What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Six Months of Abnormal Perversions

On January 1st, "Abnormal Perversions of a Sissy" passed the six month mark. That got me thinking about my experiences writing this blog and how it has grown.

Although the first few months didn't draw much traffic, it started to take off in the Fall. Now the blog now has over 120 entries, some 230 followers and has had more than 300,000 page views. All this through word of mouth only. If should be interesting to see what the growth will be like during the next six months.

Writing a blog has been fun and kind of interesting for me but there are some things about it that surprise me. Like what topics people really respond to. There have been some posts that I have written think "Wow! People are really going to like this" only to discover that pretty much nobody gives them a glance. While some other posts I expect to get a moderate response but the page hits go through the roof.

Yes, some of this is explainable while I am still scratching my head about others. I suspect that some of the older posts didn't get much traffic because the blog was only a month or two old and people only looked at more recent posts. I also suspect that some of the topics are not everyone's cup of tea. That is OK. I am pretty much only writing about my own kinks and am really not writing about others. Still, I can't help but think that some of the new readers would enjoy some of the earlier entries, if only they read them.

With this in mind, I would like to invite readers of my blog to revisit some of my favorite past posts.

Forced Femme Stories: "Slumber Party Nightmare"
"Slumber Party Nightmare" is such a great Forced Femme story that it is worth mentioning again. It is one of the best that I have read, in no small part, because it is so short. It presses many of my buttons, such as hypnosis, drug induced changes, and bimboism.

I just Figured It Out
One of my earliest attempts at doing a captioned image. It was inspired by Transvestite Faggotry Addict, which had gone dark (thankfully, Betty came to her senses and resume this delicious blog).

Make Mine Tiny and Limp!
This entry discusses how when I see beautiful t-gurls with tiny members, I get so envious and want to be just like them.

Another one of my earlier captions, dealing with hypnosis. This one was inspired by Deborah Ford's wonderful story, When You Awake.

Captions: Nancy's Treatments
With the overwhelming success of the post showing the Sissy Art by Davina, when I found more images from this artist I was sure that people would respond well to them if I added captions.


If you have a favorite posting from this blog, I would love for you to tell us!


  1. Congratulations, Sarah!!
    i have been loving your blog for a while now!
    The Sissy art posting was lovely, and so are your captions - but lately my very favs have been your bimbo posts and your cocksucking posts!

    Have you considered a schoolgirl or maid series?
    Also - perhaps we might collaborate sometime? *blush*

  2. I definitely share your cum obsession, hon, so those have been some of my favourite posts:

    Creampies and Cum Cocktails was hot, and Drinking Cum is Good For Sissies was delicious, but my absolute favourite had to be Condom Fetishes. Wow!

    Happy 6-month anniversary - I'll gladly raise a glass of cum and toast to that!

  3. Thanks for the kind word! I really do appreciate the feedback from the two of you.

    Tommi, yes I have considered doing some things around schoolgirls and maids - I actually have a draft written for one and an outline of the other. Collaboration sounds fun. I'd love to find out what is in your dirty little mind!

    Heather, I am sooooo with you on the cum and condom kinks. Don't worry, there will be more jiz drooling in future posts! Te-he!

  4. ooo i can't wait to see your latest work Sarah!
    and by all means swing by my little blog and see what you think!