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What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Forced Femme Stories: "Breasts" by Vickie Tern (Part II)

by Vickie Tern © 2002


The next day passed quietly. Hayley thought it would be better for me to have another "Girl Day," to get me more accustomed to displaying my breasts without apology, to hiding my masculinity or living comfortably with my femininity visible to everyone, whichever it was.

She put my hair up in rollers as the salon had, "for more body," first drenching it in setting gel, then waving a hair dryer over it before releasing each springy curl and combing it out. Though it ordinarily lay close to the scalp, it now stood out wide as if a kind of halo, with graceful waves. I looked quite feminine. I then made myself up the way the girl at the cosmetics counter had instructed me, put on my denim skirt again, and topped it with my new off-white draped blouse. Hayley approved, but she had a suggestion.

"Baby, you have such a great body! What you want to wear today is a stretch leotard and a really short skirt over it. Let the world see you as you are! Get used to men finding you attractive!"

"Hayley," I said. "I don't want men to find me attractive."

"They will, Berry, whether you want them to or not. It goes with looking like a girl. You'll have to get used to it." She hesitated, then went on. "It's fun, too, you'll see. You get a man's attention, then when he's hooked you can tease him, reel him in, let him run off, give him his head." She considered what she'd just said. "Or give him your head if you like," she added with a crafty smile. "It's called flirting."

"I'm doing this because I have breasts and I need to look like a woman in order to deal with them," I said. "I don't want the rest of it."

"Honey, it happens. Like last night with Jeff and Craig, I heard you tell Craig 'Yes!' That's not flirting, that's practically lying on your back and spreading your legs! At least learn to play hard to get! Then when you smile at a man from a safe distance, at no cost or obligation you've made him think he's King of the Universe! You'd be surprised what a woman can make a man think or do when she sets her mind to it."

She paused. "I mean, look at you! Look at what I've got you thinking and doing!" She grinned, amused. Then, "This is what I mean, you see, this leotard is two piece. You pull it up from here. You'll need a seamless bra with it, I'll lend you one of mine for now, and we'll buy you your own later today."

"Do I need all these...?" I started to ask.

"Yes. You can't live in my clothes indefinitely. When you're in girl mode, be yourself!"

I put on her bra and then pulled up the leotard, feeling very uneasy. It hugged my whole upper body, leaving nothing to the imagination. I said so.

Hayley grinned. 'You're catching on to this girl thing, sweetie. No, it doesn't. And this skirt pulled up around your slim middle is as flirty as they get! You'll have your pick of men today. Don't worry, I'll be with you every moment, I want to see!"

As we were leaving the house, Hayley paused. "No tampon?" she asked me? "It does give your butt a cute little wiggle when you walk. A very unmanly wiggle -- no one would ever suspect you aren't a real lady. And anyhow, don't you miss feeling something filling you up in there?"

I did, a little. "Yes," I said. "A little."

Hayley looked pleased. "I hoped you would," she said. "I'll wait."

So to complete the disguise, I went to Hayley's cache in the bathroom and slipped one in. It was a lot easier now, a simple slide and tuck.

The two of us then went to our local "Nail Factory." There the girl gave me first a man's manicure, wondering why, pushing back my cuticles and rounding the ends. But then she followed it with a woman's, topping my nails with five coats of pale-pink lacquer and two of clear gloss, so they looked dense and sculptured, and they glowed. "It's a natural look," she said as she put away her little bottles of enamel. "But very dressy. You've neglected your hands, Berry, they were in terrible shape. But now they're fine! And your nails are much stronger, much less likely to break. Maybe next time you'll let me lengthen them? French tips perhaps?"

"Perhaps," I replied. I was noticing that each nail was now a perfect little jewel, a pink pearl, and as I talked I waved my fingers about freely, touching things delicately with my fingertips. And when I was at ease I draped my hands by bending them at the wrist as if to show them off. All distinctly feminine gestures. OK, so now I'm a limp-wristed faggot, I told myself. But who'd know? I look pretty, and my nails are pretty, and I'm proud of it, and my wife loves me and admires me and wants me this way, so I don't care. When I want to be pretty I can be, and that makes for wonderful morale!

Hayley deliberately took us both downtown, and saw to it that we were window shopping on Main Street at noon, when all the high rise office buildings release their employees for lunch, clusters of girls and clumps of men all eyeing each other. Not one male eye overlooked my slim waist and thin shoulders and wavy-hair and wide eyes, because there were enormous-seeming boobs thrust out in front of them. At first I was embarrassed, then annoyed, but after an hour it got to be kind of fun. Hayley was right. If I turned suddenly and cocked my hip and flipped my skirt, as if by accident, tongues did seem to hit the sidewalk. I threw my shoulders far back and thrust my breasts far forward, and held my head high, and before we'd gone an additional block two men were onto us!

"Can we help you?" one of them asked as pleasantly as any man I have ever heard. "Are you looking for a particular store or restaurant in this vicinity?"

Hayley looked at me, waiting to hear my response.

I raised an eyebrow in what I hoped was a fetching manner. "We might be. Do you know if anyone around here sells anything that might fit us, or anything we might enjoy eating?"

The other man choked, and nearly exploded with coughing. The first man's eyes lit up like a skyrocket.

Hayley intervened. "Never mind, boys. It's nice of you to offer, but we already know where we're going. Come on, Berry."

Barely able to contain herself, she took me by the elbow and hustled me into the nearest store, which happened to be a boutique. There we both burst into irrepressible laughter.

"I've unleashed a monster!" she said. "You're terrible! What would you have done if they'd glued themselves to us and we couldn't scrape them off? Given them what you hinted?"

I didn't know. I was playing the flirt, as Hayley had suggested. I wasn't thinking of the consequences. I tried to tell her that, but the words got caught up in more choking giggles.

"You'd better pull in your tits and your tush just a little, and avoid looking men in the eye, or the next thing you know you'll be asking some prosperous out-of-towner about his mineral deposits while he tells you how he'd love to pump your oil reserves." She looked at me with a crafty expression. "Maybe you'd like that?"

I shook my head no vigorously, troubled now. This new power to make other men dance attendance was fascinating, certain kinds of men anyhow. But I certainly didn't want them any closer than those two had gotten.

"When you think you're ready to compromise your virtue, honey, let me make the arrangements. It's safer." She looked around. "Oh, Berry, that dress over there, that little pointelle with the dropped waistline? It's perfect for your figure! You must try it on!"

We bought it. I protested that she was going overboard with all these purchases. "It isn't necessary," I said. "Why accumulate costumes? I'll figure out something."

Hayley just looked at me with a wry smile, then bought me a seamless bra of my own, and two other kinds too, over my protests.

"Look, over there, they have 'minimizer' bras." I said. "Maybe with one of those I can dress like a man again?"

Hayley just looked at me. "But even then you'll still be a man who wears a bra, won't you?" she said. "What kind of a man is that? You do keep fighting this thing, Berry! Why don't we just keep going and see what happens. Your implants are probably getting ready to complete this process anyhow. Then you'll find out what you don't seem to know, that it's wonderful to be a woman. It's even addictive!"

It was fun, nice in some ways, I admitted, though I doubted it would be for me. But we agreed that the next day I'd try a "Boy Day." I'd do what I needed to do to recover my masculinity, if I could, and solve the problems caused by my protruding tits, if I could, and be myself again.

