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What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Forced Femme Stories: "Sucker" by Vickie Tern ( Parts 10 - 13 )

Here is another "Forced Femme" story by Vicky Tern, where the main character step-by-step willing agrees to walk down a path of femininity:
Sam's wife finally agrees to perform oral sex on him if he'll do it first for her. Little by little he discovers what she means by that.
 Since this is a rather long story, it will be posted a several parts.


Sucker by Vickie Tern (Parts 10 - 13)


After my night at the Lotus Club, Gabe was easy. Boy pussies are as resilient and stretchy as girls' vaginas, I guess, if they aren't torn by misuse. Mine felt fine by early evening the next day. Maybe it was a vaginal hormone cream Debbie spread on my pussy lips the next morning to soothe them, but even by noon I began to feel empty, to yearn to feel re-filled down there, a little. Maybe it was also a little something extra Debbie put into my milk shake, but all day long I felt sweet and pretty, just lovely, eager for another big adventure! I kept smiling and humming, I don't know why!

Marcie came over in the late morning, and the three of us went shopping and had lunch. She herself selected the outfit I'd wear for her husband. A little retro, a draped satin blouse and short velvet skirt, rather flattering we all agreed, and very provocative. And of course black stockings and a garter belt -- men are such fetishists about that kind of gear. Black lace crotchless panties. I don't think we stopped giggling together the whole time about male sexuality and its demands and dreams! That strange species! And I enjoyed being the center of my two dear girlfriends' attentions!

I told them both about a few of my boy friends from the previous evening, the pathetic grunting and the loud victory cries when finally they got off. We all three agreed it was far better to be a woman and have them service us than the other way around. When we parted Marcie couldn't get over how much I'd changed even from the woman she'd watched exercising only a week or so earlier. "You've really done wonders with him, Debbie!" she kept telling my wife. And "Samantha, you're so lucky to have Debbie -- so many men would eat their hearts out to be where she's put you! I'm so happy for you now!" To me privately she added in a low voice, "You were OK before, honey, but you're really great now!" I had to agree.

 Gabriel -- I sensed immediately that both of us preferred "Gabriel," not "Gabe" -- turned out to be compliant enough, and unlike any of the men the previous night ready to submit to anything I proposed. Marcie had him thoroughly tamed! A tiger in the office but a pussycat in bed, maybe as an escape from heavy responsibilities at work, maybe simply because Marcie wanted him that way, easier to deal with or deceive. A true sub! A very nice man, really! He arrived home from his office party slightly tizzled. Marcie wished him a happy birthday, introduced me as her dearest girlfriend, then said she was leaving the two of us alone for a few hours, she had to see Debbie about something. And she was gone.

I looked at him, and he looked at me. I realized he had no idea who or what I was, and I wasn't sure he remembered why I was there. So I took charge. On impulse I said, "Why are you still in that chair? Shouldn't you be on your knees when I'm in the same room with you?" He leaped up at once and apologetically fell to his knees! Just drunk enough, and gentleman enough, and submissive enough!

And that set the tone for the evening! From then on, everything we did together was at my expressed command, to service my desires. It was wonderful, ordering a grown man around for once! What a treat! I got him down to the buff, naked and cringing in embarrassment -- even though he didn't have a bad build at all -- and he was mine! I let him undo my satin blouse and my bra, and I dangled my breasts over his mouth enticingly before lowering them first one, then the other, to where he could close his lips over them like a baby. He sucked on one, then the other so gratefully and deliciously that I wondered if Marcie would hire him out to me by the hour! Who was the whore now? His lips on my tits were heavenly!

He was a prize! I blew him as a reward for smooching my ass, because I'd promised Marcie I would, and then when he'd recovered his breath and his erection I got onto my knees and thrust my cute buttocks high in the air, and reached under and guided him into me, because I'd promised Marcie that's what I'd do. And because I wanted to reward him for being so nice! He was so excited he never noticed my genitals I'm sure. He mounted me like an eager puppy, and by the time he'd cum deep inside me he was practically my slave!

I patted him on the head as I left their house, and told him to be grateful for everything Marcie allowed him to do for her. He nodded, eyes wide, imprinting my words on his mind. I told him to call her "Miss Marcie" whenever they were alone, to emphasize that he had no claims on her, that she could go do whatever she wanted at any time. He nodded. "With anyone," I added wickedly. He nodded slowly, more reluctantly I thought. "Even stay out with someone else all night," I added on impulse, because Marcie had done that with me during our week together but had worried about him the whole time, what he'd think. That brought such a pained, mournful expression to his face as he struggled to agree that I added, "If she needs to punish you for failing to please her." He nodded, grateful for the condition, obviously resolving never to give her cause.

When I got back home, Marcie and Debbie were chatting in the kitchen. I smiled and told Marcie she would find him a changed man. She later phoned Debbie to say he was indeed changed, miraculously and wonderfully, a new man! That Debbie should be sure to thank me! When Debbie asked me what in the world I'd done with him, I told her teasingly that some girls know secrets about some men. Better for me if Debbie doesn't know them, I was thinking. Or did she?

I felt wonderfully self-confident after my little session with Gabriel. Filled with pride in the power of my own femininity. Self-assured. Ready for Bruce. The next morning was Friday, the beginning of my long-awaited weekend. I was plenty ready to play girlie with Bruce while Debbie watched, if she chose. Now I was sure I could teach her a few things.

Debbie went to her office to attend last minute matters, and all through the morning I laid out and packed my different outfits -- for travelling, for cocktails, for the pool, for the formal Saturday Night dance, and of course intimate wear for lounging in private. And for bed, the most gorgeous nightgowns any girl ever put on and then took off. Even for church on Sunday if I woke up in time and chose to go -- I had the most darling black suit, the jacket snug at the waist, flared at the hips and bursting at the bodice, where a modest froth lace dickey barely concealed the cleft between my breasts. It was divine! I'd heard that all sorts of re-couplings took place after chapel at the Avalon, when men and women alike could feel that all their sins were forgiven, their spirits refreshed, and physical communion with others especially desirable. I certainly didn't want to feel left out.

The phone rang! It was Debbie calling from her office.

"You about ready, Samantha honey? Excited?"

"You know I am, Debbie! It'll be lovely! Will you be home soon?"

"That's just it, baby! I'm a bit delayed here. I still have things to do, and I still have to get home to pick up a few things. Why don't you come down here now and I'll introduce you to Bruce. Then you two can go on ahead and I'll meet you at the Avalon in time for dinner, if I can get away by then."

"All right!" I felt a momentary pang. Despite my self-confidence the idea was a bit daunting. None of Debbie's associates knew what had been happening with me, about my transformation. So far as I knew, anyhow. What would they think of me, a man who chose to be a woman? I did it well, I knew that now. But still!

I suddenly realized, now I'd be one more of those man-women who came to the office to meet Bruce and then go out with him! How would I stack up against those other girls? Debbie had said that the girls in the office were usually envious of them. Would they envy me? I hoped so!

There was no problem, as it turned out.

I stopped off at Vita's on the way in for touching up, and Allison was awe struck at the improvement in my appearance. "You're really into this now, aren't you," she said. "I've started in on my boyfriend. Had him in here a few times. He might even turn out to be as cute as you! But he fights me every step! He knows the more I work him over, the less attractive he is to other girls. But when I kick him out I want him to be a real fairy princess! Any advice?"

