What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Armpits... Beautiful Aromatic Armpits

I accept that I am a perverted sissy with fetishes that make the bible-thumping Baptist wince. One of these delicious fetishes has to do with armpits. I am obsessed with them. Their look, their feel and especially their smell. If you want to put this sissy into a lust-filled craze, lift your arm and push my face into your armpit.

Armpits are truly one of the best places to smell your lover. You can really appreciate a person's individual scent by their armpit, especially when they skip using an antiperspirant or deodorant.

The only real caveat to this is that I don't appreciate as much armpits that have not been washed for a long time. To me, an armpit smells the best a number of hours after it has been washed. How long after a wash depends upon the person, what they do, how hot it is and what they are wearing. It should be long enough for the person's natural aroma to develop but not so long as have allowed bacteria to ferment.

Have you ever had a deep inhale of someone that has been dancing for a while? Oh! I love going to clubs if nothing more than for the wonderful smells. All those hunky guys going topless and those young girls showing all that skin! 

Smelling the musky of a really studly guy makes me feel so feminine. The scent of a woman's pits can absolute bliss for me and I swear that I can almost tell if a woman is about to ovulate just by her underarms.


I especially adore silky smooth, hairless armpits - on either guys or girls. I highly recommend having electrolysis to remove armpit hair so that they can stay hair-free always and avoid irritating razor stubble. I have used an epilator on my pits but that can be really painful until the hair is trimmed very short and you only do a little at a time.

Hilary Duff, in my opinion, has wonderful armpits - almost flawless. Considering how often you see Hilary flash her pits, I suspect that she knows just how much of an assets her underarms are. Victoria Beckham is another woman with a sexy pairs of pits. That may have been one reason why she ended up being David Beckham’s trophy wife because it certainly wasn't because of her singing skills. 

I am sure that this armpit obsession has something to do with the shot of pheromones one gets from these luscious pits. All that I can tell you is that I become a bitch in heat because of them!



  1. do lik to lick my mistresses armpit,esp when there is just a little hair and after she sweats alittle, very humiliating and nasty

  2. if I looked thus as a Crossdresser, I would be a superstar.
    I envy these Penis-Girls, they are the most sharp gender. I love this sight!

  3. Yeah, smelling a sweetly pungent armpit is like mainlining pure sensuality.

  4. nothing tastes better than a sweaty armpit