I was so eager to get back to my former life that I slept very little. Day finally dawned, and I woke groggy.

"Well, I guess there's a man in my bed this morning," Hayley informed me on waking up. "Does this man have anything on his mind?"

"You!" I said, and immediately I began to lick her engorged nipples while at the same time stroking her slit, then entering it with first one and then two fingers. She shuddered, and climaxed as the second finger entered.

"I do love feeling warm bony meat moving in there," she told me. "Have you a third finger not too busy at the moment?"

I did. She was hot! Already well-lubricated, her pussy dripped, and the fluids in her breasts seeped out, and I covered my mouth and my face and my hands with both. She tensed, then eased yet a second time. Another orgasm! "Now come into me, sweetie," she said. "Use your boneless bone!"

I tried. But though my cock felt engorged, even rock-hard, it wasn't! I mounted her and tried thrusting. My penis seemed to enlarge a little more, but it still wasn't stiff enough to penetrate.

"How frustrating for both of us," Hayley declared. "Let's just see if this works!" And she took hold of my member and kneaded it gently. It felt good, but nothing!

Then unexpectedly, she bent and took it into her mouth. She'd never done that before! The warm, moist enclosure increased the turgidity just enough, so as she pulled her face away I shifted my weight and slid into her.

"My breasts!" she whispered, tensely. Then, "Yes!" as I slid a nipple into my mouth and rolled the other between my fingers. "Yes!" she said again as I started to pump into her and felt her breasts fill my mouth with sweetness, then "Oh, yesssss!" as she orgasmed yet again. I pumped harder, and felt her pussy contracting on me.

Then as I came, she stopped moving her pelvis, though her body heaved up at me to push her breasts even deeper into my mouth! As I began to squirt she asked, "Are you still in me?" With my second spurt I slipped out. My third squirted onto the bed sheets between her legs, and that was all there were. Even though I was still in orgasm, I'd gone soft again!

She could feel what had happened. "It's all right, darling. You'll see! Those hormones in your breasts are circulating through your whole body now, that's all. You'll love what they do! Here, let me kiss this sweet little thing good night!"

Kiss my sweet little thing when it hadn't even performed well for her? Amazing! She'd usually let me go down on her because she saw it gave me pleasure to kiss her quim, and she enjoyed it too. But she'd never gone down on me! And now, twice? Did she understand that pleasure better now that Patti'd gone down on her, and she'd gone down on Patti, maybe? Had she done that with Patti? She'd been vague about that -- did I misunderstand her? No matter! Now, for the first time, of her own volition, she'd mouthed me! Not for long, hardly at all really! But now again! If this was what we'd be doing from now on, then maybe carrying breasts around would be worth it!

She wriggled down, then licked my soft cock head like a child's lollipop, and then kissed the tip.

"There!" she said to my now-limp prick. "Go to sleep, little clit! When you wake up you'll be living a new life, and all this won't matter at all to you any more!"

Then she straightened up with her lips glistening, and kissed my lips. She tasted slightly salty, sticky-slippery. My residual semen I supposed. "It's so yummy!" she said. "Isn't it?"

"Yes," I said. "Your kiss is 'sweeter than wine,' as they say in the folk song."

"Not really sweet," she replied. "Salty. But I've gotten to like it, I really have. We'll do more of this!"

"I'm for that!" I said, with a certain enthusiasm. What a set of surprises today! She thinks my cum tastes yummy? She likes the feel of my prick in her mouth? She now wants to give me blow jobs regularly?

"I want you to like it too," she continued.

"Oh, honey, I do!" I said. I remembered again the velvet feel of her warm, moist mouth on my cock!

That answer puzzled her. "Both the salty flavor and the slick feel on your tongue? You know that just from the little bit on my lips? That lick and a promise? Baby, maybe I should have waited longer on that first date, when you were getting it on with that gay man and I interrupted! Well, I'll see to it that you get as much as your heart desires."

My turn to be baffled, but this was no time to seek clarification. Today I was guy! A guy with tits, but no one had to know that! I'd quickly forget them myself. You get used to things. And maybe tonight my wife would give me a long, slow, extended blow job!

When I returned from my shower I found that Hayley had left a pair of my men's slacks on our bed, along with a flower-printed short-sleeved sport shirt I'd bought in Hawaii but then thought too gaudy. "It's cut big," she said. "And you'll need a bold pattern to hide those gorgeous tits of yours. Or at least to distract attention from them. Here, let me give them each a kiss before you cover them up!"

She bent, and reverently took each in her mouth, and tongued and sucked each briefly. It was an odd sensation. Mostly just licking, and the wet pressure of her lips, but also there was a hint of something unfamiliar, a yearning joy that began in my nipples and spread across my whole chest and became almost a craving. I saw her watching me out of the corners of her eyes as I came aware of these new feelings. "Your boobies are waking up, I see," she said. "Are you sure you don't want to wear a bra today?"

"This is a boy day, baby," I said. "Today I do boy things!" And I pulled on my boxer shorts and pulled on proper pants for the first time in nearly a week. When I fastened them, they slipped off my hips and fell down to the floor. So I pushed a belt through the loops and cinched it into the last hole. They fell down a second time. I took out a pen knife and poked a hole two inches further along in the belt, while Hayley watched, amused.

"My big little mans," she said. "Your pants are all bunched up around your slim, lovely waist now, but never mind, your shirt will cover it. What a waste, with a figure like that, that you aren't wearing a thin slipover and skin-tight slacks!"

The new belt holes held, just. The Hawaiian shirt fit fine, just. My breasts hung naked inside and hinted that they were there, the nipples poking at the front panels. But the splashing red and yellow Bouganvillea print obscured them, as did its sprays of tropical leaves. I slipped on a pair of loafers.

"Where's my wallet?" I asked, feeling myself now finally my own man again.

"I suppose still in your purse," Hayley said, looking at me, for some reason her lips faintly amused. "Your car keys too. And your tampons, remember."

"And where's my purse?"

"On the front hall table, where you left it. Really, honey, you must learn to keep track of your things! A girl's purse is her most precious possession."

"I'm sorry, honey, I didn't notice where I put it down when we came in last night," I said. "I'll try to do better." I felt so embarrassed that I didn't even notice we were talking about it as "my" purse -- "my" most precious possession. Even on a boy day, in my own mind as well as hers, I was one of the purse-carrying kind. A girl.

"Baby, before you go, may I make a few more suggestions?" Hayley was looking at me now with her wide-eyed, 'I know something you don't know!' look. I decided I didn't want to know. Today there would be no compromises.

"No time, now, honey," I said. "I'm off!" And I left the house before she could suggest anything. No compromises with my masculinity either!

When I returned late that afternoon I was tired, puzzled, and demoralized. It had been a vexing day, and on top of everything else my body was feeling ... well ... odd, not well. I wanted to unburden myself on Hayley, but she was out, her car gone from the garage. So I just sat in the living room as it grew later, and I was feeling very peculiar indeed when finally it began to grow dark. We were near the summer solstice, it got dark late. I had gotten a little queasy, and had begun to perspire heavily.

Finally Hayley's car pulled in, and then Hayley. "Hi, honey," she said brightly as she came in and saw me sitting in the gloom. "I've been having such fun being a girl! You have a nice time being a boy? Did you miss me?"