"Deck him out and set him up in a back room at the Lotus Club," I told her. "That's what Debbie did to help me accept it my new gender. Guaranteed to take the starch out of any man. After a session like that there's no way for a man to respect himself as a man. Or survive as a man. When he remembers what he's done, what men have done to him, how he felt when they did it, he'll have to go gay or accept that he's a girl. Or do both!"

"Both would be beautiful," Allison commented. "If he turned out like you I might even keep him! Not as a boyfriend any more of course! Does your wife have boyfriends on the side now that you're no longer qualified?"

Again, a thought that had never occurred to me! But this was not the weekend to worry about such a thing -- I was now committed to sleep with my own boyfriend, after all, with no time to worry whether Debbie was doing the same thing! Was she? Who? When, during my road trips? Someone better than me at making her happy? I'd never reached her sexually, until she started making me into a replica of herself, sort of. Was that what this was all about? Not likely!

No, there was no time to think about it!

Allison decided that for my big weekend I should have huge eyelashes to bat innocently at my man from between his legs, and she glued and interwove them with painstaking care. "Don't worry, Samantha," she said. "With what I'm doing, they won't come off until you want them to come off. And when you see them, you won't want them to come off ever." She held up a mirror. When I saw the effect, demure yet deeply seductive, I had to agree. I had heavy lashes. I saw the world as if from underneath a thick fringe that swept down with every blink. One more thing girls do to look attractive for guys! It was remarkable though how those lashes made me into a woman of mystery! The tricks we learn!

When I arrived at Debbie's office I was perfect -- flawless makeup on top of the indelible colors I always wore, every curl fetching, one curl pulled down teasingly in front of each ear, a few "accidentally" but charmingly tumbling over and softening my brow, eyes intriguing. Debbie's secretary Maria looked up at me with her professionally welcoming face for a moment before she realized who I was, then broke into a radiant smile!

"Samantha!" she said! "You're gorgeous! Debbie told us you've been coming along fabulously, but none of us dared dream you'd finish up looking this good! I'll tell her you're here!"

Us? Debbie's whole office knew? Maria pressed a button on her intercom and still looking at me she said, "He's here, Debbie. And I must say, you've done a marvelous job with him! I'd never know if I didn't already know. He's perfect! Bruce will eat him up!" And I heard Debbie reply, "You have that backward, honey! But that's what we wanted, isn't it? Tell him I'll be right out!"

Knowing I'd heard, she cocked one high plucked eyebrow at me, smiled, and said nothing. I cocked one of mine at her, and the two of us grinned.

"If you should ever want to leave Debbie, honey," she said. "I want first dibs on you!"

That was flattering, but what did it mean? That Maria was a lesbian? That she sensed I could be a dominant woman, as I'd been with Gabriel, and she liked that? That she'd like to tie up with a male she could manipulate? Could I possibly be dominant with a woman? I never had been. As a man I'd always been courteous and polite, considerate if not submissive. The way I now was as a woman. The way I'd become a woman. Or was I just being cooperative, doing whatever Debbie asked for this one weekend in exchange for a lifetime of blow jobs? Had I in fact given up my manhood altogether in exchange for that lifetime of blow jobs? Would there be anything there for Debbie to blow for much longer? Was there a contradiction there somewhere? Was Debbie's secretary straight but something of a trannie hag, she liked feminized men?

Too many mysteries here. I gave up speculating.

Debbie appeared. "I may not be able to get away until late," she told me, her eyes signifying admiration for the way I'd gotten dolled up -- Vita had been my own spur-of-the-moment idea -- but also regret that she'd miss out on early stages of my long-anticipated performance. "But you and Bruce will hit it off, I'm sure! Come, I'll introduce you."

Down the hall to another door, a quick knock, a rich male voice calling "Come!" and we were inside his office. I stared, and he looked back at me with a faintly amused expression. Mocking, superior, thinking that here was one more straight guy gone crooked for the sake of a mere woman, a temptation to which he was of course immune? No, I realized, it was his usual expression, reflecting a certain detached self-confidence. It was in fact rather appealing. Here was the man who was what all this had been about! Satisfying him sexually. Satisfying Debbie by satisfying him sexually, so Debbie would be willing to satisfy me, strictly speaking, though that point was now just about lost among the preliminaries and contingencies.

"Samantha," Debbie said, needlessly doing the formal honors. "This is Bruce. Bruce, Samantha. I suspect you two will get on splendidly. But I have work to do -- please excuse me!"

I looked around, and she was gone! I looked at Bruce and he looked at me -- a cat checking out a canary? No, he was all solicitude!

"We'd better get going," he said, coming around from behind his desk. "Want to use the Ladies' first, Samantha? It's a two hour drive, and we'll only just arrive in time for cocktails as is." He then paused, recalling his manners. "You're just lovely, Samantha! Everything Debbie promised you'd be!"

"Thank you," I said. I felt pleased by the compliment, even though its meaning was obscure -- it was only a gay man's welcome to a recent convert, sort of. "You're rather handsome yourself!" He was, too, just as Debbie had described him. Dark, almost piercing eyes, and a lithe way of moving. Unaccountably I felt a bit nervous -- would he be satisfied with me after all? I was glad I'd thought to stop at Vita's for a last touch up and polish. I did want to look pretty for him!

We drove to the Avalon in near silence,. He knew I think that I needed some time to get used to his physical presence after he'd been a figment of my imagination all these weeks, and he didn't force conversation. I kept glancing over at him as he drove. I liked what I saw -- some rough-hewn edges even alongside the polished. Now and then I caught him glancing at me too, and when our eyes met he always smiled at me reassuringly. By the time we arrived I felt comfortable. I found a way to be. Not compliant or he'd find me tiresome. Not dominant or he'd feel annoyed. Coquettish felt just about right! Teasing.

"You've been here before, I see," I mused as he paused to pick up a key at the registration desk, then skillfully navigated through two parking lots and stopped the car alongside the "Honeymoon Villa" Debbie had reserved for us. "Have you taken many honeymoons before this one?"

"Lots," he replied, with an appreciative grin. "With lots of brides."

"Grooms too, I bet," I said. He looked puzzled. I decided not to press it. Lots of men have limited wit for small talk.

He carried our luggage from the car into the villa. It was luxurious enough, with tapestries and draperies everywhere, both a tub and an enclosed shower, a patio with a jacuzzi, a well-furnished sitting room, and on an elevated platform in the middle of the largest room, a huge round bed. Then, in an adjoining alcove though in full view of that massive round bed, another smaller bed.

"Look," I said, pointing at the extra bed. "If this is a Honeymoon suite, what's that for? A mother-in law?"

Bruce was amused. "No, not in this case. Debbie asked for that bed. Maybe she doesn't trust her husband alone in bed with another man, and wants to see for herself that they don't begin fooling around? Maybe it's for whoever snores the loudest? Don't worry, baby, it'll be used! Now change into something romantic, and we'll try the restaurant after a little tete-a-tete at the bar. Do you dance?"

"No," I said, trying to send him a smoldering look from underneath my heavy eyelashes. Then I wriggled my hips. "But if you whistle a few bars, I can fake it."

He appreciated that one. "Good. I love dancing. You just follow my lead, all right?"

"Yes, certainly, sir," I replied, maybe a little too flippantly.

"Even when we aren't on the dance floor," he added, looking directly at me from under those dark brows.

"Anywhere," I said, realizing that he was establishing our rules of engagement. "But especially on the dance floor."

