What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Kind Of Sissy Am I?

I am a sissy. Yes, a sissy. For many years I was embarrassed by this and never admitted it to anyone - including myself. It took me many years to understand what being a sissy really was and even longer to appreciate being one.

Now, I am really quite happy that I am a sissy. Why? Simple, it brings me a lot of happiness and fun. But before I get into why it makes me happy to be a sissy, I want to mention what kind of sissy I am. It may not have occurred to you before that there is more than one kind of sissy but there are. Let me explain...

Words, for the most part, are defined by how people use them. "Gay" used to mean "happy" but became a euphemism for "homosexual" and eventually became defined as "homosexual." It is no surprise that the word "sissy" had a similar evolution. 

The word "sissy" goes back at least to the early 1800s when it was a considered a variation of the word "sister." It was a common, affectionate nickname for a female sibling. It was also a nickname given to a girl by others that she has cared for or behaved sisterly towards. The nickname implies that the girl is a sister or is regarded as such by family and friends. Because the word was associated with girls, it started to be used as meaning "like a girl" or "very girlie." Some woman who acted very feminine were sometimes called "sissy", very much in the way we use the term "girlie girl" today. By the 1880s, sissy was being used to mean "an effeminate man." For many years, people assumed that gay men were effeminate so "sissy" was often used instead of "homosexual" although this usage has somewhat faded recently. Another usage that stemmed from meaning "like a girl" was to use sissy to describe someone who was timid or weak like a stereotype of a very young girl. This usage eventually broadened to mean not just timid and weak but also cowardly.

Today, the most common usages are:

1) a timid or cowardly person
2) someone who behaves like a young female child
3) an effeminate boy or man

4) a "girlie girl"

I don't see myself as timid or cowardly, so I don't think that I fit into this first category.  There are a sizable percentage of people who see themselves as sissies who really behave like female children, and often as female infants or toddlers. While I can appreciate just how fun some of the outfits of these adult "babies" or "toddlers", it feels a bit too much like child molestation for me to feel comfortable with personally. Needless to say, I don't view myself as being in this second category.  Although I was born with male genitals, I try not see myself as a man so the next usage doesn't really fit me - but I understand how easily I can be seen as an effeminate man. That leaves the "girlie girl" usage. 

I’m a girly girl. There’s no point in denying it. Have been for a very long time. I was trying on mom’s shoes, bras and jewelry at the age of five. I love love love dresses, skirts, killer heels, makeup, pantyhose, big hair, and long painted finger nails.  Squeeze me into a corset, drop me in a ballgown with a hoop skirt, and tease my hair into a beehive and I am in heaven!

I embrace the idea of being a "girly girl." I love all things feminine. I adore being feminine. I find tremendous satisfaction in doing "feminine things" and being in "feminine roles." I find great joy in interacting in feminine ways and being treated as a feminine person. I feel feminine. I want to be extremely feminine: to bathe in femininity; to exude the feminine; to live in femininity. Not surprisingly, I want to purge all things masculine from myself and my personality which would place more emphasis on my femininity. 

I am a girlie girl who just happened to have been with male bits between their legs. I find joy and comfort in hyper-femininity. It feels right for me and it is really fun!

If I am a sissy, does that mean that there is something wrong with me? No. Just because I strive for the hyper-feminine does not mean that I am perverted or kinky. Sure, I readily admit to having some pretty interesting kinks and perversions, but someone is not automatically a pervert or is kinky just because they embrace femininity. Yea, my femininity does influence some of my kinks but that is a far cry from some bible-thumping bigot proclaiming that I am evil because I am sissy. 

Nor should I be considered mentally ill. I am not some sociopath who lacks moral responsibility or social conscience nor do I suffer from "gender dysphoria" because of my femininity. If anything, I better appreciate social justice because of my gender situation and I find joy in being feminine rather than suffer any sort of dysphoria because of it.

Is being a sissy misogynistic? No, not at all. Just the opposite... if I hated, disliked, or distrusted women then why would I admire them and want to be one?

Is this masochistic? No, because I do not find it demeaning to be feminine and not be masculine.  I respond very well to things that reinforce my femininity. I love it when I am treated as a woman, when my femininity gets noticed, and when I am reminded that I am not masculine. 

I will admit that I do have a bit of a masochist streak in me so I do sometime get a thrill from being reminded that I was a failure as a man. Still, being a sissy is not defined by having a submissive streak.

I am a sissy. I am a sissy in the hyper-feminine, girlie girl sense of the word. I love being feminine, I love being a girlie girl, and I love being a sissy. I love the primping and preening. I love clothes and the wide variety of styles. I love the makeup and the creativity that makeup allows. I love treating myself to a beauty salon. I love seeing may finger with long, polished nails and I adore having my nails done. I love having doors held open for me and I love the admiring eyes of men. I love moving like a woman. I love dancing like a woman. I love going to the parties and banquets where you can dress to the nines and be with others who appreciate looking this way. Being feminine is fun. Being really feminine is extra fun. That is why I enjoy being a sissy.

Thank heavens that I am a sissy!


  1. Honey, being a sissy, at least for me, is all about being a painted, hyper-femme, submissive object of desire. It's the feel of a man's hand as he reaches into my panties, or as he puts me on my knees.

    It's the hypersubmission to a real woman who commands my obedience and service.

    A failure as a man? Oh, yes. C'est moi. Thank goodness our sissified nature has given us the opportunity to truly live...

  2. Wow! Such an articulate and comprehensive expression! Luv your blog and can say that much of your post resonates, for sure.


  3. Great to read about someone with sissy 'pride'! Better than the tormented, self-hating tales of degradation that make up most sissy blog postings. A sissy who sounds healthy, sane and accepting of her true self is a long overdue development. Wonderful!

  4. Well stated. And thanks! I see a lot of myself in how you wrote about yourself, just haven't articulated it as clearly as you have done. I feel a bit more liberated.

  5. this is one of the most inspirational blogs that i have read on any topic. thank you so much for committing to write these and I hope you continue to do so for the sake of humanity!

  6. Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement! I really appreciate it. I love being a sissy and I am so delighted that my blog is connecting with others.

  7. I think masochism is essentially tied in with femininity for autogynephiliacs. Myself, I am sure the self-conscious trauma of my childhood femininity has fetishized itself as a sort of coping mechanism.


  8. i want to be that sissy

  9. It's like you wrote that about me; I love it!! Life would be so boring without our femininity, wouldn't it? Well done girl!