"Yes," I said. "I mean, yes I missed you." I was about to ask her the forbidden question 'Where were you?' but that would distract us from what was most on my mind. So I answered, "I didn't have a nice time, no, not at all. It was very frustrating, I hardly connected up with anyone. And my boobs began to swell up in mid-afternoon! And now I don't feel at all well."

Hayley immediately looked concerned. "The second wave, I suspect. Now your body has to adjust to all the new things Dr. Portland put into you, until you learn to make your own. She said it'd take a few days to peak and then another few to ease off, remember? My poor dear! But then it's done, and it's a small price to pay for what you get! Let's get you to bed right now."

She helped me upstairs and into that short babydoll I'd found myself wearing a few days earlier. Though this was still my boy day, I didn't object. She pulled up the covers and kissed me lovingly. I felt so grateful!

She put her cool hand on my forehead. "Now tell me about it"


With my eyes closed, the world beginning to sway when I opened them, I told her.

"I first went to my office to pick up a few things, and my secretary Darla was surprised to see me. Amazed, really! Even though I called to tell her I'd drop by today. 'I had no idea, Barry!' was what she said. She said all the girls had been wondering what was wrong after you called to say I'd be taking a month's sick leave, that I needed that much time to start my new life. 'What new life? was what we wondered,' she said. 'But this explains it! You look great! As good as any of us I think.' And then she said 'I love your hair!'"

Hayley snapped on a table lamp and looked at me. But said nothing.

"Hayley, she could tell at a glance that I've been trying to look like a girl. She thinks I'm becoming a girl! How could she tell?" I could see that Hayley felt both sympathy and exasperation. "I tried to tell you, honey, but you were in too much of a hurry. When you left the house this morning you were still wearing Berry's bouffant hair! You never did shampoo out yesterday's set. You never even brushed it down. So when you combed it out this morning without looking, you re-set it. That's how setting gels work. I don't suppose you glanced at a mirror before you left the house."

"No," I said, embarrassment now added to the uneasiness in my stomach.

"No," Hayley repeated. "Well, now you know why women check out mirrors all the time. It isn't narcissism, it's that the way we need to look all the time, lots of things can go wrong! Men don't bother, they dress for the day and then they think they stay that way, and if they don't, they don't care. If you'd looked in the mirror when you left the house, as every woman always does, you'd have seen that your hair was framing your face beautifully. You might also have noticed that those delicate post earrings you picked out are still looking lovely in your pierced ears. You forgot about them? Did Darla compliment you on them? Did she also mention your pretty new nails?"

I'd been so eager to get out and be myself I'd forgotten to undo everything! On my 'boy day,' what Darla saw was a man halfway toward womanhood.

"That explains it," I said, depressed. "She chatted while I looked at the mail, and I didn't understand her. She mentioned that she wears posts sometimes too, and she told me she has a whole collection of drops and hoops and costume pieces she wants to show me -- I guess what she meant was earrings. And she did notice my fingernails. She told me she thought pink was too timid for me. With my personality I could be bolder, more strikingly dramatic, she said, flame red, or dark ruby. That part was embarrassing!"

"It bothered you that you're doing things women do? I thought you've learned to be proud you can do them!"

"No, I'm proud I can make people think I'm a woman so nobody will suspect I'm really a man. You showed me how. I'm not proud to look like an effeminate man!"

"Why not? That's what you are! Look at you! You have a hairdo. Your nails are done. You have breasts! Your eyes look a little smoky to me -- did you think you'd wash off your mascara when you washed your face last night? Honey, it's waterproof, it needs to be creamed off. You're embarrassed because you look like a man who looks a lot like a woman? But that's what you are! What's your problem with that?"

"Hayley, today I didn't want to look like a man who looks like a woman! I wanted to look like a man! A man who looks like a woman isn't a man!"

It sounded silly when I said it that way. I tried again. "I mean, effeminate men are sissies!"

Hayley just looked at me, amused, watching me thrash about. "Well, aren't they? Isn't that what a sissy is?"

"Men only respect men who are men!

"And they respect women who are women, don't they?"


"Honey, it sounds to me as if you're trying to tell me something about a choice you need to make, but you don't want to listen to yourself."

I was silent.

"Well, Darla was kind and encouraging. I must give her a call and thank her. Did anyone treat you badly?"

"Yes. A man from another division came by while I was talking to Darla. I knew him slightly, we never much liked each other."


"He came to mock me! Because as soon as he saw me he said, 'Well, the Ponce! We've been talking about you! Someone spotted you in the elevator, and I had to come see for myself.'

At that point I told him that now that he's seen me, he can kiss my ass. He just laughed and said that's more my line of work these days, and he asked was it true that I can't get off my knees any more if there's still a cock swinging anywhere in front of my face? And that I decided to be a girl so I could suck cock full time? Then he moved on before I could punch him out!"

"You poor dear. Is that why you're so depressed?"

"Partly," I said. "Darla heard him. She told me that was going to keep happening until I made up my mind which way to go for good. That I should rethink this half-way thing I was doing. That I had to be a man or a woman. She said I should pump iron and chew tobacco and spit in the sunofabitch's eye, or else dress properly and wear lipstick to the office every day and then spit in the sunofabitch's eye. She offered me her lipstick to get me back home.' She was worried someone might get violent, or I might."

"So you borrowed her lipstick."

"Yes. And left the building. My boy day was already ruined, so I just did the rest as a girl day on my own, pulled all the slack in my shirt around to the back so my breasts would show a little. And remembered to walk with my thighs close together, taking short steps, and so on.

"You spent the rest of your boy day as a girl. Did it work?"

"Yes. Same as yesterday."

"Tell me"

"No one mocked me. At the diner where I stopped for lunch, and then later at the ballpark, everyone called me 'Miss,' or 'Ma'am' or 'Hey, Lady!' Some guys held doors open for me. A guy started talking to me the way your Jeff friend talked to you, leaning in and turning on the charm. A guy in the stands bought me a beer, and when I tried to buy him the next one he bought me another, I couldn't stop him. And he didn't want anything from me, just a smile!"

"Most men are nice," Hayley said. "Some are shits. But they all have their uses."

"Anyhow, after the game I went to a sports bar." I went on, though I was now feeling much worse. "This guy backed into me as if by accident, and while he was pinning me to a wall he rubbed my boobs with the backs of his shoulders. And then he turned around, and he actually did put a hand on me, he actually caressed a nipple! Smiling "oops!" as if it was all accidental. I hauled back and I really did hit him, and the bartender had to ask both of us to leave. But ...." A wave of nausea started to build inside me.

"But what, babe?" Hayley asked. Her voice was deeply sympathetic. I was beginning to feel really cruddy. "Maybe you should try to sleep now? Tell me later?"

"Oh, Hayley!" I was sort of desperate, near tears! "Hayley, I almost didn't mind! That's the problem! It felt so good, his hand on my tit! His finger feeling my nipple! I wanted more! I felt so very queer! That's why I hit him! Then I ran out of the bar and I came straight back here! Hayley, what's happening to me?"

"It felt like this?" Hayley put her soft, delicate hand on one of my breasts and felt for the nipple. I closed my eyes. It felt marvelous! "Yes," she said, fondling me. "They've enlarged a lot just since this morning, honey. You're well on the way!"