For our first night together I'd chosen a pale blue silk organza, the most romantic dress I owned. He was waiting for me in the sitting room when I emerged, and the way he looked at me made all the trouble I'd taken over all the previous weeks well worth while! "Thank you!" I said before he could speak, with a gracious lilt in my voice. "You don't have to say anything. Your face just said it all!"

He took my hand. "Then let's just go in."


I didn't need to glance at him this time as we walked toward the bar and restaurant in the main building. I knew he couldn't take his eyes off me. I smiled to myself the whole time. I felt the secret pleasure any woman feels when she knows she's being admired, of course. But even more, my task this evening was to provide my man blissful satisfaction, and I knew it would be much easier if he was entranced, even enamored by me. I have never felt so euphoric, so able! So fulfilled!

I stoked his fires through a long cocktail hour and a two hour dinner, with conversation and dancing between drinks, and a fine wine accompanying. I took my women's magazines' advice and got him talking about himself, his work and his hopes, and found that he was a pretty nice guy! If we weren't designated lovers, we might have been pals. As it was, I didn't need to overact much to register wide-eyed, awed admiration for him. He knew I was trying, of course, but he felt flattered by my efforts nevertheless.

He led me to the dance floor with each pause between drinks and then with each interval between courses, and as the alcohol levels in my blood elevated I found warmth toward him rising as well. He was a superb dancer, just as Debbie'd suggested. He held me close during the slow dances and I could feel by the way his thighs and hips moved how I should follow him. For the first time I felt a man's semi-erect penis against my midriff. At first I wasn't sure what it was -- it seemed to me enormous. At every opportunity I writhed against it, until there was no doubt what it was, king-sized and fully erect! If I could have brought him off on the dance floor by rubbing my silk-clad belly up and down on him, or the cleft of my ass on my turns, my eyelids draped shut in an erotic daze as I backed and rotated into him, I would have. I certainly tried!

Then during the big beat numbers he was a joy to watch. His rhythmic inventiveness with his body was astonishing, and as I tried to imitate his gestures I was grateful for all the dancing I'd done to those tapes, especially all those efforts to perfect distinctly feminine, girl gestures. I knew he was watching as I preened and stretched my now-supple body, and I exaggerated some gestures into seemingly orgasmic rapture. But my smiling admiration for him was sincere, and I grew more affectionate as he showed warm appreciation for it.

Finally I couldn't uncouple from him as he led me back to our Honeymoon Villa, both my arms wrapped around his waist, kissing him wherever my lips could reach him. When we arrived back I steered him straight toward a large easy chair, and as he sat back in it I knelt and removed his shoes as if I were handmaiden to a sultan. He closed his eyes and smiled. Then unbuckled his belt. Another smile. Then I pulled his pants down to his ankles, and with a flourish, pulled down his underpants.

And there it was! My God! Larger by far than that oversized dildo mounted on a chair I'd been working over with my mouth and my ass. Larger than any of the men's who'd entered me by either orifice in the back room of the Lotus Club. Far larger than Gabriel's! As the weather-lady might have put it, his cock stood four hands high, the crown rising well-above his navel! I was already kneeling, so I couldn't help it. I kissed the tip in an awed act of homage! I clutched it with both hands, like a scepter or badge of office, and as Stacy had demonstrated, began to masturbate whatever wasn't in my mouth.

"Oh, my God!" I cried in a higher tone of voice than I had ever heard myself utter before! "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I had never dreamed there were cocks like this one! Far larger than any on those pornographic tapes I'd watched! Truly big-league, as Debbie had warned me! I was grateful for the world of experience that had prepared me for this moment.

And those were the last sounds I uttered for the next thirty minutes, except for an occasional moan as I tried feverishly to kiss, lick, lip, suck, and swallow that tower, to extend my throat to wrap around it as I forced it deeper and deeper into my gullet, then withdrew my head to allow me a deep breath before another plunge to contain it completely! Faster and faster, as we both began to breathe more quickly and heavily. Until finally he clutched my head and pushed my nose into his pubic hair and I felt that cock throb, and throb, and throb, and I knew he was pumping sweet jism direct into my stomach. I was so eager to taste this marvelous man that for his last spurt I pulled back and held the head in my mouth. He was so sweet! And it was so silky smooth on my tongue! I swallowed it gratefully!

When he recovered his breath, I was still licking my lips, still trying to mix my own saliva in with his residual sticky stuff so there would be even more to swallow, and still swallowing every last delectable drop. No one ever sucked any man's cock more eagerly than I sucked that man's!

"That was just great, Samantha!" he said, looking down appreciatively. "But you didn't once look me in the eye! Were you ashamed?"

"Oh, no, Bruce, no! Never!" I said in a hoarse voice. I was horrified he might think so! "I loved it! I want to do it again! Now! It was the greatest experience of my life! But I couldn't take you all the way into my throat and also look at you at the same time! You're...." A small sob escaped me. "You're so huge!"

"If you want to do it again now, go ahead, Samantha! We have the whole weekend! No time like the present!"

"Are you sure?" I was astonished. Twice in a row? Sure enough, his massive cock stood as tall as ever, glistening now from my saliva and no doubt lightly coated with his own cum.

"This time it'll go down even easier," he said. "Try it!"

I did. It did. He took longer to cum this time, nearly an hour, and I can't say I was as passionate as I was the first time, though I know I was every bit as loving. This time when I recognized the telltale signs of his oncoming climax I withdrew my head and caught all of his sperm in my mouth, swallowing it as rapidly as I could and gargling with the last mouthful to ease my ravaged and distended throat. "Thank you!" I croaked to him gratefully when it was all snug inside me.

"All yummy in your tummy, lover?" suddenly came a voice from a darkened corner of the room! Debbie's voice! Debbie was here! She'd seen it all!? She knew that her husband was now what she'd wanted him to be all along? A horny and skilled girl who loved sucking on a really impressive cock?

"Debbie!!" I tried to shout in surprise, though it came out as a whisper. "Have you been there for long?"

"Oh yes," she said. I still couldn't see her. "I arrived to find you preening your belly and your ass on Bruce's cock on the dance floor, in public, behaving like such a flirtatious wanton I came back here to wait for you to get serious! As you've now done! And very nicely, too, I must say! The first time head over heels, and this second time devout, dedicated. You're a credit to your femininity, Samantha. Or to your training!"

I was glad to hear that. Debbie had warned me there could be no holding back, but I'd loved what I was doing, craved it in fact, so the problem had never even crossed my mind! I was sure Bruce was completely satisfied! But I decided then and there to strengthen his endorsement of me for her ears, so there'd be no doubt about it. "Did I do this better than your gay friends do it?" I asked him coyly, my voice now seductively rough and low from so much cock in my throat for so long.

He looked puzzled. "What gay friends, Samantha?"

"The cute guys who come to your office to meet you sometimes, to go out for the evening. Looking like girls. Like me this afternoon. Debbie told me about them."

"Oh, those women who come calling on me? They really do swarm sometimes -- I suppose the word gets out about my equipment, and sometimes it seems that half the human race wants to try it out. Lots manage to do it, too."

He smiled down on me, and wiped what I suppose was a streak of his spunk from the corner of my mouth with his finger, then held it out for me to lick. I licked it. He nodded.

"I suppose they are gorgeous -- I've noticed how the girls at the office always check them out when they show up. Mostly for hints on dressing and make up. They're really smooth chicks, all of them. A lot of them are actresses or models."

Something about this didn't sound right. "Transvestites? Gays? Actresses?"

