What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ass Smoothies

This is one of the most twisted, yet compelling, perv sites that I have come across. Ass Smoothie is all about bimbos and ass-to-mouth felching. 

Using a blender, fruit, milk and some juice, the bimbo first makes a smoothie. 

Next, a speculum is used to gape her asshole so that the smoothie can be poured directly into her bowels. 

Once she is completely filled, the bimbo gets squats to squirts the contents of her ass into a glass, making the "ass smoothie." 

But what comes next is the most disturbing part - she then gulps down the ass smoothie!

After seeing these images, I bet  the next time you see a hot young woman sipping on frosted, fruit-blended drink that your mind will wonder a bit...

While I really like the idea of drinking directly from the orifice of a sexy, young bimbo, I think that I would want to drink anything that came directly out of my own ass. Also, I think that I'd prefer drink from a vagina than a colon. Just call me picky.



  1. Yea, this is definitely filed under WTF. My initial thought was OK they must be doing some editing on the videos. Perhaps?

    But I second your thoughts on "the next time you see a hot young woman sipping on frosted, fruit-blended drink" Margarita's anyone?


  2. I think it would be wonderful to be filled with smoothie, but It would take a very charismatic guy to convince me to gulp it down.


  3. Now, I've eaten cum from a frothy asshole before...but I'd eat cum anywhere.

  4. Daddy and two of his friends made me squeeze out my creampie and drink it- it was so humiliating and so hot

  5. Perfectly! I find something like that absolutely first-class! Does there not present itself then also something, where several girls mutually vollspritzen? I would see something like that with pleasure sometimes!

  6. would love to drink such cocktail ^^