

Doing your best isn’t the goal here but winning the approval of others is. Becoming what your partner wants you to be is the thing to strive for. If your best isn’t “good enough,” should your partner have to settle for less than “good enough?” Of course not, sissy girl! Winning your partner's approval is your goal and not how much effort you put into it. All that matter is whether you have pleased your partner enough. Part of being a bimbo is letting others decide for you if you succeed or fail.

Although they say that actions speak louder than words, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t say “thank you!” Your partner is letting you be something meaningful by becoming what they desire. This is so cool! Make sure that you thank your partner for helping you – and thank them a lot! Frequently tell them how important it is to you to be what they want you to be. Tell them how special they are to you and how grateful you are to them. Part of being a bimbo is showing your partner how grateful you are.

You not only want to be the way your partner wants you to be, you should make it obvious to everyone just how much you love it. Enthusiasm and attitude are super important. Kinda like cheerleading. You want to let the world know that you are a bimbo and you love being one. If you that then everyone will be super impressed! Uh-huh! You need to have an upbeat, fun personality. Ever wonder why bimbos giggle so much? That’s because they are fun and they are fun to be around! Part of being a bimbo is having and showing the proper bimbo attitude.

Having a bimbo is like having a really cool car. Not only do you want to drive it, you want to show it off to others. That’s why bimbos are often called “eye candy” - because they are meant to be seen! When a guy walks into the party with a pretty bimbo hanging from his arm, what do people think? Most guys probably think of things like “I wish that I had a hot girl like he does” and “He must be really lucky to get a babe like her.” The women probably thinks like “He must be such a great catch to get a girl that pretty” and “She looks like she is having much more fun than I’m having.” See? It is a win-win situation. Even those girls who say that they don't think much of bimbos, deep down, really do envy bimbos. They secretly wish that they could be as glamorous and desirable as bimbo are...  Part of being a bimbo is being seen.

Because being seen is so super  important, it is even more important to make sure you look your best at all times. This isn’t always easy and it takes a lot of work all of the time. You need to know valuable stuff like being able to do your hair, using makeup, what's the latest fashion trends, how to diet properly... You may even need to have medical procedures to improve your bust, make your nose tiny, or puff out your lips. Needing to always look your best is why it is way important to check your makeup a lot and fix any imperfections right away. A good bimbo will always keeps a compact with her so she can check her makeup at any time. Even the most minor flaw needs to be corrected as soon as possible so your makeup is always seen as flawless. Part of being a bimbo is constantly trying to look your best.

Constantly checking and fixing your makeup will be noticed by others and that will reinforce your image in their eyes as a girl who really understands the importance of looking good. In other words, they will think of you more and more as the bimbo you really want to be! Part of being a bimbo is being seen as a bimbo.


There are other things that go into being a bimbo and other posts will go into those but I think we have a pretty good start at understanding what a bimbo is. So, we pull together what we have talked about so far are we get:
  • Part of being a bimbo is finding joy by being what your partner to tells you to be.
  • Part of being a bimbo is being responsive to others whims
  • Part of being a bimbo is letting others decide for you if you succeed or fail
  • Part of being a bimbo is having and showing the proper bimbo attitude
  • Part of being a bimbo is being seen
  • Part of being a bimbo is constantly trying to look your best
  • Part of being a bimbo is being seen as a bimbo

In short, being a bimbo is pleasing others by being what they want you to be and showing the world just how happy that makes you!

If you really are a bimbo, you’ll probably be a lot happier than most. You won’t need to trouble your pretty little head with anything that doesn’t concern making yourself look good or being what your partner wants you to be. Accepting such guidance from your partner leads to a loving, trusting, longer-lasting relationship. This means that you are likely to have fewer inhibitions and more fun! People will see you for what you are and that will be so satisfying to you!

Let’s see… a loving relationship, less worries, more fun, personal satisfaction… What doesn’t everyone want to be a bimbo?




  1. Great post ! :o)

    Looking as much as possible like your man's favourite fantasy is always the number one priority!

  2. lovely post. as an admirer lusting for bimbos, preferrably of the gurl variety, one cannot get enough of bimbos like you sarah, who are darling enough to reflect on their own bimbo'ness. do continue to post on this topic -- and for heaven's, that is, our sake: continue to post bimbo pics!

  3. omg Sarah like this is PERFECT!!
    thank you so much for the essay its so on the spot!!!

    *giggle* and the images to illustrate it yummy!

  4. I just really want to talk with some of these girls and learn about them.
    Yup, not really interested in sex so much as to really get to know gals that gall themselvees "bibmbos"