What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Video: Prostate Milking with Estim and Anal Probe

This is so hot! My sissy tongue twitches when I see all that delicious cream ooze into that shot glass! I've never tried estims, but I really want to!

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  1. Although I have used probes I am always anxious with regards to safety. This is true, I knew two friends of mine who were experimenting and things got out of hand in the heat of the moment and suffice to say one ended up in hospital with the other holding his hand while telling the nurse with embarrasment what the problem was. It had disappeared and had to be surgically removed.
    Anal probes should be carefully selected bondage and toy shop uk
    Always try to find probes that are a fit for you and if you are a novice start small to see if you even enjoy it. There are many probes out there including vibrating types, (finger probes which might be a good one to start with, but be careful how far you go with these as they are small), flexis etc. Once you get into it you will find it a very pleasurable experience, the unsung extra g spot.


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