She then reached for the other breast and caressed that one too. Both at once! Glory! Oh, sweet! Sweet! I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling, and didn't even realize at first that I was whimpering. There was a strange gathering in my groin of what might have been an orgasm if I'd had an erection, and it rose to a peak! And then, ecstasy! "Ohhhh, God!" I cried out. I did want something, but I didn't know what! Something! I wanted Hayley? My dear sweet Hayley! To do something for her? I felt so ....

"Sweetheart," she said. "Try to sleep now, dearest. I'll call Dr. Portland to let her know you've begun the next phase, so she can send her nurse to ease you through it. I'll be here the whole time. You'll be fine! You'll see!" She let her hand lie on my swollen breast, and I felt comforted. And under her breath I heard her say to herself, "My poor dear! Thank God! No more halfway measures any more!"

"Oh," I groaned. I felt so awful now! There was a dark ache in my balls, like the aftermath of getting kicked there. But Hayley's hand cupping my breast through my babydoll filled me with such an unspeakable, beautiful longing! Even though I felt utterly wretched!

When I awoke it was dark, and I saw the figure of Dr. Portland's nurse leaning over me. "This'll help her hold down whatever you can feed her," she said, and I felt a tug on my forearm. A shot.

"Dramamine?" I asked. "Motion sickness?"

"Shhh, go back to sleep," she said. "Here!" And I felt another tug and a pinprick. "It's nothing, dear. Your old hormones are fighting the new ones. This'll tell them to surrender gracefully. You won't feel so badly stressed out."

Once again, blissful sleep.

When I next awoke, still feeling terrible, sunlight was streaming through the room, and Hayley was asleep on a chair next to me. I watched her a while, until the dull ache in my groin spread and deepened, and I groaned. She woke up.

"Is it bad, baby?" she asked.

"Was it this bad for you?" I asked her in reply. I should take her mind off my problems, I was thinking, she looks so worried. And my mind too. "I don't remember that you felt anything much after your operation, except sore. Didn't the three of you go to a movie that night?"

She leaned over me and kissed me. "What we had was what you had a few days ago, a little soreness, then a feeling that we were a lot heavier in front than before, and then gradually, that new sensitivity you're beginning to notice. That's all. It's different for you, because you have a lot further to go. You forget, honey, the three of us were already women. I already had breast tissue, fully shaped breasts, just not very big ones. And my hormones had developed my nipples and ducts and other glands long before then, most of them were already fully formed. And they'd been in my bloodstream for my whole life, practically. My skin and my body were already soft, and filled out in interesting places."

She paused a minute, and then in a studiously calm, reassuring voice she went on. "Dr. Portland is treating you as a special patient. Beginning at the very beginning and jump-starting you. You need to grow everything all at once. So your implants are much more heavily loaded."

I wondered what she meant, but it was hard to concentrate. "Like what?" I managed to say.

"Breasts are living parts of a woman, Berry. With this procedure they grow naturally out of her body as the implants dissolve. Maybe you didn't understand. Breasts develop on female bodies, so the drugs in your implants are changing you, so everything will feel right as they grow in. So they'll feel like you. So they'll feel ... womanly, and you will too."

"Oh," I said. I heard her, but I didn't understand, and then there was this cramp! .... A needle and I was out again.

I woke again. In addition to the dreary pain, I felt sick, viciously nauseous. I opened my eyes, and the room swam, and I leaned over the edge of the bed to spill my guts into a bowl Hayley had placed there. Though nothing came up. Then some time later, I woke again. This time Hayley was sitting alongside my bed, reading, and as I leaned over she grasped my head and held it.

"Oh, Hayley!" I squealed. I remembered that old sailor's quip about how seasickness progresses, first you're afraid you'll die, then you're afraid you won't.

Hayley understood. "My sweetie," she said. "You poor dear! I do feel so sorry. But it'll end! You did tell Dr. Portland you wanted everything all at once, so it's all happening at once, that's all. So of course you feel miserable. But maybe tomorrow you'll feel better? Can you take a sip of water?"

"No," I said. My stomach rose at the thought.

"A sip of me, maybe?"


"Here, precious!" A shadow descended on me. I felt my face swathed in folds of Hayley's blouse. It had the scent of her skin. I felt her nipple touch my lips, and I gently sipped at it. It tasted so good! Like mint! A few sips, and I slept. Then the same thing a few more times again during the night, after Hayley got into bed with me and lay there with her whole body pressed against mine, one of her breasts fitted into my open mouth. I sucked from her as if from a bottle whenever I woke, and soon was asleep again. Her milk was so soothing!

When I next woke I realized that the ache in my bowels and below them was almost gone, and that I wasn't queasy any more. Hayley could see I was better the moment I opened my eyes. She urged me to sit up and brace myself against the headboard.

I saw that now I was wearing one of Hayley's nightgowns. A lime green nylon concoction with foamy lace on the sleeves. I looked at her. There seemed to be nothing to say.

"It's about done," she said. "I'm so relieved. Honey, don't try to do things yourself just yet. What were you just thinking?"

"That I'm in your night gown."

"Because your baby dolls are all in the laundry right now. You've been sleeping through the worst of it. You've been like a newborn baby. Now and then you'd dribble what I was feeding you, but you were so eager for me, honey! And your own breast fluids have come in now, have you noticed yet? You're so abundant they leak! So we've had to change you several times a day. The nightie you're wearing is especially big in the bodice, it's one of the few that fit you right now, while your breasts are still swollen from your first hormonal surge."

I looked down. They were swollen! Two enormous globes tipped with large tumescent cones! Nipples the thickness of my thumb!

Hayley was amused to see the expression on my face. "You really do need to be milked, honey. They're bigger than footballs!"

"My God!" I said. "How can I ever pretend to be a man again?"

"Don't worry about it. That isn't a problem any more. They'll go down to their proper size as they get accustomed to the drugs and hormones you've got flowing through you now. Sweetie, you're different now! Your body chemistry is that of a mature young woman. You even have some of a mature young woman's feelings. In effect you went through a forced adolescence while you were asleep."

She smiled affectionately. "Of course you missed out on the pajama parties, and the Junior Prom, all those things. And you've never been kissed. Nor laid. We'll need to provide you with some of that if you're to complete your transition."

I looked at Hayley. She was teasing me. A little. I hoped. "How long have I been out?"

"Days and days, honey." Hayley looked apologetic. "You were so terribly uncomfortable, between the pain and the nausea, and I was so afraid your spasms might tear something, I asked the nurse to keep you asleep till the worst was over. Nearly a week. And now you're better, I can see it!"

I was sitting up, and the room was no longer heaving. I was better. "Yes, honey," I said. "Much!"

"Try to swing your legs over the side of the bed and stand up," Hayley said. "Then you can sit down again if you like. But walking is even better. It has to do with blood clots, especially while you're hopped up on all those female hormones. C'mon baby, leggy over, that's it!"

My last hints of morning sickness eased away altogether once I was sitting with my legs over the side of the bed. I took some deep breaths. Hayley's pale green nightgown came down to my ankles, I saw, and it draped prettily. As far as I could see I looked like Hayley, not like me. Feminine. But they were my toes poking out the bottom. Not painted, like hers. I felt a momentary disorientation.

"Can you stand?"

I tried. I could. Then feeling a bit faint, I sat. Then stood again. The second time it was easier. I waited, then sat and stood yet again. No problem!

