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What's Your Perversion?
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Being A Better Bimbo: Walk Like A Bimbo

In an earlier post, we discussed shoes for the better bimbo but wearing the right shoe is only part of the story. It is an absolutely necessity for a bimbo to learn how to walk well in high heels. If she does not then she will end up sitting a lot and that will make it harder for people to see her – and her shoes!

I can’t stress enough how important presentation is to the better bimbo. I'll say this again and again: part of being a bimbo is being seen and another part of being a bimbo is being seen as a bimbo. The main reason for a bimbo to walk is not to go somewhere – it is to attract attention. A bimbo walks to pique men’s interest and to get the appreciation from other women for the fine job that you are doing as a bimbo.

With this goal in mind, you make sure that presentable as you walk. You need to walk the fine line (pun intended) between looking provocative and looking like a whore. When in doubt, lean towards looking like a whore. Of course, you should always wear heels. Most likely, you will be wearing something that shows off your shapely legs so make sure that what you are wearing stockings or pantyhose. Seamed stockings are generally the best but textured tights can also work well. Since part of the reason for wearing heels is to make your backside look more noticeable, it is always advisable to wear something accentuates your ass. A miniskirt that flashes a bit is always the most provocative, but you do need to consider what is appropriate for you and the situation.

Once you are dressed properly, you can start walking.

When you walk, do so slowly so that the click-click-click of your heels can be heard and help get you noticed. Remember, your aim is to draw attention to yourself and you would not be giving much of a show if you raced by.

Make sure that you have that right wiggle to your bottom when you are walking. You can’t wiggle well if you walk too quickly, so there is another reason to take it slow. One great way to improve the sway in your walk is to invest in a butt plug. It will help you wiggle, help keep your mind on sex, and remind you that you are walking for him, not you bimbo! Te-he!

When you walk correctly, you should hear a click-click-click of the shoes rather than a clomp-clomp-clomp. There is nothing that will kill the femininity of a bimbo better than sounding like a truck driver stomping around. Take small steps since your gait will be naturally shorter as the heels get higher.

Some people will tell you to walk with a “heel to toe motion” while others swear that you should always "walk on the balls of your feet." It is easier to balance if you step heel first than if you put your whole foot down at once or put your toes down first but you will risk breaking a heel. Eventually, you should master walking both ways but when you first start out, just walk the way that makes you look the best.

When wearing high heels, you are pushed forward and up, so in order to walk properly in heels, good posture is necessary. You should walk tall, with your shoulders back, boobs out and your head up. Not only will good posture help you walk better, heels work your calf muscles making them more tone and better looking.

You should place your one foot in front of the other, almost as if you were walking on a line. Many sissies will try to walk just like the girls you see on the runway of a fashion show. Don’t. These girls have overly long, overly exaggerated walks that look silly anywhere other than on a catwalk. Plus, these girls are runway models not bimbos, so what they want to get out of walking is different than you! This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a few things from runways models. Anastassia Khozissova has a decent video on modelinia.com that may be worth checking out. Just remember - she is a super model and you are a sissy.

When walking, keep your body movement lose but controlled. You don't want to swing your arms up and down like a jogger in your sexy pumps. A good sissy will keep her elbows close to the waist and have her wrists forward in a submissive gesture or let your wrists hang down limply. Most importantly, be relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to keep your balance. Just keep thinking of all the people watching your sissy ass sway and how much they admire you because of it!

Watch how other girls walk – but not just any girl. Most girls are not bimbos so they haven’t made the proper effort to walk seductively. Watch the really good looking girls. The best girls to learn from are the girls that look like bimbos. While they might look pretty and well dressed, don't spend too much time trying to learn how to walk from a career business women, especially if they are found in a financial district. Business women are often caught up in the male dominated business world so much that they start walking and moving like men. These are no role models for the better bimbo! Instead, keep an eye out for the upscale lady coming out of some upscale fashion store.

It is important to learn what surfaces you can walk on and which surfaces to avoid. Carpeting is often the best surface to walk on. Avoid walking on ice, slush, mud, grass, sand, gravel, or any surface on which you can slip or sink. Be careful of cobblestone sidewalks and avoid walking on grates and manhole covers. I have ruined too many heels by having them sink in a gravel driveway or had them snap on a loose brick walkway.
Practice going up and down stairs. When going down stairs, always hold onto a railing. If the stairs have narrow steps, walk sideways to avoid a tumble and to balance yourself better. Plus, if you hold onto a rail, you can better swing your hips to show off your round ass.

If you have new shoes, don’t wear them too long the first time. You should break them in first. I have often put on a pair of socks before slipping on new heels and walking around the house with them for a few hours to help break them in. Also, don’t be afraid to put a few Band-Aids on the back of your heel and on your pinky and big toes before going out. A friend of mine who runs marathons told me about Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit.

If your shoe rubs you the wrong way and you want to help avoid a blister, use these cushioning bandages on your foot where the shoes before your skin gets damaged. Sometimes my heels show enough skins that I can’t wear these cushions so I use New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage Spray 1 fl oz (28 g) instead.

Remember to practice, practice, practice! You should practice all the time until these movements become easy and natural. It is super useful to practice in front of mirrors to you can see how you look. Better yet, use your web cam to video yourself walking, sitting down, getting up, walking again, bending over to pick up something, walking more, moving a chair, etc.

Finally, always keep in mind that “I want to be the better bimbo.” Be the bimbo. Present yourself as the bimbo. Think of yourself as the better bimbo and smile!

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