Bruce looked bewildered, maybe also a little wary, as if perhaps I wasn't all there though I was still kneeling between his knees. "I suppose some are lesbians, you never know. Or bisexual. But trust me, they are all definitely female! You're my first man, by special arrangement with your wife! Though in your case, not really a man as I understand it!"

Now it was my turn to be bewildered.

A thought seemed to occur to him. "There was one girl I found out right away was bisexual. She showed up at the office, and Debbie took an immediate interest in her. They got on each other's wavelengths the moment she arrived, without saying a word. They started eyeing each other and you couldn't cut the air between them with a knife! Debbie got her to break her date with me and go off to a motel with her instead. Or did she go home to share her with you? She told me the next morning that she owed me one for that, and she looked very satisfied indeed, I must say. This weekend is also a kind of payment to me for that. As well as a favor. And an obligation too."

What was he talking about!? Debbie? I was still on my knees in front of Bruce while he lounged back at his ease in his overstuffed chair, his hand still idly ruffling and twisting my curls. I was vaguely aware that Debbie was sitting silently in her dark corner watching this drama unfold, making no effort to interrupt. I looked up at Bruce from under my heavy eyelashes! What I could see of his face was looking down at me benignly, but that long, thick cock still blocked most of my vision. It had stopped softening and stood there half-swollen. Even after a second time! I tried to lift my head to say something, but somehow his hand casually stroking my hair was unyielding. My nose sank deep in his huge balls.

Staring up as best I could, I tried to understand. "My Debbie once went off with one of your gay friends who looks like a girl?" I asked timorously.

Bruce furrowed his brow. "She went off once with one of the girls I date. They all look like a girls, Samantha, because that's what they are. Girls. What's your problem?"

"You aren't gay? You date girls? You don't date only gay men who look like girls?"

He stared at me now a little sympathetically. "No, Samantha. I'm not gay. Not at all. You're my first! As payback, and as a favor. Debbie talked me into it. She can be very persuasive, as you know. Do you think I think you're still essentially a man in some way? No. I don't date men. I do sometimes date transsexual women, because they're women."

What's going on?! I felt disoriented! "What did she tell you about me?," I asked him.

"That her husband needed to suck a guy's cock, and she wanted that guy to be me."

"Did she tell you the reason why?"

"No. I already knew the reason why. I've known for a year or more. In fact it's been a couple of years since some of us began to speculate about what's wrong with you, that you can't keep her satisfied at home."

What did that mean? Something's wrong with me? I had better keep to one thing at a time, I decided. "What speculations?"

"Well, one notion was that you're gay. That you married her for cover, so no one would know. So you could do your things and she could do hers."

"She said that? What things? She told you I'm gay?"

"No, that was only the rumor. She was amused when she heard that. "If that were true, it'd be easy," she told me.

"What would be easy?"

"I never asked her. We both had other things on our minds. She did explain to me why you're dressed the way you are. You've always felt that you're a woman in a man's body. So whenever possible you wear the clothes, and behave like a women, and now you've finally made a commitment to live all the time as a woman. To celebrate, Debbie thought you should have an opportunity to suck a real man's cock, and that's why she asked me to help out. And now you've done it! You haven't gotten yourself a pussy just yet, you still have a prick. So you have still problems expressing yourself sexually. But that'll change in due time."

Worse and worse! "Where'd you get that idea?"

"Debbie, who else? It explained why she looks elsewhere for sex. We've all wondered."

I began to feel sick. Could Bruce be putting me on?

"Is this true, Debbie? Did you tell everyone I'm a transsexual? To explain why you look where?"

"Not everyone, love," came Debbie's voice from the dark. She sounded unshakably pleased with herself! "Not everyone. Some only recently. Marcie for example -- she learned about you only a few weeks ago. And she didn't believe it -- she had to come see for herself. She told me you were all man back when you two were getting it on. I told her you were confused then, but now you had to be who you were, same as me. And don't you? What are you? Tell Bruce! But remember what you promised me before you open your mouth. The weekend isn't over!"

I was glad for the reminder. The wrong answer could undo everything! "I'm a girl," I told Bruce.

"Did I doubt it?" He was still lounging back, amused by this whole conversation.

"Yes, you are, sweetheart," Debbie went on. "And you enjoy it, too! Both ways, submissive or dominant, depending on the man! Like with Gabe -- wasn't he fun? I knew you'd want to order Gabe around before you took on someone like Bruce. And wasn't I right? Didn't it re-establish your pride and self-confidence as a woman after your Lotus Club men shook you up a little?"

She was avoiding the other subject! Why? "You look elswehere for sex? You went off with one of Bruce's girls once? You've ...." I was overwhelmed! Confused and vertiginous! Who was this woman?! A wave of nausea rose up, and I leaped to my feet and rushed off to the bathroom to retch. And barely made it! Bruce's sperm gone! A stray thought, now I needed to replace it in my tummy! I rinsed out my mouth, and returned.

Bruce was still where he had been. But there, kneeling between his knees where I had been, there now was Debbie! His cock head in her mouth! Both hands sliding up and down his shaft in the approved Stacy manner!! She was giving him a blow job! My blow job! I was appalled. "What!" I spluttered. "What?"

Debbie lifted her head. "Don't be selfish, sweetheart! You've just enjoyed it, and now it's my turn!" She returned her attention that enormous pole.

"That wasn't enjoyment!" I shouted, as loud as I could with my rasping throat! "I did it because you said that's the only way you'd do me! Remember?"

"I saw you, sweetie," Debby replied, licking a drop of pre-cum off the tip, then smiling into Bruce's eyes but still talking to me. "You loved it! Don't tell me you didn't. And you're not wrong! It *is* wonderful to have a cock like this in your mouth. Just as that tape said, remember? Just as you've been claiming for years, even though you took a lot of persuading when I challenged you to put your mouth where your words were. Both sides of your mouth! You certainly know now! Isn't that so?"

"I don't know anything!" I was utterly addled! I didn't! I just stood there! On the verge of tears, again!

Bruce intervened diplomatically. "Samantha!," he said consolingly. "Don't fret. Go change -- I bet you brought some lovely nightgowns and negligees! Your wife's only getting me ready for my next event with you, that's all! Up the ass! To see if you're as good a fuck as you are a cock sucker!"

"I ...! You ...!" I just stood there speechless! Apart from everything else, the prospect of Bruce's telephone pole in my rear end was frightening. I'd gotten well-stretched, but not that much!

"Go do what Bruce says, sweetie!" Debbie told me firmly, rising to her feet while Bruce again sat silent, watching her with admiration. She was still wearing her business suit, and now she was all business, commanding, disciplined. "And remember to douche yourself! Then when you come back I'll allow you to fuck me, and I assure you it will be as satisfying for you as any sex with me you've had. Hurry! Watching you make love to Bruce has really turned me on! You'll want to take advantage of that now, won't you?"

I had nothing to say. I was overloaded!

"Samantha, just do what I say!" Her voice was sharp! I turned to do just that!


I turned back.

"What do you say when I tell you to do something!"

"Yes, ma'am," I said, as mindlessly as Gabriel had said it to me only the previous night. Are all men that easily dominated by women? Was I still a man?

When I returned in one of the gowns I'd brought for this weekend of love, Bruce was completely naked though still sitting at his ease in his chair. His boner was as tall as ever! Debbie was lying on her back on our huge, circular bed wearing the very same provocative nightgown I'd bought her for her last birthday, when I'd hoped to warm her up with sexy presents, as usual to no avail. By now I'd absorbed what Bruce had claimed about her, and I wanted to ask about those alleged infidelities! With another women. Other women? Other men?