"Wonderful!" Hayley said. "Now over to that chair? I'll hold your arm."

By the time I was seated in the chair I felt vastly better. I said so.

"Yes," Hayley said. "Exercise, that's part of it. But also the ... ahh .. medications. They work best when you're moving about."

"Medications," I repeated. To do what? "Tell me about these medications. You mean the hormones that help my breasts function like breasts?" It sounded odd, putting it that way. "My" breasts. But that was how it was now. I'd accepted it. I could live with it.


Hayley was definitely uneasy. She sat down on the edge of the bed and folded her hands in her lap, and stretched out her legs, and looked at me. I saw that her nightie was just like mine, same flouncy sleeves, only in pale yellow. She kept looking at me steadily, then looking away.

"I like your nightgown," I told her, to put her at her ease. Here I was, recovered from miseries she'd tried to comfort, and now our roles were reversed. Something was bothering her. I tried to be jocular. "It flows so beautifully when you walk and move around. Like water flowing over your body. I like my nightgown too. They're twins, aren't they? His and hers?"

"Hers and hers," she said. "They're women's gowns."

"I suppose they are," I said soothingly, conceding her point. "Made to be worn by women."

Hayley took a deep breath. "I mean, they belong to women." She'd recovered from her uncertainty, and now delivered her level gaze at me as always when dealing firmly with a problem. "To two women."

"What do you mean," I asked. One of the gowns was borrowed? No, I'd seen her wearing them both at one time or another. I suddenly caught the drift of meaning in her words, and if my hands hadn't already been folded in my lap, like hers, I'd have gotten frightened and felt to see if my privates were still there! I felt for them. They were, my hands were resting on them! "What two women?"

"Honey," she said. "You really didn't understand what the Doctor was saying when she interviewed you, did you. What she was asking you? Not even what I told you earlier about female breasts and female bodies?"

"Hayley, don't look so serious! I'm fine. I'm feeling better every moment! See, I can already stand up!" I did, then sat down carefully. "Did I know what she was asking? Yes, of course! Did I want breasts! I didn't tell her that I wanted them for you because you wanted them for me, because that might have confused her." I smiled.

Hayley was not amused. "Honey, listen!" She paused, then she seemed to give up on something. She shrugged. Her body relaxed. She glanced at the ceiling, then at me, then away again. Then, "Honey, I wanted you to have breasts, and you're a love, the most wonderful love ever, and that's why you agreed to get breasts of your very own, the same kind that Meg and Patti and I have. And Dora. And we're so very happy that you're now one of us. And you're happy about it too, right?"

I was happy that Hayley had hers. About mine the jury was still out. But I nodded. "Right!" Then I asked, "One of us?"

"Berry, I'll go slow. You were right about something, when I first asked you to let Dr. Portland give you breasts. Women have breasts and men don't."

Well, I thought, now there's a revelation! Score one for me? No matter, it's rather moot at this stage. I sat and waited for more.

"Dr. Portman only does breast surgery on women. Because even if they have no noticeable breasts, they have the foundation for a full endowment. All the right glands and tissues, ever since puberty. I sort of explained that to you."

"I remember," I said. I was wondering whether Hayley was now reconsidering this whole thing, whether she thought she'd been more impulsive than circumspect. Whether she now knew about some kind of additional unanticipated consequence, that she was easing the news to me in her own way. "But Dr. Portland did operate on me, and she knew that I'm not a woman."

"Wait," Hayley said. "I'll get there." She paused, then continued. "There's another matter too. Women also have certain attitudes and desires that go with being women, with having breasts, with using them to comfort and nurture, and so on. Men have different attitudes, they don't have breasts, they desire women who have breasts. You know! And women know that about men. They know that's what appeals to men."

Hayley knew that the pleasure I found in her breasts was not proof that I wanted my own? Despite all of her stubborn attempts to persuade me that it was? Was she just reaching for any plausible argument when she said that? What were her more compelling reasons, then?

But I decided not to interrupt her train of thought. "So?" I said.

"Dr. Portman explained to me about these different attitudes toward breasts, men's and women's, they may be inherited or influenced by different hormones, or they may be from social conditioning, or some combination of these, no one knows. But they do lay the psychological foundation for having breasts. Women think about breasts differently."


"Men who are really women also think about breasts differently. They think like women. They don't desire them like men, they want them like women."

This stopped me. I looked inexpressively at Hayley, and saw she was looking directly at me, so I just said, "So?" once again. What does she mean? Men who are really women?

"The operation Dr. Portland performs isn't like most breast enlargements, insert a bag of silicone or salt water and call it a bigger breast. Her procedures create a certain hormonal environment too. Natural-born women provide their own. And men who are really women sometimes create that environment by taking hormones over a period of time. Transsexuals, I mean. Men with the minds of women, and women's attitudes, who were born into men's bodies. Men who are really women."

I finally saw Hayley's drift. "So let me understand this," I said. "You persuaded Dr. Portland to install breasts on my chest by telling her that I'm a transsexual woman, really a woman in a man's body, but I haven't taken female hormones yet. But not to worry, I'll welcome the changes in my body that come along with having breasts, the side affects? Like actually becoming a woman in other ways too? And that I wanted to do it all at once."

"Yes. Exactly."

"And she not only installed C cup implants in me, as you wanted, and I agreed, she also installed the hormonal environment needed to support them? To enhance them?"

"Yes. Honey, you've been feeling so rotten I wanted you put to sleep through the worst of it. It isn't so much the operation, that's relatively minor. It isn't even what happens to your nipples, that's kind of pleasant, to put it mildly, you'll see! It's that right now your body is soaked in female hormones, two or three kinds of estrogens, progesterone, prolactin, all sorts of things. Your body chemistry has been going through a crash girlhood and even a sort of pregnancy."


"Sweetheart, you'll feel just fine in another day or two! Your breasts are healed. You're already getting all sorts of lovely sensations from them, and they've begun to produce real fluids that delicious milky stuff. Just the way mine do."

"Hayley, what are you telling me?"

She squared her shoulders. "Sweetie, I wanted what you wanted, you know that! And as far as our breasts go, that's now what we've both got! But to get them, it turns out we've both had to give up something we also wanted!"

I sensed that we'd arrived at the reason for Hayley's apologetic yet defiant confession in the form of an explanation. Why all this talk. As gently and casually as possible, I asked her, "What, Hayley? Give up what?"

"Well," she said almost carelessly, trying to make it seem like nothing significant, "I guess you could call it your masculinity." Having said it, she relaxed, done.

My voice remained gentle. I wasn't sure what she meant. "Didn't I give that up when I agreed to have these breasts installed? I don't understand!"

"Maybe for your upper body, honey. Because I bugged you to do it, and I do love you for that! But it turns out that the hormones installed for your breasts work on everything else that makes a woman feminine too -- her skin, her hips, her waist, the fullness of her hair. Her moods, her attitudes, many of them! And that's what's happening now! You're becoming a woman. In another few months, that's what we'll be to each other. Two women. In every respect but one."

"That one matters, doesn't it?" I was of course thinking about my cock and balls.

She now looked so terribly sorrowful, my heart went out to her. "Honey, that's one of the questions Dr. Portland asked you. If she stopped your testosterone production, would it bother you? You said "not at all." It surprised me! And it pleased me, because up to a point that's a good thing. Less testosterone makes you less aggressive. Nicer." She paused. "Less pushy." Another pause. "Because there's nothing to push."

