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What's Your Perversion?
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Behaving Like A Bimbo

It is often said that ”Bimbo” is short for 'body impressive brain optional.' While the brainpower of the average bimbo may not be her strongest attribute, being a bimbo is not just about looking good. Bimboism is more about attitude than appearance.

First of all, a lot of how a bimbo behaves will depend upon how their partner wants them to behave. If your partner wants you now to be a quiet, smiling piece of fluff on his arm, be the best quiet, smiling piece of fluff ever. If your partner wants you to be a little girlie girl in ribbons and bows then that is what you want most in the entire world! While your partner’s desires will greatly influence your behavior, there are loads of other things that you can do really behave like a better bimbo.

Like I said before, attitude plays a really big part in being a better bimbo. If you have a partner then it is important to realize that they are doing you a tremendous favor my molding you into what they desire. Make sure that you show your appreciation and thank them a lot! Frequently tell them how important it is to you to be what they want you to be. Tell them how special they are to you and how grateful you are to them. Part of being a bimbo is showing your heartfelt gratitude to others for helping you become something special!

A carefree, positive attitude is super-duper important. You have to be that perky, upbeat cheerleader! You have to be the girl that is fun to be with and brings a sparkle to every occasion. The better bimbo knows the power that a smile has to make others smile and she knows that laughter is contagious. That is why you should smile and giggle a lot! Try to avoid serious topics like politics or religion. Try to focus on fun things, sexy things, girlie things… The better bimbo lets people know how much fun she is and how much fun it is to be with her!

Another thing to remember is that, as bimbos, people expect us to swim in the shallow end of the IQ pool. This does not mean that a bimbo really is stupid or gullible – it is just that bimbos never flaunt just how really, super smart they are. Trying to show people how smart you are often can be seen as arrogant or intimidating. Nobody likes a stuck up bitch. Instead, the better bimbo downplays her own intelligence so she can make others feel comfortable and appreciated.

Why is it that the stereotype of a bimbo has her chewing on gum, twirling her hair with her fingers, and saying each sentence as if it was a question? It is because it is child-like and therefore innocent, non-threatening and cute! Being a bit child-like will often bring out certain parental instincts in others and make you seem even more fun! Be bouncy and bubbly. Check out movies like “Clueless,” “Legally Blonde” and even Chelsea from “That’s So Raven” for some interesting examples of childlike innocence. You may even find it helpful to pitch your voice a little higher - but keep any lisp or baby talk in the bedroom and only if it turns on your partner. When in doubt, being child-like is often good for the better bimbo. Sure, it will reinforce peoples’ opinion that you are just a ditz, but they will still love you for it.

This leads into the larger topic of charm and seduction. Charm is all about influence. Charm is about the power of pleasing and seduction is about the power of attracting. When you charm someone, you make them aware that you feel good about them and enjoy their company. When you seduce them, you make yourself desired by them. The tools used include your body, your mind, and the people you are charming but the tricks that you use to charm and seduce depend upon the setting. In other words, what you do in the bedroom will be different from what you do in public.

In public, there are so many things that you can do to charm and seduce. The first of these is looking hot. You can’t charm or seduce anyone until you get noticed - so dress to impress. When in doubt, dress more revealing but don’t try to look like an outright slut unless you are going clubbing. When you walk, walk to get noticed. The main reason for a bimbo to walk is not to go somewhere – it is to attract attention. A bimbo walks to pique the interest of others so swing your hips when you move, always stand tall, and act like you are beautiful and popular… because, of course, you are beautiful and popular.

Either in public or in private, being able to have a great conversation with is a must-have skill for the aspiring bimbo. So much of charm and seduction comes from talking and from listening. The better bimbo understands the importance of connecting with the other person’s emotions and responding with empathy for those feelings.

A lot of what you do to seduce and charm is through body language. These actions often get noticed unconsciously and make a big impact emotionally. One key charming gesture is making eye contact. Eyes are super important so it always pays to make sure that your eye makeup is perfect! Your hair is also key. Long, flowing hair has always been a sign of feminine health and sexuality so try tossing your hair and you’ll be using body language to say "look at me and my femininity!" Also, by lifting your hair to expose your neck - a well known erogenous zone - you are demonstrating submissiveness. Other gestures include tilting the head, exposing upturned wrists, stroking yourself or objects, and dangling your shoe. Mirroring can also be really effective. Very subtly, do whatever your partner does. If they lean forward, so do you. If they sips their drink, you should do the same. This technique will make them feel like you two are on the same level and in the same mood. In a later post, I’ll get into body language in much more detail, but just realize that it is a big, important topic for the better bimbo.