But before I could even formulate a question, Debbie said in the most powerfully seductive voice I have ever heard from any woman, "You look ravishing, sweetheart! Come ravish me, this very minute!" She held out her arms, and lifted and spread her knees!

And I couldn't help myself! I ran toward her and flew on top of her, and with a momentary shifting of my hips I entered her. To the hilt! Her arms closed on my neck, gripping it tight and pulling my face down to hers. Her knees closed over my waist, gripping me to her even more firmly, and she lifted our crotches high up off the bed. Our breasts crushed against each other! I was locked onto her, into her, unable to escape! Bliss! I began to move. Heaven!

Concentrating on the feel of our silky satin nightgowns rubbing on each other, and the pressure of our soft breasts, and her strong smooth arms and thighs, I didn't notice Bruce lowering himself on top of me until I felt a firm, soft rubbery probing of my anus, and realized that Debbie was holding my exposed asshole utterly open to Bruce's cock, that I was about to be invaded! I tried to move, but Debbie only gripped me tighter with her legs as she held my cheeks wide apart, as if passionately refusing to separate from me. She too began to move, and I couldn't help it, I began to move my cock in her pussy in response. With each upward humping to gather force, my asshole pressed more firmly against that stubborn pole of Bruce's. Then one violently yearning movement on Debbie's part pushed me high up and back and impaled me before I could lunge back into her, and Bruce's tip was inside me!

Then slowly, methodically, he began to fuck me. In and in, with delicious care. I did stretch to welcome him in, and I clinched and hugged his cock affectionately with my rear muscles, over and over. When at last his hips leaned on my plump rear and I felt pressure high up in my belly I knew he had gone all the way into me. And then he began to withdraw. That delicious fulfilled but then deprived feeling was back, gratifyingly, and despite myself I went rapturous! My movements quickly took on his rhythms, as they had done when we were slow dancing and I was led by subtle movements of his hips. I became a slave to those movements. His cock in my gut felt incredible! And all the while my cock was in Debbie and felt equally incredible! We moved together in tandem, Bruce in effect fucking Debbie with my prick! Faster and faster, our lunging and plunging and ramming growing wilder and more violent, until all three of us suddenly shrieked at once! We all three came together! Debbie shuddered and spasmed. I pumped and squirted my accumulated semen into her pussy as not for many weeks! And Bruce poured the contents of those huge balls into my gut!

We lay there speechless for the longest time, then Bruce slowly, carefully, withdrew from me. A trickle of his cum dribbled from my gaping anus and ran down my thigh. As his weight came off me I pulled myself out of Debbie, and heard a squishing as juices ran out of her and no doubt down her leg.

"Now you're a woman," Bruce said. "There's no doubt about it at all, Samantha! Both of you! Two women leaking cum! What could be more authentic!"

"God, nothing could be more authentic than this moment!" Debbie replied. "Sweetheart, how was that for you? Didn't you love it?"

"Yes!" I said reluctantly. Because it was certainly true. "Yes, I did!"

"Good!" Debbie said. "Then go clean yourself up and then come back. Use another douche to make yourself fresh. And perfume. This may be a long night!"

I did as she asked. And when I got back, there she was lying on her back in the same position, but her arms and legs were wrapped around Bruce this time, in a passionate embrace. He lay on top of her, their faces and mouths clamped together, his massive penis obviously deep inside her, again working itself in and out, then back in. They had eliminated the middle man and were back at it, oblivious to me and the world.

And what could I say? What had I been doing with Bruce only a few minutes earlier? I went into the dark corner Debbie had occupied and sat down and watched them for a while. I tried not to feel jealous -- I scarcely had any right!

They went at it for a very long time, slowly at first, even languorously, now and then grunting or moaning but obviously trying to make it last. Debbie warmed up and seemed to take over, writhing and wriggling and rotating on that cock as if possessed! As she was! But she possessed him! She was as much in charge as she ever had been with me! She paid no attention to me -- I didn't exist. Only that thing impaling her! I saw that she was having an orgasm every few minutes. She'd rise to a frenzy, scream, recover her breath, then with a great sigh begin building toward another. It was strange. She was using Bruce to service her. Enjoying him. That was somehow reassuring. After a while I began to feel sleepy. I crawled into the bed in the alcove, and was out almost at once.


In the morning Debbie woke me by calling me back to their bed. Our bed? I crept in and was immediately presented with Bruce's cum and pussy-juice crusted cock, then by Debbie's oozing pussy. I drank and licked and sucked both, eyes shut, savoring the flavor, wallowing in it. When I opened my eyes once to look up into their faces, I saw they were both watching me, pleased. "Isn't being a girl wonderful, honey?" Debbie asked me. "When there are men like Bruce around to keep us both satisfied?"

When they were both clean Bruce turned me onto my back and gently pushed my legs high up in the air, leaned over me, and entered me face to face. And fucked me as slowly and deliberately as he had fucked me and Debbie the night before. Debbie meanwhile crept down from above me on that huge bed, dropped one of her breasts into my mouth, then leaned further forward and began to suckle on my own breasts, first one, then the other. We sixty-nined our upper bodies, faces buried in warm softness, sucking and sipping and kissing each other's delicate nipples. Heaven! And all the while, that delicious fulfilled feeling, followed by a yearning, then again by fulfillment, as Bruce stroked in and out. Again, heaven.

And so the weekend went. Bruce escorted both of us to the Avalon's formal Saturday Night ball. We were both beautiful in our long gowns, mine the off-the-shoulder gown Debbie had bought me only a few weeks ago. Other men asked us each to dance, and Bruce danced with both of us, and fucked both of us afterward. Repeatedly. And we both sucked him off repeatedly, once both of us together, bumping heads and noses, fighting for a lick or a mouthful, giggling because it was such fun!. We played tennis the next day, Bruce against the two of us, and he ran us ragged in our matching tennis dresses. I felt ... cute! Cherished! It was a strange feeling! But day or night, the three of us were inseparable. And Bruce's cock never quit!

Debbie had been right from the beginning, I realized. If I hadn't developed the sensibilities and desires of a woman before this weekend, if I hadn't learned to love making love like a woman and being loved like a woman, if I hadn't found out what the varieties of sexual experiences were with many men, and gotten accustomed to them, then sucking Bruce's cock even once as I had originally agreed would have been for me an ugly perversion, a severe punishment, not a rare privilege. As I'd first thought it, a trial to be endured.

But Debbie never meant to punish me. She'd instead wanted to remake me, with Bruce my reward. She'd wanted me to be a woman like her! For the joy of it! And I loved it! I did enjoy taking Bruce in at either end, and he enjoyed each of us and both of us. Many times, that weekend.

We got back late Sunday night. I couldn't really question Debbie until the Monday morning after we both got back home -- we were both too busy with Bruce, and then too weary! We woke to call in sick to our offices and then sleep for another few hours, still wrapped snugly in each other. We'd neither of us gotten much sleep since Friday night, and we both needed the full day to recover. I wanted to be rested when I showed up at work for the first time with my new face and figure. I now actually was the woman Debbie'd told my Boss and Personnel I meant to become.