I heard her. I reached for something to say to fill the silence. "Sweetheart, are you telling me that Dr. Portland's medications have reduced my ability to have erections?"

"Not exactly. Not reduced them. They've wiped them out altogether. That's the down side. They've wiped out all those lovely erections we both enjoy! Your testicles are shrinking, honey. Mostly gone now. The nurse tells me that by next week your sack will be empty! There's nothing there to stiffen your desires! You're castrated. Are you very mad?"

I was stone silent.

"When you agreed to be castrated, Dr. Portman asked me if I consented. Remember, she said that I'm a beautiful woman and all that, so how could I give up on having that kind of sex? I told her that what you wanted, I wanted. I could cope. Remember?"

"Yes," I said. I remembered those words. Not their meaning, not then.

Then hesitantly, she added, "Well, I knew than that I could cope. I'd already been coping. I know that right now I'm the only one of us who can enjoy an erection the way nature intended, the way they're meant to be enjoyed!"

She stopped. I think she wondered if she'd gone too far.

"What was that?" I asked her.

Hayley tried to sound encouraging now. Nothing for it, she seemed to be thinking, better to say the rest. "Until you get yourself fixed by one more operation, that is. Then you can enjoy them too. The way erections are meant to be enjoyed, I mean. The way women have always enjoyed them."

I was silent.

"I want you to do that, baby! Get yourself fixed. Let Dr. Portland put a vagina into that useless place between your legs! Please? For me? I want you to have one! You'd love having one, I know you would!"

I stared at her, shocked! Here was the breast argument all over again! Only now it was a pussy argument!

Hayley plowed on relentlessly. "Dr. Portman warned me that probably you'll need to adjust your attitudes first. I mean, about men. Even if you think you're a woman, she told me, even if you've always thought so, still, you may not yet be thinking about sex the way women think. Lots of transsexual women are lesbians. So she wants you to go slow, try things out first."

Hayley had rendered me impotent?! Castrated me?!! Because she wanted me to have breasts, she'd expunged my manhood?!! Given me the body and feelings of a woman?! And now as if aware that she may have gone just a little bit too far, and not exactly told me how far, she was now trying to persuade me that it's no big deal? That if you've got the right attitude, a hole is just as good as a pole?

Is it?

"I mean, I love men! Half the world loves men! Why shouldn't you? I'm sure you will, darling, if you give it half a chance!"

I said nothing. I looked at my toes below the skirt of my pale green nightgown. There was a thin fringe of lace on the hem I'd not noticed before, very delicate.

"Your new nipples will help. Even now, Dr. Portland says, you'll go orgasmic whenever anybody touches or licks or sucks them, the same way I do. You'll have beautiful orgasms. The kind Patti has with her partner. And Meg too, especially now that Mark is back from his training sessions and is devoted to pleasing her. We've been talking and talking about how we want to share all our feelings and sensations with our partners, the men and women we care most about! I've been so jealous of them! But not any longer! Now we can share everything too!"

She paused. "So you see, you haven't really lost anything."

"No," I said.

"It'll really be quite lovely, sweetheart, what we'll have now."

"I guess," I said.

"And with your new breasts as prominent as they are, with your figure as willowy as it is, if you dress right and do something nice with your hair, and I can help, you won't have any problem at all attracting men when you'd rather have men touching and kissing your breasts."

A faint nausea returned. Not the hormones this time. It passed. "I guess," I said again.

She hesitated again, resettled herself on the bed, and drew her knees up to her chest and clasped them. Then she looked directly at me and continued.

"I know I don't have a problem attracting men and getting them to please me." she said.

A deliberate silence now, as she waited for that news to sink in. She watched my face register that it had happened. I felt drained. I was unable to look away!

"I mean, honey, what did you expect?" Now she was defensive! "I mean, we've been quarreling for how long, weeks, months? More? In all that time of course I've had lots of opportunities to vent my resentments. You can't expect that I haven't used a few of them! Especially when it feels so glorious now! You know a little about what it's like! You know how I get when your mouth is on my pussy and your hands are on my breasts. Or whatever the combinations. Imagine how it is for me sometimes when I'm with several men, and I can feel mouths and hands and cocks coming and going all over me, moving in and out, and my body's just one big orgasm that goes on and on!"

She waited, and seemed gratified that I was making not the slightest sound.

"And now you can have that too, any time you want it! Whenever you want it! I want you to have it! I'll even help you, honey, I really will! With getting your men all aroused, with everything. I want you to be happy! The men I know all have friends, and they're always asking me if I have a friend. For example Jeff has asked me a couple of times if Berry's available for double dating with Craig. You made quite an impression on Craig!"

O Christ! I was thinking. Now I'm a woman, not a man, and she wants me to fuck the friends of men who've fucked her! Agree to get tits, and the next thing you know you've got a pussy and your wife is pimping for you!

No, I thought further, that's not fair. It's that every married woman wants to help other women find a man. It's a generous impulse, wanting to help other women find the happiness they've got. My loving wife thinks her husband is now an unmarried woman, so of course she's trying to fix him up with her boyfriends' friends, so he can be as happy as she is.

My head began to ache.

"Of course for that you really should have a pussy, honey! Really. You need a space sort of in front between your legs, as well as in your rear, if you want to feel two men rubbing the whole length of their bodies on yours at the same time, going in and out together. It's more considerate of them too, giving them choices, giving them different places they can put themselves in you to try to make you happy. It encourages them to try harder, so it's more fun for you, too! It's the least you can do!"

Hayley misread the expression on my face, and attempted to make me feel better. To console me.

"But don't worry, honey. It isn't necessary now, not right away. Your pussy can wait. With breasts like ours, we don't need pussies to reach satisfying orgasms. And we don't need pussies to satisfy men, either, not really. I mean, I've always wanted to be faithful to you, ever since our marriage, and I have been too, until we began this silly quarreling. I mean, until you got so stubborn and mean, and we stopped having sex, you were the only man I allowed into my pussy. That was reserved for you and nobody else! The other men I saw always had to be satisfied with second best, the leftovers, my mouth or my ass, places I'd never want you to have to stoop to use. But not one ever complained!"

She nodded reassuringly and brightened up. "Well, you already have a mouth and an ass, and you already like the feeling of something stuffed into you, you told me so, and you like the way cum tastes, too. So the rest can follow whenever. You can save your vagina for the man you love, the way I saved mine for you until recently. You can even wait to get one until you meet him. You'll know. And meanwhile, we can double date any time you feel ready."

She suddenly stood up. "So, about these men who ask me if I have a friend. Do I have a friend, Berry? I know I haven't been perfectly open about everything we've been doing lately, but it was all for the best, I thought it was, and I still think so! And now you know everything! So, are we still friends? Will you be my friend? Would you like a date with Craig? He's very nice, you saw that for yourself!"

I looked up at her. I couldn't make myself move. She leaned over and kissed me on my cheek, like a girlfriend, and then on my lips, like a lover. "You're so very sweet," she said softly. "But I've given you so much to think about. I'll come back later and help you get dressed. You're a woman now, just like me, and I want us to go out and celebrate it. No looking back! Just a quiet dinner at Armand's tonight, because that's where we first met, in a way. That's where I got my first real look at my new girlfriend and my new sweetheart! You can wear your new spaghetti strap cocktail dress if you like. You look darling in it!"

