What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Why You Should Swallow

I always swallow. After he pumps his load into my mouth, I look him in the eye and smile. I open my mouth to show him what I’ve got in my mouth and then I swallow all of it –then look up at him again and open my mouth to show him it's gone. It’s a big turn on for my lover - and for me! *giggle*

Believe it or not, there are some people who do not understand the importance of swallowing your lover’s bodily fluids! Of course, any reader of a blog with a title like "Abnormal Perversions of a Sissy" would
naturally appreciate the art of swallowing but still I feel that I should take some time out to discuss the topic. While there are a lot of reasons to swallow, I’ll just touch upon a few. Hopefully, if you are not already an eager little jiz junkie, by the time you finish reading this blog entry, you will be!

Imagine you are at a wedding reception. The best man just made a toast to the happy couple and, in response, you take a sip of champagne. How insulting would it be for you to then spit out that champagne? In a very similar way, spitting out your lover’s seed is no less insulting. How would a woman feel if her lover, upon eating her out her pussy, raced to the bathroom to gargle with mouthwash? If nothing else, swallowing is really the only polite thing to do.

Rather than spitting, if you gladly swallowed his cum then you are demonstrating acceptance – almost as if you were accepting his blessing. When you drink his fluid, in a certain way, the two of you are joined together. Some have compared this to accepting communion. Think of the symbolic significance: downing his cum let's him become part of you.

As a bimbo, you should cater to your partner’s wants and desires. You want him to feel that having sex with you is his ultimate erotic experience. Sure, at times a cumshot can be incredibly sexy when it splashes across your face but bringing your lover to completion in your mouth is usually much better for him. When you are bobbing on his knob and he is ready to explode, the worst thing you can do is stop and remove your mouth. Yea, you could finish him off with a hand job, but you’ll be breaking the rhythm that got him to this point so he’ll probably not have as good of a climax. Plus, hand jobs mean that there is going to be a sticky, dripping mess. For his sake (and to avoid having to clean up), just suck him to completion and swallow. The bottom line here is that guys really like it best when they are sucked to the last drop, so you should do it!

Sometime, swallowing is just so much more practical than other options. Let’s say you’re in a movie theater, in the car or maybe in a confessional. If you won’t swallow, giving a blow job in any of these places is likely to get messy unless you have a tissue. Where are you going to spit it? By disposing of his jism in your stomach, you can pretty much satisfy him anywhere he wants. 

Not only should you swallow for your lover, you should do so for yourself. Research studies have found that women whose partners came in their mouth them tended to rate themselves as happier than women whose partners pulled out or used a condom. What does this mean to bimbos like you and me? We will feel better about ourselves if our partner wants to give us his seed and we accept it.
There are many other reasons why being a good little cum guzzler is best. First among these is that a proper lady does not spit. Second, spitting is, quite simply, messy. Having a tissue or paper towel available can help, but even then, you have a cum-soaked towel or tissue to dispose of. When you simply swallow the jism, there's no mess nor fuss. The third reason is that if you don’t enjoy the taste of cum, you’ll get that taste out of your mouth much faster if you swallow than if you run to the bathroom to spit or use a tissue. And I won’t even get into the whole hygiene thing about old, cum-soaked tissues laying around… The last thing that I’ll mention is this: “Spitters are quitters, and no one likes a quitter.

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  1. Swallowing is essential, it shows self acceptance and submission to the COCK

  2. I agree! I always swallow after I've sucked a guy. It sort of like saying "thank-you"

  3. I think I've earned it. Just my opinion.

    Kisses, Rita

  4. I couldn't agree more! Swallow it then tell him "Thank you"

  5. I've never understood sissies who do not swallow. As a black sissy, many of us don't swallow and I've never understood this. Some I have sucked off and swallowed are sickened by it. They say I shouldn't do it. To me, it's the ultimate in submission and makes me feel so much more fem and used which I love. It's not exactly delicious but the act of what you're doing makes it so. I just hope my fantasy of sucking off multiple cocks one day will come soon.

  6. The 2 Mistresses that I live with always watch as I service the men that they have come over to our house. And, I always swallow the men's cum besides that's my reward for giving them a outstanding blow job. On the top of that? I love the taste & flavor of cum. Anyways, that what a sissy is supposed to do, and that is to swallow the man's sperm down.

  7. I love swallowing cum. Sometimes, it tastes nice and salty. But whatever, it's a Submissive action, and demonstrates that I am a really Submissive Sissy. I love it when other people are watching ! I have been anally penetrated by a Stranger with a large cock, then swallowed the guy's cum, whilst being watched by 8 other men and 2 girls, all Strangers, in a Dogging site. When I drove out, I had many cars sound their horns and flash lights at me, and the girls cheered. I felt complete.

  8. The best reason to swallow is because his wife or gf won't!