But above all, I wanted to know finally what had been happening. To my life, to my marriage, to my wife. To us. It wasn't till past noon that we convened in the kitchen to share the muffins I'd tucked into the freezer a month earlier, and fresh coffee. Debbie leaned back against the kitchen counter while I sat opposite at our breakfast table, looking up at her, waiting for her to say something. I was well made up, because she'd suggested we go shopping so Samantha could have one last journey into the outer world before Sam began a slow return to the world of men. Or, so Samantha could fill in her wardrobe for the long haul, and the two of us could enjoy the first joint shopping spree of the rest of our lives. I'd decide which. Meanwhile I was still euphoric, daydreaming about the weekend now past. About that thing of Bruce's. Who would have thought ...?

"Bruce called while you were in the shower," she said suddenly.

"Oh?" was all I could say.

"He likes you. He asked me for permission to take you out again, tonight. There's an opening at the art gallery where women will be wearing their finest designer outfits. It's a chance for you to wear yours and see what the latest fashions are." She paused. "To see what you'll be wearing next year." She paused even longer. "Or, he can get tickets for both of you to go to the Knicks game. He says, whichever you prefer."

This news was strangely satisfying. A tumult of emotions passed through me. Was I pleased? Disappointed? Troubled? Some of them must have been evident on my face.

"That's right. You're off the hook, honey. He's very happy with you, You did a marvelous job, and you deserve all the credit in the world. And I'll keep my word. I'll give you your long-awaited blow job any time you like. Now, if you like!"

She looked away, and delivered her next words to the kitchen window. "But I have to tell you this. If you decide to go to the Knicks game with Bruce, to be one of the guys again, I'll leave you. I'll have to. I can't have a man who sucks other men's cocks for a husband."

This was astonishing! Unfair! Outrageous!

"What!?" I cried out. "But this whole thing was your idea!" I had a sudden insight. "You were looking for an excuse to dump me the whole time! You wanted Bruce for yourself!" Then I said it. "Because of his dong! Because he's bigger than I am!"

Debbie looked at me reproachfully, yet sympathetically. She waited for me to calm myself. Then said, "Partly true, honey. But only partly. It's true that I like real men. Big men! No offense, but you can't really feel resentful, because you're responsible for it! You started me off! Those porn movies of yours. They gave me ideas, just as you'd hoped. But not about fucking and sucking -- that's all rather pretty obvious stuff. The movies gave me ideas about what it's like to get stuffed with a huge dong like the ones all those porn studs have! I don't know what you were watching all those times, but I was checking out the guys' pricks, and then I was watching the expressions on the girls' faces as those big pricks fucked them!"

"I wouldn't have known anything at all about huge penises without those movies you wanted me to watch. I had a sheltered girlhood, hardly any boy friends before we were married. Your cock is average, I suppose. I do feel it moving around inside me somewhere when you're on top of me. Usually."

She leaned forward, and her eyes began to shine! "But the pricks on those guys in those movies! You know! I'd feel the strangest longing in my pussy each time I settled in with you to watch them! Pure lust! Each man with a cock that goes on and on as it goes into a girl, and keeps coming, getting deeper and deeper, and meanwhile so thick that it stretches her to bursting until she doesn't dare breathe, and she splays her legs and feels split wide open, and even then it keeps coming on into her, that incredible pole, it just doesn't quit, on and on and into you until finally you think the head must have reached up into your throat and that's why you're gasping and choking and shrieking. Maybe having chain orgasms one after the other, altogether out of your her mind! And finally you feel his balls slam against the cheeks of your ass, and that's all of it. The whole thing is inside you! You're in paradise! Then it happens in reverse. Then the whole thing all over again. It can go on for hours! You know! We've both just done it this past weekend! Quite a few times!"

I was shocked! What did this mean? That Debbie had identified with those girls in the porn films? I'd wanted that to happen, I guess, so she'd enjoy sex with fewer inhibitions. But not this way! Apparently she'd spent all those viewing sessions imagining she was a porn queen with her legs spread wide open to big-dicked porn kings, maybe whole teams of them! Not to her ordinary average husband!"

"When I said 'you' just now, I didn't mean that you yourself imagined those long cocks entering you up to the hilt the way I did. I know that. I meant me. Though I know you understand how I felt, now that you've felt it yourself!"

She smiled a conspiratorial smile at me, and I responded wanly. She knew how I'd lost it every time Bruce exploded his spunk into me. She'd heard me shriek, and she could see that at that moment my pelvis was as wild as hers when Bruce was plunging deep and about to climax. She could see me writhing desperately each time to milk his cock with my asshole.

"So my porn movies gave you the wrong ideas?" I asked her, with a sinking feeling.

She smiled to herself, then looked away from me. "Yes, they certainly did. Wicked ideas, they seemed to me then. They made me incredibly curious about how men are really hung, and whether you can tell when you're just chatting with them. The girls in my office told me there's really only one way to know, to learn by doing. But I noticed that they'd usually spread the word around when one of them had found some man who was ... exceptional. And because that word was easily confirmed by anyone else, it was usually reliable. So that was a second way to know. It wasted less time than actually trying a man on for size to see how he fits. After a few months I learned to listen to office gossip, and that saved me a lot of mistakes."

It just popped out! "Debbie, where is all this leading? I heard what Bruce said yesterday about you looking to other men for sex! I decided he was just trying to get to me, the way guys do. But are you telling me you've slept with other men? Besides Bruce, I mean? I've seen Bruce, and I can understand how you couldn't help yourself when you saw us together! But have you slept with anyone else?"

She looked annoyed, then very solemn! "Darling, you know you should never ask that question. Marriage is based on faith! We assume our partners are faithful, don't we, and we never ask, do we, so there's never any need for anyone to lie or deceive! Is there? Marcie has told me about some of the men she's been with, for example. And some of the women they've told her they've been with!" She paused. Her face registered nothing, nor did mine. Her round yet again!

"Gabe doesn't know about Marcie's wandering, or he never seems to know, and he never asks, because if he did he might have to do something about it. And then he might lose her altogether. Certainly he'd lose faith in her, and trust her less. Men get so dependent! So of course she never tells him, and whatever she does with other men, on his birthday she tries to make it up to him. Balance the scales, one for her, one for him. Maybe even the same person. He's such a submissive husband at heart, Gabe is! He loves doing whatever he's told."

She paused again. Marcie had arranged sex for her husband with her own lover, true. I felt used, somehow!

"Have I ever asked you if you're always faithful to me?" Debbie asked me. "I never kiss and tell, not even about you! Not ever! So to answer your question, no, I don't sleep when I'm with other men."

I was silent after that. It was a painfully evasive answer. It sounded like taunting. Debbie realized that immediately, and her annoyance vanished, to be replaced, I saw, by a deep sadness. I saw her struggle with herself, then settle something pretty heavy. She gave a huge sigh. Then she began again.

"Samantha, listen closely. Just nod that you understand what I'm saying, all right? Whenever I pause. Don't say anything! If a sound emerges from you, any sound at all, even in your throat, I'll stop talking. And that will be that. You know nothing, sweetheart! Now I want you to know everything. Because you're my best girl!"

This must be pretty awful, I thought. I tried to create a mental set in my mind, Be Silent! Also in my throat, Be Silent! The same throat that was still sore from how many cocks moving in and out of it this past week? All for her sake? All average sized cocks, mostly, no monster cocks like those porn studs' cocks, anyhow, thank God. Except for Bruce's. I shifted in my chair when I thought of Bruce. My rear end still remembered him. It was still sore. I really should be sitting on a cushion, I thought.

I swallowed, then I nodded. Here we go!