She kissed me again on my lips, and remained there a moment, nibbling affectionately. Her mouth was so soft! I could only stare at her with wide open eyes.

"But first I want to kiss you on your new breasts, so you'll know exactly how I've felt, why I've wanted you to feel everything I've been feeling."

She touched me on one of my newly distended nipples, and I felt an excruciatingly glorious impulse surge through me! She saw, and smiled slyly, and then began to caress it lightly. I closed my eyes and my head lolled back. Despite my mixed emotions, it was marvelous! Incredible! Still caressing me, she reached into my lacy bodice and lifted my other heavy, swollen, bottle shaped breast, and seizing its massive nipple, she began to pump it gently back and forth. A milky syrup suffused the wrinkled tip, and then began to squirt in small jets into her hand. She fed it to me from her palm. Ambrosial! My groin gathered itself up tight, joyously, and then began to spasm! I was scumming! Scumming! Oh, bliss! Yet I spurted no fluid, and my prick still lay limp between my legs -- it had all been inside me! And I realized that there was no let-down! I was still as aroused as ever, even more impassioned, and again questing a climax! A new orgasm began to gather. Hayley fed me another palmful of my breast juice, and I lapped it eagerly!

Then she bent down, and her warm, moist mouth finally covered my tit nipple, and she began to suck! And swallow. And suck. My soft, splendid, blessed breast slid in and out of her mouth! My Hayley was giving me the oral sex I'd always craved, and I loved it! I loved her! The last of my resentments vanished, and I hugged her, I couldn't help it, and another orgasm gathered and began to climb even higher still! And then it too crested! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Suddenly she stopped, lifted her face off me, disengaged from my arms, and stood up. "My sweetie," she said very quietly. "You see? I just had to show you what I've given you! Because I love you so much! Now you know. Now you understand, don't you!"

"Your dresser over there is loaded with lingerie, all sorts of goodies. And your closet is loaded with dresses and skirts and blouses and jackets and everything to delight my new girl's heart! I've been having such a good time shopping! Those men's things you once kept there are gone, they don't fit you any more and they don't suit you anyhow! I've been buying things for you for months now, ever since Meg and Patti and Dora and I first began to compare notes about how wonderful our new breasts were, and first began giggling about how much more wonderful it would be if all of us had breasts like ours, you and Mark too. Mark made such a fuss when Meg proposed it to him that she had to sedate him, so he's not one of us. He has his other uses. And you were so mean for so long, refusing to let Dr. Portland give you yours! But now you've got them, now we all have them! All of us girls!"

She walked to the door and paused, turning back to look at me again. "Oh yes, baby, remember your tampon. You need to get so used to the feel of something in there that you crave it when it's not there." She blew me a kiss and left, leaving the door a bit ajar.

After a while I stood up and straightened my gown. It did flow beautifully as I moved. I very carefully walked over to my dresser, and opened the top drawer. Bras, of course, and panties. A delicate flowery aroma ascended to my nostrils from what I saw was a perfumed satin sachet atop neat piles of them, a pastel garden with a few bold shades scattered here and there.

I picked up the topmost bra. It was made of lustrous blue satin with sheer lace stretch cups -- it would fit me. Its label told me its name, "Enchantress." It looked very sexy, demure but with a sassy low dip to expose the cleft between my two brimful boobs. Its cups had a sheen and a luxurious delicacy I'd always found exciting in a bra, especially when Hayley's breasts were in them, barely contained by them. And now, I had one too. For my breasts. Pretty and sexy.

Skimming the stacks of dainty silk and nylon with my fingertips, I began searching for matching panties.


A month later I was all the woman I could possibly be, except for a proper pussy, a final "adjustment" of my body that could be scheduled any time I wanted it, Dr. Portland assured Hayley. I'd gradually become reconciled to living as if I were a woman, as if now a woman, and I'd found it had advantages. Gradually I forgot I wasn't a woman, and I became one.

When I told Hayley that in my own mind my gender had changed, she asked me playfully whether I wasn't just a little bit grateful to her now, now that I knew where she'd wanted me to go and had gone there, despite the fact that she'd had to scheme it, even partly trick me into it. "We're both so much happier now, sweetheart," she told me. "I mean, now we both wake up each morning feeling so good about ourselves! Whether we're in bed with each other or with someone else doesn't seem to matter!"

We were chatting at breakfast at the time, two women in peignoirs, morning sun streaming in through the window. Hayley was buttering toast and nibbling on a slice while waiting for an egg to poach.

I told her that when I first recovered from my hormonal conversion to womanhood, that second stage sickness, I felt terribly fearful. At risk. Everything was so new! I felt the way I'd felt on our first date when I was holding that gay bruiser's cock in my hand and wondering how far I'd have to go. All those anxieties! Where was Hayley? What would happen if I had to bend down and touch my lips to it, or take it into my mouth? I'd have to suck on it, and somehow deal with whatever he spurted. And then I'd be forever afterward a cocksucker, in my own eyes and in Hayley's eyes too! Knowing I was a man who'd pleasured another man, could she ever again respect me? Could she ever want me for herself? Would she want me to do it again? Would I have done it?

What I'd now found out was, yes, she did want me for herself. And no, she didn't want me to be a man who pleasures other men, as I'd feared. Instead, she wanted me to be a woman who pleasures other men. And that's what I now was.

"I don't know that I'm better off this way," I said. "But at least this way I'm normal, heterosexual, not what some people call perverted. And it's nice, being a woman! Decorating yourself and taking pleasure in it, and giving other people pleasure because of it, doing whatever you like, leading men around by their noses or their pricks, whatever it is they can't keep out of your business!"

"You are such fun," Hayley replied. "I do love you so." She started in on her poached eggs. "Will you be seeing Craig again this week?"

"No, he's out of town this week."

"You poor dear. Will you miss him?"

"A little. Not a lot. Not as long as there's Mark. Good old Mark. Meg lets me use him any time I need someone to fill the gaps in my life. Not that I don't feel real affection for him. He was my first, after all, you know. Of course you know, you were there! You always remember your first."

"That's true," Hayley said. "I remember mine. I was only sixteen, and I didn't want any one boy to boast that he'd taken my cherry. So I lined up five studs, and got them to take turns on me over and over, until they all ran out of juice and I could shame them about being so inadequate. Not a peep out of them the next day! I was so sore! But it did raise my expectations past what any one man could ever provide. That's why I always needed supplementary screwing even in the early days of our relationship, and especially after our marriage. Not very often, maybe only a few times each week."

A gleam appeared in her eye. "And I certainly do remember you and Mark, and the night Mark popped your cherry. We all planned it, the girls and I, because we all wanted to watch our new girlfriend get laid for her very first time, and then help her celebrate! You needed to be coaxed, you sweet thing, but not a lot. You were so new to everything then."

I certainly was. Shy, and especially fearful of sex with a man, and repelled by the idea too, though I knew I had to do it, I had to get through it, get used to it. And I did. In one evening. Now it's hard to imagine not being eager for sex when I've got a hot date with a hunk and I'm getting ready for him, and Hayley and I are gossiping about him! But that first time? I was so virginal!

Hayley and Meg had arranged everything. It was only a week after I'd recovered from my morning sickness and adjusted to my new body. I'd visited Patti's place with Hayley a few times, and I'd begun to like being a lesbian. In fact I'd begun to love it, rolling over and under all that soft, perfumed, womanly flesh, wrapped up in it and groping for more! I suspected nothing.

