What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Orgasm Control and the Sissy

Orgasm control, also known as "edging," "peaking," and "surfing", is used to keep your partner sexually aroused for an extended period of time without reaching orgasm. The goal is to provide a more intense experience in the end because of the period of sexual frustration.

Serious orgasm control is much more than just physical manipulation - there is an emotional and psychological aspect to it. From this sissy's point of view, the most important factor of orgasm control is the psychological impact of being fully controlled by a dominant.

It is quite common for a sissy to be locked in a chastity device in order to prevent them from getting any sexual relief from their clitty. The basic idea behind the chastity device is fairly simple: prevent the sissy from achieving an erection and therefore reaching climax. However, unlike erectile dysfunction and castration, most chastity devices allow for the wearer to attempt to get an erection but the confinement prevents it from happening. The end-result is a state of extreme sexual frustration, and in some cases heightened sensitivity in other parts of the body.

The key holder of the chastity device will often tease the sissy to heighten the sexual tension and this teasing can often include such things as having the sissy perform oral sex, penetrating the sissy anally, milking the sissy’s prostate (the “Sissy G Spot”), watch her partner masturbate or engage in other sexual activities – anything the arouse the sissy.

Like a good movie or play, there are ebbs and flows of tension. When the dominant senses that the sissy is getting close to an orgasm, they will often do things to lessen the arousal of the sissy. This could be simply halting things for a minute or two, applying an ice bag, etc. When the sissy has calmed down enough, the dominant will again increase the sissy’s arousal. For a dominant to be really good with this, they needs to really know the sissy and when the dominant is really good with this, the sissy rides a rollercoaster of eroticism.

Often, during the periods of denial, the sissy becomes quite eager to please the dominant. In such a vulnerable state, they can become helpless and easily manipulated. Some sissies mention the “feeling of devotion and total closeness” and that they would do anything for their dominant. These sissies consider such experiences a positive in their relationships with their dominants. This is often the true goal of orgasm control.

Eventually, one of two things happen: the sissy is allowed to climax or the sissy is kept in denial. Except for the serious D/s couples, the majority of times the sissy is allowed to climax – although it may take days or weeks. If the sissy does not reach orgasm after an extended period of arousal, it is called “erotic sexual denial.”

The chastity device is removed and the sissy’s clit erupts in a spray of juice.

In either case, the goal is the physical manipulation of the sissy to keep her “on edge” to either produce a bigger orgasm, instill an emotional response, or both.


  1. Oh Sarah,

    with all these very hot and most expedient posts your blog is definitely one of the best sissy services all around! Cocksucking, analrobics, bimbofication, humiliaton and now orgasm control ... there is really no substantial subject of true sissyness and devotion you are not dealing with in an obvious very qualified way.

    So this time this little sissy has to confess that she as well is one of these sissies who use to sense the "feeling of devotion and total closeness" because of a strict orgasm control. And yes, she really would love to do literally everything if 'her' Mistress would have any demand...!

    Thank you for your marvelous blog,
    your devoted sissy moan

  2. my Daddy keeps a chastity on me when he's not around because he says he knows I'm a whore and it shows my acceptance of his ownership