"Samantha, Sam, I love you! I really do! My day brightens whenever I come home and there you are. I don't feel complete when we're not together. I have never been able to imagine life without you. You're my companion, my friend, my adviser, my support, my partner, my love, my other self, my life! We really and truly are one person, one being! I feel everything you feel. And I have always wanted you to feel everything I feel."

I nodded. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Not tears of sadness but of joy, for what she was now telling me for the very first time. We were one! Despite all of the petty resentments that accumulate between people after living together for years, as we had. Despite all the memories. Because of all the memories. All of the little inadequacies. All of the forgiving. " "And I know you feel that way about me. That for you life without me is inconceivable. Insupportable. I've counted on that often enough during the past month. I'm counting on it even more right now."

I nodded slowly, deeply. She seemed encouraged. Grateful too?

"Sam, you're my loving and beloved partner. My husband. But you aren't my lover. You haven't been for a long time. Not really."

That was puzzling. We'd made real love often enough. What could she mean?

"Spiritually we couldn't be more intimate. Physically though, we've never been close. For some reason, I didn't know why for a long time, maybe it was chemistry I thought, maybe some deep inhibition from my girlhood, but for some reason I couldn't ever respond to you physically. I thought I'd warm up to you over time, but I never did. There was always something missing. When we've had sex, I've given myself to you out of a sense of duty, not by desire. You know that. You've always known that. I've felt guilty that there was nothing passionate between us, that I was cheating you somehow. Of course you didn't know. You just began showing me porn films, hoping they'd warm me up."

I nodded.

"Well, they did."

I sat there silent, unmoving.

"But not for you." She paused and just looked at me. And waited.


I looked at her silently. And I waited. I understood her. But to nod might signify assent, and I didn't want to seem to be approving what I feared was coming.

She understood that and went on slowly, clearly, carefully. "Those fuckfest movies explained why I couldn't get excited about you physically. Because physically, you weren't exciting! Oh, all right, I guess, but not for what I need!"

I said nothing. I brushed my curls off my face with my fingertips, just a quick little gesture, silly and girlish I realized. And pouted thoughtfully. And waited.

"You'd show me those films almost every time we went to bed. First those enormous dongs on those guys, pushing those girls' thighs so far apart they seemed to be giving birth in reverse, That vision was then followed by your reality, your own little weenie poking into me. So inconsequential I couldn't make it seem larger even in fantasy!"

A stray thought struck me, thank God I'm now a woman like her, not a man, or this story would be devastating me! I can sympathize with her! My own wife found my manhood inadequate? Then surely she'd have left me, sooner or later. If I hadn't ... changed. If she hadn't tricked me into changing. If I hadn't come over!

She went on. "Well, sweetheart, it had to happen, didn't it! One day a few years ago one of our account executives asked me to join him for lunch, tete-a-tete. I remembered that a typist had told the rest of us that he was especially impressive. No, that's not right. What she really said was -- let's see if I still remember her exact words -- 'Girls, he's a major heavyweight where it counts, that stud! I don't know how he can walk with what's hanging down there. Or how he can lift it. It's a good thing it comes up by itself, and that once it's up it stays up for hours and hours! He used that thing on me one afternoon and I couldn't walk for two days!' That's what she said. I remember her words, because she said them with such a deeply satisfied smirk on her face. And because as I found out, she wasn't exaggerating."

She looked directly at me. She seemed to be studying my slightest change of expression. I made sure there was none. I looked directly back at her. She smiled slightly, satisfied that I was not going to go crazy over this confession.

"Well, I knew about your occasional women, so you set me the good example there too. I didn't blame you, honey, not then nor now. And this account executive was handsome enough, too, really buff! He wasn't loveable, like you, but he had his ways! We had lunch, and then neither of us returned to work that afternoon. I almost didn't return here that evening, the sex was so great. A revelation! An eye-opener. And not only my eyes were opened! I could scarcely walk, he stretched me out so! God, he was hung like a horse! He fucked my pussy, my tits, my ass, over and over!" She paused, still studying my face, then she went on. "My mouth! I blew him of course! I was crazy about that love-stick by the time we got around to mouths! I sucked that cock all the way down my throat! When he came, I didn't taste any of it, I just felt my neck palpitate. But when he pulled out, I got a trace of spunk on my tongue, and it was soooo good! It's an acquired taste, as you now know, and I acquired it right then and there! From then on I had to have it. You understand. But not yours, because then you'd wonder why I'd suddenly gone ape over eating jism, wouldn't you? And what if yours wasn't as tasty? I didn't want to have to play act with you, ever! And of course I might not have gone ape over you. You're really so very small compared with what I need, honey!"

She waited. After a while I swallowed. Then I nodded.

"Understand me this way. I really know what I'm saying about that man being hung like a horse. A year later I'd had so many big men inside me I decided to try a horse, on a whim. A pony, anyhow. I was stretched enough by then to take him into me and feel real good about it. I sprawled high up on a pile of saddles, and he really did give my pussy the pounding of its life! I tried big dogs too. Lots of speed and drive -- your cunt can go crazy when a great Dane is vibrating his thing inside you. But then they take so long to disengage, and there's nothing to do but just lie there with them waiting for their knot to go down. And there's no afterplay, and they can't go again soon afterward the way real men can. Some men. Men are much better partners if they're well-equipped. You can hold on and steer them where you want them, and set up your own rhythms for them. I've used dogs to lick me out, they're great for that. But you're better!"

Then out it came. "Samantha, I maintain a whole stable of well-hung men now, my regulars, maybe a half-dozen all over town at any one time, really big men willing to drop everything and come whenever I call them. The office, here, a nearby motel, a car in a parking lot, anywhere! I call them pretty often. Some weeks I never do seem able to get enough."

I tried to swallow, but this time I couldn't!

"I guess I'm a sexual person" She smiled sweetly. What could I say? "And I bet you're wondering why I bother with you at all, a woman with my appetites and you for a husband!"

Why didn't I feel more humiliated? Why did she seem to be talking about someone else?

"Because I love you! The problem has been, how to keep you! Especially when you eventually found out about my taste in other men. Or other women. As Bruce told you, I like girls too. I make love to girls as often as I fuck men. Marcie, my secretary Maria, other girls at the office, other girls elsewhere altogether. You don't know most of them. But girls have a special feeling together that men don't know about and can't share. I feel so much more intimate with them! We feel very close, me and some of my girlfriends. I can really feel intensely passionate about a girl, if she strikes me as just the right kind of girl."

I nodded slowly, reluctantly. God, would it never end?

"While you were away on your sales trip a few weeks ago, I missed you. More than I've ever missed any of my studs, or any of my girlfriends. I wanted you the worst way! Not your body, of course. You! Just to be with you!"

I nodded. Were tears coming into my eyes again? What kind this time?

"And then it struck me! Like a thunderbolt! A blinding revelation! I was dumbfounded! I couldn't get any work done all that day, just turning it over and over and thinking through the implications! Absolutely marvelous! You know what my idea was?"

I shook my head. I hoped that didn't violate my code of silence.

"That you would make just the right kind of girl!"

I was utterly addled! She saw that I had drawn a blank.

"Maybe you didn't hear me, lover! Let me say it again. I can get intensely passionate when a girl strikes me as the right kind of girl!"

I began to understand now where she was going. Tendrils of curly hair on the back of my neck began to stand on end, or so it seemed. My crimson mouth opened in astonishment, and my darkened, fringed eyes opened even wider.