In the bedroom, things can require a different spin. The goal for you, my bimbo friend, is to make sure that your partner has an Earth-shattering sexual experience that will keep them coming back for more.

A good part of your success will depend upon what you do prior to getting in that bad. Sexual tension makes for a better climax so make sure that you can be a good tease. One great way of teasing is by being a great kisser - not a good kisser, but a great kisser. There is nothing like French kissing and a bit of dry humping in a semi-public place to raise your partner’s body temperature! There are lots and lots of advice columns on kissing so I won’t delve into that here. The one thing that is truly important when it comes to kissing is making sure that you banish bad breath. Always keep one of those travel toothbrushes with you and a travel size bottle of mouthwash. Don’t rely upon mints… they just make foul breath smell like minty foul breath.

Do not be afraid to tease by whispering sweet nothings in your lover’s ears. Sometimes, these sweet nothings should be dirty somethings. Try reaching under the table at the restaurant, slip your and between your partners legs and whisper into their ear something that you plan on doing later on in the bedroom. If you are not together, try a bit of naughty text messaging or a hot voicemail message.

Teasing is wonderful leading up to things but once your partner initiates sex, you should be responsive. There is an old expression that the best female sex partner is “a lady on the arm but a whore in the bedroom.” For the better bimbo, it is more like “a trophy wife on the arm and a whore in the bedroom.” Either way, you should be a whore in the bedroom! Once in the bedroom, sex for the bimbo is easy: you are there to worship your lover’s body. If your lover is a guy, you are there for him to pump his cum into you. If your partner is a woman then you should be giving her as many “O”s as possible. Only after they are satisfied should you even consider cumming yourself. Why? Simple! You are much more enthusiastic and eager to please before you cum. Why do you think chastity devices are so much fun?
Be really touchy-feeling and don’t be afraid to be aggressive. I am not saying that you need to get rough (unless your partner likes that), but you should be enthusiastic! Don’t just lay there – move that body of yours! Use your hands to explore your partner’s skin. Gently hold his ears in your fingertips as you kiss. Caress their ass and don’t be afraid to slip in a finger or two (or three or four). Learn to give a great hand job and become an expert at giving oral.

Aren’t you turned on by someone being turned on by you? For a bimbofied sissy, this is a huge turn on. Make sure that your lover knows how hot they are getting you. Tell them with your words, tell them with your moans, and tell them with your body. Thank them for allowing you to please them. 

Really ramp up the communication – tell them what makes you feel good and make sure to ask them the same. Let go of any inhibitions and let your lover know your deepest, most perverted kinks or things that you would like to experiment with. Perhaps the two of you could try a little bondage, enema fun, or play naughty gynocologist!

Learn your lover's fantasies and play to them. If they don't open up right away, you might plant the seeds of some perverted fun that might one day blossom. You might wish to say that you would like to have sex with them and one of your girlfriends or ask if your lover ever considered a gangbang with you, their friends, and some other sissies. You might not ever go through with such ideas but you could always play act the scene!

When your partner’s climax comes, eagerly consume whatever bodily fluids they offer. As you eagerly gulp these down, make certain that you gaze lovingly and appreciatively up into their eyes. And it is super important that you swallow!

So how should the better bimbo behave? However their partner wants! If you don’t yet have a partner and want to attract one or you just want to be the best companion for your partner, there are things that you can do to behave as the better bimbo. First, always be appreciative of others and show this appreciation. Have a carefree, positive attitude and show people how much fun it is to be you and how much fun it is to be with you. Smile, giggle and be bouncy, bubbly and cute! Stand tall and proud that you are beautiful, popular, desired by men and admired by women. The better bimbo uses her skills to charm and seduce people in a bunch of ways including her conversational skills and body language. She can be a tease but she teases only to please her partner. The better bimbo behaves like a whore in the bedroom and shows her appreciation to her lover for letting be that whore.

In short, the better bimbo behaves in ways that pleases others and she uses her mind and her body to do just that.

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  1. I am definitely turned on by someone being turned on by me. And it's that mindset that usually decides what outfit I wear. And when he says- "Why don't you wear that red dress tonight"-you can bet I'll be in it!