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What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Your Bimbo Body

When your lips are wrapped around his shaft, your partner should see more than just a mane of blonde hair bobbing up and down - he should see your womanly curves. That’s a bubble butt, a tiny waist, and big boobs. When your nose is not pressed against crotch, he should see big eyes, big lips, big check bones, and a tiny nose. Unless you have been on hormones since your teens, you probably don’t have the curves a bimbo should have. Thankfully, help is available!

The best thing to do is go under the knife and let a skilled surgeon remold your body. Take out a couple of ribs, do a bit of lipo and you too can have a tiny waist in no time! And what does the good doctor do with all those fat cells that were sucked out during lipo? One super terrific idea is to inject them into your butt! Yep! Make mine big and round! I want to put JoLo’s backside to shame.

Let a Doctor Help
And while the doctor has you on the table, how about a new set of titties? D cups or bigger is pretty much the law these days for bimbos. Gee, why go through the trouble of getting a boob job just to be a B cup? I mean, like, “Hello!” Girls get bigger boobies so that they are more noticeable.

Facial feminization surgery is pretty much a given unless you are one of those super lucky sissies who really have delicate features. During puberty, when the testosterone started to kick in, most of us started developing male facial features. You probably have a thicker brow bone than a genetic girl. Also, a longer upper lip, less pronounced cheeks, and a bit of an Adam’s apple. There are some really, really good plastic surgeons that specialize in feminization and they can take care of any of these problem areas. Also consider injections to make your lips fuller and other injections to get rid of wrinkles.

Nina Arsenault
Don’t worry about having too much plastic surgery. The more you have the more noticeable it will be that you care about your body. Paraphrasing the famous Canadian transsexual Nina Arsenault, “I’d rather look like a woman who has had too much plastic surgery than a guy in a dress who hasn’t had enough.

Yea, I know. Dropping thirty thousand dollars (or more) to have a surgeon remake my body may not be something the newbie bimbo can swing at first. Thankfully, there are ways to cheat that are fairly inexpensive.

Make sure that you buy a pair of silicon breast forms and a padded panty. You can usually get a decent pair of breast forms on eBay, at TheBreastFormStore.com, or at GlamourBoutique.com. Fredrick’s of Hollywood have a cheap padded panty but you are better off putting down the extra money to buy a “Veronica” at Classic Curves International.

Waist Training Can Seriously Help
Your should also invest in a good quality corset. Every girl looks wonderful in a corset, so you really owe it to yourself to get at least one. A well made corset can help give you that hourglass figure which every bimbo longs for.

Some corsets are for show, some are made to wear as foundation garments, and some are made specifically for waist training. If you wear a training corset for like 23 hours a day, every day for months, your body will mold to the shape of the corset. Unless you already have a rockin' figure, you'll probably won't have much use for a show corset and should consider a corset to be used for foundation or training.

If you want to see some super small waists that have been molded through corsetry, take a look at Long Island Staylace Association.

Rago Open Bottom Girdle/Corselette
Buying a corset off the rack may not be the best thing for you. Most retail corsets are designed for the typical genetic girl and not for someone who was grew up male. What is you should do is get a corset custom made for you. There are plenty of corset makers online that will make you a corset exactly to your measurements. Just make sure to ask them about the steps taken to get produce the corset. A good place will have you give give them a whole bunch of measurement (and you details instructors about how to take these measurements) and then send you a kind of "draft version" based upon these measurements. This draft version is only used for you to try on to check for the proper fit and make any needed adjustments. It is this draft that they use as the pattern to make the final product. The end result is a corset that you know will fit you the way it is supposed to.

If a corset is not happening right now, then try using one of those lycra/spandex body shapers or girdles. When I wiggle into one of these, I can really improve my figure. Online places like Newport-News.com have pretty cheap body shapers or you can shop at GirdleBound.com around for a nice, femmy open bottom girdle, like from Rago.

Even if you have had facial feminization surgery, you can still do so much with makeup. Makeup in the hands of a skilled bimbo can  be used to make your eyes look bigger, your nose look smaller and your lips fuller. There is sooooo much to makeup that it could take up a whole blog (and it does - thousands of them) but let's just say that a bimbo needs to become as skilled with makeup as a fish is skilled at swimming.

Big, full lips announce "I Love Oral!"
You can try lip plumpers to make your lips more full looking. When used over a period of time, lip plumpers can work but don't expect that your lips will look anything like Angelina Jolie.

Some drag queens that I know who wear wigs do a neat thing with tape to give them a temporary face lift. Before you put on the wig itself, one end of a long strip of tape is stuck to the skin on your face right at the edge of the wig's hairline and then pulled tightly around the back of the head. The tape pulls your skin taut like a face lift would and wig itself hinds the tape, although you may need a bit of makeup to help conceal it completely. 

Also, don't forget to wear heels, girlie! Wearing high heels improves your posture and your attitude. High heels force you to shift your balance and makes for a more elegant and powerful gait. Your spine is kept  straighter, your hips wiggle more, and your plump derrière sticks out! Striding elegantly instead of slouching around improves a bimbo's self confidence. Your legs appear longer and even slimmer. It's not surprising, that models who are often already six feet tall, opt to wear high heels, not only on the catwalk but also in their private life. Wearing high heels conveys the fact that you care about your appearance, about yourself, and about being a bimbo.

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  2. I would like to start getting some surgery. Do you have any links to site that could help me out?

    1. Sure I can gladly help you. In Miami, South Florida there are many centers and clinics, all board certified; the one I recommend is called Vanity Cosmetic Surgery; their web address is: http://my-vanities.com/ - (305)262-6070.