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What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Piercings for the Bimbo

If you are a sissy with aspirations of becoming a bimbo, 
you need to get some more holes!

First of all, do your ears. Every bimbo needs to wear earrings. Remember, part of being a better bimbo is being seen and to be seen you need to get noticed. Earrings are a great way to draw attention to yourself.

A good bimbo has at least two holes in each lobe and three is better. Put a sparkling stud in one hole (te-he, I just thought of another way to read that!) and a big hoop earring in the other for a good bimbo look. This works especially well when the hoops are really big.

I recommend getting one or two more piercings on the top or back of the ear. I don't recommend getting more than four or five in each ear. If you do, you'll probably come across less like a bimbo and more like a piercing fetishist.

Next up for the better bimbo is the belly piercing. 
Yea, these look best when you have a really flat, tone tummy but regardless of how fit you are, having something dangle from your navel tells the world 
"Hey! Look at me!"

 Considering that a bimbo should be an expert at providing oral pleasures, getting her tongue pierced is almost a mandate. What I like the most about pierced tongues is that it is announcing to the world:
"Hey! I do my best to give great head and I want you to know that!"

If you have a pierced tongue and you really want to give your lover a real treat, 
14g Vibrating Barbell Tongue Ring Body Piercing Jewelry

How about some nipple jewelry? Of course! 
What sissy girl wouldn't want to people another reason to stare at her breasts?

While not necessarily jewelry for pierced nipples, shields can be really fun. These became much more popular after a certain Super Bowl Halftime Show... 

The convenient thing about these shields is that they don't require that your nipple be pierced.

What about genital piercing? For those girls who have a labia or clitoris to pierce, I say go for it! If you have "boy bits" that is used for penetration, having piercings may not be the best thing. Between the cleanliness aspect to the risk of tearing, I am not personally up for it. Still, I can see myself getting a piercing on the bottom of my sissy sac or between the sac and my sissy hole...

Some people really get into the whole piercing scene and get noses, eyebrows, eyelids, lips, or other body parts. Some people just get a zillion piercings in the ear or some other body part... While there is nothing wrong with any of this, having too many piercings might make you look less like a bimbo and more "alternative." While I do enjoy the alternative look, I want to make super sure people to say "Bimbo!" when they see me!

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  1. Are their any non sissy women out there who have long perky nipples that are hard enough to penetrate my penis's urethra? Floppy nipples won't work and I'd really love to cum for you!