What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I love anal play. I adore it. Since I am a “catcher” rather than a “pitcher” I have experienced a lot of things stretching my bottom and some of those things have been kind of big. So big that my quivering little asshole, shall we say, got kind of loose. Like any flabby muscle, you can get it back into shape through anal exercise. Anal exercises? Yep. I call these exercises "analrobics."

You may have heard about women doing Kegal excercises to strengthen the muscles around their vaginas. These exercises take their name from the late Arnold H. Kegel, M.D. who showed that, in women who infrequently or never achieved orgasm through intercourse, a series of exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor would dramatically increase orgasmic response. Yea, for Dr. Kegel!
Believe it or not, strengthening these muscles will benefit almost anyone's sex life, regardless of the presence of a vagina. These muscles, called the pubococcygeous (PCG) muscles, surround both the male and female genitalia and anal regions. The muscles spasm during orgasm in both sexes and they are a major player in the production of anal orgasms. This is because this muscle group is full of nerve receptors that become increasingly aroused by the sensations of anal penetration. Bingo! These exercises are also said to help with premature ejaculation.

To build up tone in the PCG muscles, practice this exercise at least twice a day. Sit on the toilet to pee. As soon as you get a good stream of urine flowing, stop the flow. You just contracted your PCG muscles! Now, start again and stop the flow. Work your way up to twenty interruptions in one sitting, then thirty. By that point, you should be able to contract it at will whether peeing or not.

The result will be tighter, firmer holes with much greater control that both you and your partner will appreciate! As an added bonus, you can use these contractions to massage your lover's cock while they are penetrating you!


  1. what a beautiful gape, my Daddy says the contractions he feels when he's balls deep in my asshole and I'm being throatfucked by multiple men are the best

  2. In this arsehole I would become quite deep sometimes quite deeply in...!

  3. I agree with the other two, that gape was nice. I also enjoyed those piss pic two.