What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking

What sissy doesn’t smile at the thought of having something hard firmly stroke her prostate? Whether being repeatedly pounded by a stiff, tube of man flesh or caressed by the warm, loving fingers of a partner, manipulating the “Sissy G Spot” is a surefire way to reduce your girlie boy into a quivering mass of simpering lust. My little sissy hole practically pulsates as I write this…

Sure, I really enjoy getting my ass jack hammered and copious amounts of my lover’s body fluids injected into my colon but deep anal penetration often doesn’t give the same G Spot experience the way direct manipulation does. Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking are really special and bring into my erotic play to a whole different level.

I expect that, when people read “Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking,” many people will be a bit confused. Most people think of Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking as being the same – and from a clinical standpoint, they are – but there are differences between the two when you use them for erotic play. With regards to erotic play, both techniques drain the prostate of its juices but one provides sexual pleasure while the other is concerned with orgasm control.

As you probably already know, the prostate is one of several glands in the male body involved with intercourse. The testicles produce sperm that mixes with fluids made by the prostate to produce cum – yummy, yummy cum. Since the prostate is so close to the rectum, it can be stimulated manually via the anus. Manually manipulating the prostate can cause it to release its fluid and when done correctly, can really affect your orgasm.

Massaging the prostate can be done to help bring about an intense, mind-blowing orgasm. This is why the prostate is often called the “Male G Spot.” One partner slips a finger or a toy up into the other partner’s anus to massage the prostate while also giving a hand job or a blow job. The combination of external and internal stimulation often results in stronger orgasms with more fluid ejaculated – a win-win for both partners! This approach to playing with the prostate usually is called “prostate massage.”

Like so many kinks, what turns me on isn’t always strictly physical. The emotional and/or psychological aspect of the kink is super important - and playing with my prostate is no different. “Prostate milking” is the term commonly used to refer to the erotic, non-orgasmic variant of prostate massage, especially between people who incorporate elements of orgasm control and/or chastity into their partnerships.

When done correctly, prostate milking can be used to drain the fluids from the prostate without triggering an orgasm. The act of draining one’s prostate while not orgasming can be an emotional experience. On the flip side, prostate milking can be used to trigger an orgasm without an erection. Orgasming from penetration only while you are flaccid can be life-altering. In either case, it is a tremendous mind fuck.

If you are a sissy like I am, there is a very special meaning to orgasming without having to get an erection. It can really do a job in your head about not being a real man. Some of my best orgasmic experiences have been when milked while being totally soft.

Then there is the whole D/s orgasm control aspect. This is not really orgasm denial as much as training the submissive to be able to orgasm in more than one way and under the control of the dominant but I'll have to write about this in a follow up post.

Like any skill, prostate milking is easy to try but takes a bit of practice to get good at. Since it involves sticking things inside one's body there are some risks involved so a certain amount of caution should be taken such as protective gloves, condoms, lube, etc. There are loads of pages on the Internet that give step by step instructions on prostate massage, these are mostly medically-oriented (see digital rectal exams). Only a few discuss the milking aspect to it in any great detail and hardly any do so with a sissy in mind. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit to be told, so I'll try to do so in follow up posts.

In the meantime, below is a t-gurl self-milker in chastity. Now this gurl knows how to milk! Yum!

Jennifer Milks Herself

If you can recommend a prostate play video or images, please send them along to me. You can either leave a comment with a link or send me an email as sarahstclaire@yahoo.com.


  1. "ogasming from penetration only while you are flaccid can be life-altering"

    Mmmm, you said it, hon. I always thought it was a myth or a fantasy, but I had my first proper sissy orgasm while limp a few weeks ago and it was heavenly.

  2. I agree. I was hard at first but I really can't remember the last time my clitty was hard when I came from being properly fucked.


  3. Life altering-yes! I'd agree. Feels so exquisite to be manipulated thusly.

  4. Hi I'm going to get my first penis chastity and I loved the video and I think I'm going to love to have orgasms without touching my new syssi clyti.

  5. I am a sissy but my mistress really enjoys watching me cum, because of this we have difficulty exploring our mutual chastity and milking fetish.

  6. Limp cumming while being penetrated is the ultimate feminine feeling for this sissy. Its the only natural way for a sissy to experience sex.

  7. I am a Board Certified Surgeon and I am extremely knowledgeable with both male and genetically female genitourinary anatomy.
    You have it spot on.
    I am also a deeply desirous Sissy/maggot! I keep my body shaved of ugly man hair. I have been shaving my balls, cock, ass and asshole very smoothly, for nearly 20 years. I've had the pleasure of helping t-gurls transition with hormone treatment and have even performed an orchiectomy on a gurl to facilitate her transition.
    I want to do nothing more than be ass fuc ked by a girl wearing a Strapon and by an alpha male shaved cock.
    Tour blog is excellent and like you, as I read it, my tiny sissy clitty, usually trapped in my leather chastity device making my cock tiny now, I am dripping sissy cum, and I no longer get hard. When I shave, I look and feel so smooth I get sissy precum dripping out the tip of my very soft, tiny clitty. My ass CRAVES something shoved deep inside me and my prostate gets rubbed when she pulls all the way out and shoves all 13" deep into my sissy asspussy!
    I absolutely live it, like you do! It's all I think about even when I'm in the O. R.!
    I live in St. Charles, MO. SO any St. Louis or St. Charles women or alpha males or gurls or sissies please contact me. I CRAVE my ass to be fucked!!