What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Humilating Things to Say to a Sissy

  • Go put those pink panties on, brush your teeth and go to your princess room. I'm going to spend the night with a real man tonight"
  • You know, your dick is about the size of one of those tiny bullet vibrators... but it doesn't vibrate!
  • Can I help you find the hole?
  • Hi Honey! I brought you home something from my date with Eric… It’s the condom he shot his load into when he ass-fucked me. Are you hungry?
  • Hey sissy, come into the bedroom for a moment… I want your daughters to see how much you enjoy being in chastity while you are licking Eric’s cum from my pussy.
  • Are you sure it's in?
  • "I had lunch with your mother today. I showed her those darling photos of you dressed up like Little Bo Peep sliding that black dildo up your ass..."
  • Wanna go to a bar and watch me pick up guys?
  • Is it shriveled up because you're cold?
  • This is a woman's house everyone who lives here sits down to pee.
  • Hey sissy! Come in here! My boyfriend wants a blow job and you know that I don't like doing that so you'll need to take care of him.
  • Hi Sissy! I am sorry to call so late but I just wanted to tell you all about the big cock my date has. As we speak, he's banging away at my pussy. Don't worry, dear, I'll let you lick me clean when I get home. Gotta run now. Ta-ta! *click*
  • Can I be honest with you? You fuck me better as a woman!
  • How do I coax the head out of the foreskin?
  • Did you just cum? So quickly! This reminds me why I never wanted to have sex with you.
  • Didn't I tell you to pee sitting down? Real Men, with real dicks piss standing up, and you don’t fit into that category!
  • If I knew you were such a little dick, sissy I would have never married you.
  • Isn't that condom way too big for you? 
  • Honey, I want Eric to fuck me in the ass now so we’ll need you to do a few things. First, get the lube out and really slicken Eric’s big, hard cock for me. Next, gently remove the butt plug from my bottom - and you might as well push that plug up into your own ass. Now, tell me how lucky I am to have a stud like Eric nail me with his big cock rather than with your tiny, limp dicklette.
  • It's soooo cute!!! *giggle*
  • I didn't realize a grown man could get that small. It looks like the little boys I used to babysit.
  • Deep throat? It won't reach my throat!!! 
  • Don't be upset about being in chastity all the time... It is not like your thing is big enough to be considered a dick. You are much more convincing as a woman.
  • Look! It all fits in my mouth at once!
  • Here, put this on sissy. It’s my lover’s used condom! Yes, of course he already filled it with his cum. How does it feel? I’ll bet that it is till warm.
  • I've smoked joints thicker and longer than this.
  • My Gawd! I've fucked women with bigger clits than that!!!
  • Are you on steroids or are you naturally that small?
  • Will you play with my tits while I blow this guy?
  • Hey sissyfag, did you enjoy watching my lover shoot his load me? Now come over here and push your nose into my cum-filled pussy. I want to see you snort that jiz through your nostrils. I bet that you'll taste him for hours!


  1. Teehee,

    i actually heard a lot of these things from really each Women i was together with for a while ... including 'my' Wife, Mistress Rose of cause. But hey, i know how tiny and pathetic i am but i simply love to be a sissy for every Superior who likes to humiliate me.

    * curtsey *

    sissy moan

  2. Being handed a used and filled condom is the best. whether fresh from my own sissy ass, or pulled from Mistress's purse after a date night.

  3. when your penis no longer get hard and you can't please a woman like a real man what else is left?

  4. Sissy just love this list and has copy and pasted so to use a sissies daily mantra.