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What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Dress Like a Stripper/Exotic Dancer

This is something that I found at www.platinumbarbies.com that I though would be interesting to all of my sissy and bimbo friends. Enjoy!


panama city beach florida stripper
This manual puts into deep detail how to look like an EXOTIC DANCER as an everyday look. it can also be used as a DIY Manual for women who are new to the “Dancer” world.


Step 1- Make sure you have a very healthy, fit, tight, toned and tanned body; this is the ultimate stripper body!!!

Step 2- Wear really tight fitting very revealing clothes (example: white-wash low rise jeans with frayed holes all down the legs, g-strings, and tight little shirts with sexually suggestive slogans and pictures).

Step 3- Grab a pair of scissors or a steak knife and start cutting and fraying large horizontal slits in the fabric (from your thighs to just a little below your knees).

Step 4- Invest in (lacy) black, red, or pink push up bras with matching thong or G-string, large gold or silver hoop earrings, and platform heels 4 inches or higher, and clear plastic if possible).

Step 5- Get your nose pierced on one side with a diamond stud or a little silver hoop (a lot of strippers have their nose pierced). Also if you would like to do so, get your belly button pierced too.

Step 6- Get a tribal tattoo on your lower back (this is very sexy)!

Step 7- Wear bangle bracelets. Buy a bunch of metal gold or silver bangle bracelets. Wear them all at once on both arms.

Step 8- Make your eyebrows fairly short, arched, tapered at the ends, and mega thin. The thinner the better!

Step 9- Wear a super sparkly anklet.

Step 10- Put on white eyeliner(just on your top lids), and fake lashes with black mascara. Or put on shimmery baby blue eyeshadow(just on your top lids), and fake lashes with black mascara.

Step 11- Wear pink or nude colored plumping lip gloss.

Step 12- Wear thong underwear, but have the back of the thong come above the back of your jeans.

Step 13- Wear long fake nails with white square French tips or long, full-cover oval nails that are painted black(to look like cat claws)!

Step 14- Wear hot sexy clothes (example: a tiny schoolgirl uniform with your hair up in pigtails, with your thong or G-string above your skirt. Or a longsleeve white, pink, or black fishnet shirt with the thumbhole, with a pink, white, red, blue or black bra under it with a pair of black PVC hot pants, and knee high platform boots.


  • Wear your jeans really low in the back, so that the back of your thong is exposed.
  • Try to put your make-up on more heavily than normal as it is dark inside most clubs and everyday makeup will not be visible.
  • Wear heaps of fake tan. All strippers wear fake tan so their skin looks even, it’s also very slimming.


  • Do NOT dress this way unless you are over 18!
  • You will be stared at by lot of men. Some of them WILL be creepy and some may even mean you harm. So when you are dressed like this, always keep your guard up and be alert at all times. Maybe learn karate or take a self-defense class.
  • Some forms of male attention can be quite rude, so don’t wear your heart on your sleeve!

Things You’ll Need

  • bleaching kit for your hair and black hair dye
  • lots and lots of fake tanner
  • skin tight “low rider” style jeans, and short shirts
  • G-strings
  • lacy bras
  • High heels (4+ inches)
  • makeup
  • fake nails
  • hair extensions or clip-on fake hair
  • scissors or a knife(to cut the clothing)
  • cell phone(to call if you need help)

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