"You're the right kind now, darling! As my partner in life you're without peer or parallel, you're my dearest love! My only love! And now that you're a girl? Really and truly a girl -- you proved that with Bruce, repeatedly! Now that you're my sweet, feminine darling? You're perfect! Oh, come kiss me right now, my lovely sweetheart!"

I don't know why I should, I was thinking. Given everything she'd just confessed! Debbie'd betrayed me! She'd ridiculed me, at least my physique! She'd deceived me! For years she'd been a nympho with big cocks but frigid with mine! I was jealous! Wasn't I?

I stood up, and straightened my dress. She was holding her arms wide open to me! I didn't know how I'd respond, and it took me a moment to balance on my dress heels.

But then I moved forward and into those arms. She folded them so tenderly around me. Still wordless, I kissed her. Some of my fresh lipstick remained on her upper lip, so I tried to kiss it away. I nibbled on her lip, then some more! She kissed me back passionately, and closed on me, held me tight for the rest of her little speech -- I couldn't have gotten away if I had wanted to. But I didn't want to. She whispered the rest of it to me devotedly, adoringly, her eyes wide open and smiling into mine, our faces almost touching.

"As a man you do nothing for me, Sam. Oh, I've tried. But as you know only too well now, there's nothing! Before we were married I hoped I'd feel different afterward, and afterward I hoped my feelings would change. But there's nothing. There's never been anything. Neither attraction nor revulsion. Indifference, I'm afraid. It isn't your fault. That's how I feel about most other men too."

She paused. Her arms never eased.

"All but two kinds. One is the kind I've collected in my stable, men hung like horses. Studs with phenomenal endowments, huge pricks, strong backs, stamina! I can really get off with one of them over me or under me making me happy. Even just by thinking about it. Some of them are bigger than Bruce! Can you imagine?"

My face was just in front of hers, and she gave me a peck on the lips and then another, holding each kiss until I kissed her back. I realized that with every returned kiss I was sinking irretrievably into approval of everything she was talking about. Her infidelities, her sexual appetites, her betrayals. Her rejection of me as a man. But I couldn't help it! And she knew it. She kept staring into my eyes to remain aware of my every reaction, touching her lips to mine all through everything she then said, prolonging contact until I returned her ardor kiss for kiss. And despite everything, we both began to grow warm. I reached for one of her breasts, and held it, and caressed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She sighed and melted a little. "You'll love yours too, I'm sure," she added. "I know you do already!"

Then she continued, "The other kind of man that turns me on is one I can control, ... manipulate into doing something that demeans him in his own eyes. Something humiliating. Psychologically castrating. Physically too! I love that feeling, the domination, the power. I've feminized several men already. My own boss is now a woman! Pussy and all! Men in bed with her and all! And so much happier!"

I couldn't say anything. I nodded.

"And now, look at you, sweetheart! While you were away a month ago, I realized that if I could turn you into a girl with a certain feeling for men, with a feeling like mine, I could get very passionate about you. We could have the happiest marriage imaginable, souls and bodies joined in a perfect union!"

And she kissed me lovingly again, as if she had conferred on me an enormous compliment. She had! And I kissed her back the same way, now accepting her compliment! She seemed to smile her confession at me now. We were girl to girl, as if we were sharing a piece of dishy gossip about something she'd done to some other man somewhere else, someone who needed and deserved it. We were two bisexual women chatting in an amusedly superior way about a presumptuous and inadequate former guy named Sam!

"But I knew you'd never agree on your own! Never! Men's egos are so fragile, they're so afraid to seem effeminate. So I decided to begin with that tape about cock sucking, to see if I could talk you into sucking someone's cock. There's nothing more humiliating for a man, I'm sure! When I'm ready to dump one of my men, I'll often seduce him into servicing one of my newer men. For the old one it's a kiss off, just as you'd feared when you left Vita's. For the new one it's a test of his obedience to me, to see if he'll let a man blow him if tell him to. The old lover I never see again. I tell him I can't think of him as a man now that I know he sucks cock, goodbye. And it's true, I can't, sweetheart. When you agreed to suck Bruce's cock, way back, that's when you became less than a man in my eyes! But it didn't matter because by then you were on your way toward becoming more than a man! To becoming a girl! Because that was my plan! Because I still love you!"

"Anyhow, my new lover gets rewarded for letting another man suck him off, in ways he never forgets, I make sure of that. And then for a while he's my favorite.

"Bruce has been making moves on me for months, and one of his former girlfriends assured me he's the kind of man I like, so I decided to test him. Now he'll be my favorite for a while! He came through this past weekend very satisfactorily. He allowed the man I'm dumping to suck his cock! And he was willing to give my new girlfriend her first loving fuck." She looked pleased with herself. Then she went on.

"Do you understand now why I felt so blissful, so delighted, so passionate the morning you agreed to become my darling cock sucker? Because it meant we could stay together! Because it meant you were on your way, you'd soon become my kind of girl! I had to make love to you then! I wanted to! I had to reward you for agreeing to do it. But I also had to assure you and your fragile ego that it wouldn't matter, that you'd still be a man in my eyes despite your honoring my little request. Not true at all, but forgivable. I was overjoyed! Goodbye to my boring husband Sam, whom I could never again respect as a man. A man who services other men's penises? And an impassioned welcome to my gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, glorious girlfriend, my sweet Samantha!"

I realized I actually looked grateful to her when I heard her say that! There were tears in my eyes! I resented the deception, but my feelings were altogether at odds with my thoughts!

She knew my thoughts and my feelings! "I didn't want to deceive you about my sex life any longer. I wanted you to be my lover, my devoted, soft, beautiful, adoring and adored girlfriend and lover! My most intimate and beloved lover! You could never be that as a man! But that's what you are now! My passionate Samantha, free to love me and be loved by me but also free to satisfy men or be satisfied by them in any way she takes it into her pretty little head. My men or her own! Other women too! My complete love!"

With that Debbie stared deep into my eyes as if confirming to herself that I was indeed now what she had hoped. Satisfied, she closed her own eyes in rapt concentration. She wriggled her chest against mine, and the movement disengaged my hand from her breast.

"Time enough for that later, my love," she whispered. "Soon. Soon your little thing will stop rising altogether, and your nipples will complete their growth, and you'll find they more than substitute for your penis as erectile erogenous centers. Two for one! Another few weeks of milkshakes and they'll reach full plumpness. Then we can caress each other and suckle each other to our heart's content. And men can too if you wish! They'll want to! Soon!"

Her hand reached to stroke my hip, then to caress it, then to raise the hem of my dress until it found the elastic at the top of my panties. It squirreled its way underneath and took complete possession of my prick, her hand wrapped tightly around it as it plumped up. A little. Her other hand, I realized, had also reached under my dress and also had hold of my panties, and was now pulling them down. I returned one more lingering kiss, passionately. I was completely hers!

And she whispered to me in an intense hiss, "Already this thing doesn't really harden any more! Soon you won't care. Soon you'll want Sandra to give you something nicer down there for us to play with. For your men and your women to play with. But now, while it still matters to you, while you're still a little bit responsive, I want to keep my promise. Whenever you want it, while you still want it, Samantha, just ask me!"

Debbie sank down in front of me, pulling my panties down as she went. When she was on her knees and her beautiful head was just at the level of my crotch, she inclined the whole of my slack penis into her mouth and pulled on it with her lips. That was what I had once wanted. Her tongue licked it. It felt warm and wet, wonderful! That was all I had once wanted. But now? Slowly, deliberately, with artful dexterity, her eyes calmly gazing into mine, Debbie gave me the first and last blow job of the rest of my life.


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