And the occasion seemed innocent enough at first. Hayley invited everyone over for cocktails and an early dinner -- "We want to leave lots of time for later on," she said cryptically when I asked her why so early. The invitees were Patti and Dora, and Meg with Mark, and the two of us. We set the table and set out the serving platters, and then went upstairs to change.

"I can't wait to see what those training sessions did to Mark," Hayley said as she brushed her hair. "How he's changed."

"How would learning new sales strategies change him?" I asked. "Or whatever it was they taught him?"

I lined up my eye make-up and sighed, looking it over and then picking up the eye creme to begin with The result when I was done would be gorgeous, I knew, huge innocent doll eyes with eyelids that gleamed whenever I drooped them. Irresistible, even to me! But I was still new to this kind of facial artistry, and it took so long! I was only beginning to realize that if I was going to this much trouble to look feminine, I should go out and be seen, find new friends who would admire what I looked like! I was still house bound except for a few trips out now and then with Hayley. That I could go trolling for guys on my own hadn't yet occurred to me. I didn't want guys. Not until after that night.

"Oh, his firm didn't send him anywhere," Hayley said. "Meg sent him. He went to an obedience school, a place where they do things to make difficult husbands docile. Meg said it worked beautifully! He's a new man."

"Oh?" I'd decided on the royal blue dress with the wide, pleated skirt, so I was thinking that I'll need my blue-gray shades of eye shadow, though a green accent would be striking! Then I realized what Hayley had just said. "What? To an obedience school? Like a dog?"

"Sort of. I hear they starved him in a kennel the first few days, so afterward he'd pay attention and do what he was told. But mostly it's done by drugs and hypnosis. You see, a while ago when you were only refusing to get breasts and enjoy them like the rest of us, Mark was being far worse. Very difficult! He not only refused them himself and had a fit when Meg asked him, he got uncontrollable! He started asking exactly what it was we all did at Patti's! He began threatening to make difficulties for all of us, expose us to our bosses, and he tried to forbid Meg any contact with us. Things like that. It got to be intolerable! So Meg checked out this school and arranged for them to come get him. And only two weeks later they brought him back as sweet as could be! She can do no wrong now, no matter what, and he's eager to leap whenever she says 'jump'."

"In only two weeks?" I asked. Mark was his own man, tough and stubborn, I knew, like lots of guys who were built like a truck. Meanwhile I stroked the hint of a white streak under my plucked eyebrows. Perfect!

"It takes longer than two weeks if a man needs to be made gay or a sissy, or driven psychotic, or made averse to all other women, if he needs deep reconditioning like that. Wives sometimes want one of those things for husbands who've been tomcatting around They want to neutralize them, even get them neutered. And some wives want their husbands specially treated just before a divorce settlement, to give them an edge so their husbands will sign away everything rather than be exposed as call girls, or lap dancers, or geeks who fuck goats, or let goats fuck them, or whatever they've become. That can take a month or two, but Mark didn't need that. All Mark needed was to be brought to heel. Trained to be eager to help Meg dress for her dates with other guys, pleased to fix dinner for her for whenever she came back from our little sessions at Patti's, always be ready to do whatever she tells him, always check with her if in doubt, never question her. Lick her pussy whatever's inside it, and never ask. You know. An ideal husband!"

"Isn't that a little wimpy? I mean, Mark has always been a tough egg who knows his own mind!"

"Oh, he still does know his own mind, it's just that Meg now tells

him what to think. It gives him great satisfaction to obey her. And that gives Meg great satisfaction too. You'll see. Mark is your special date tonight."

I was stroking on mascara by this time, but that stopped my hand. I almost messed it up. "My date? Aren't you my date?" What was she up to?

And Hayley explained. We girls had no secrets from each other, now that I was a girl. "No, sweetie, not this time. I'm not yours tonight, I'm spoken for."

This was rather mysterious.

"It's just that we were all talking about how wonderful you've been about everything, all of us girls, and how much you enjoy your new breasts, and the pleasure you get from showing off your figure in public, and what good taste in clothes you've got. And how soon you'll be going back to the office as a committed, thoroughly feminine woman. Darla can't wait, she's so eager to show you all the things you'll need to know. She hopes you'll want to be her girlfriend after hours now, though still her boss during the day of course. So you can gossip, and make jokes, and give caring advice, and bare your hearts to each other. You know, the way we do. I told her I thought that would be lovely -- even married women need special friends of their own. So she's looking forward to it."

Darla had called me to congratulate me the day after my recovery, to welcome me to her world, and to assure me that the other women in our division were as enthusiastic about my joining them as she was. She'd joked about how my 22% pay cut as a woman hadn't come through yet, but she'd promised to clue me in about which of the men we worked with were wolves and which were lambs. "You can prey on the lambs yourself if you like," she'd said. "We all do now and then. They never object when we take a bite out of them!"

"Well," Hayley continued. "When you go back to work as a woman, that's when my little girl will need to be all grown up, really be a woman. You'll need to know much more about your new life, so you'll know how to get people to do what you want. Especially men. You can't go back to work still a virgin. You need experience. Tonight, you get that experience."

I was listening with a sinking feeling in my gut (my 'tummy' was what Hayley insisted I call it). She'd been angling me closer to this moment for some time, to intimacy with a man, assuming as she always did what whatever she enjoyed I'd enjoy. I'd tried telling her I was a lesbian, I liked girls, but all she did was shrug and tell me that she did too, but that even so, men were something special.

Now it seemed unavoidable. I studied my eyes in the mirror of my make-up table. They were finished, beautiful. I stretched out my lips and began outlining them, to delay saying anything. Perhaps to out wait any need to say anything.

"Have I been wrong previously?" Hayley asked, sensing my uncertainty. "About how much pleasure your breasts would give you? About how you'd need to look like a woman once you had breasts? About all the pretty things you could wear once you committed to looking like a woman? About how, if you looked like one, you might as well be one? And did I fail to tell you that men are interested in women? And women enjoy men?"

Hayley was never wrong. It was pointless to debate any of her questions.

"And how, now, being a woman, you'll certainly want to enjoy men? Honey, there's nothing to it! You'll love it! Tomorrow you'll thank me. But you'll thank Mark especially!"

How did she manage to make up her face so quickly? She'd been a woman longer than I'd been, I guess. She knew. She was stunning, as always! Though she'd laid a long purple evening gown out on our bed, she was dressed in a tailored silk jump suit with zippers everywhere. She saw me staring. "This is for now. The gown's for later. I'll be going out formal afterward," she said. "You'll stay here with the others, so you won't need a long gown like this one tonight."

I didn't dare ask her where or why. She'd tell me, as she always did, when she thought I should know. And as we went downstairs, two lovely ladies planning to entertain their friends for an evening, Hayley confided that when I took on Mark I'd also be doing Meg a favor. Just as Meg was doing both of us a favor by lending us the use of Mark.

"You see, you don't look at all like a man any more, sweetie," she said. "And I don't myself think you are a man, not in any way that would matter to a woman, not any more. I know you're not! But Mark thinks you're still a man under your boob job, and under all the paint and finery, and he still has the usual male contempt for effeminate men, and men who have sex with other men, and so on. So though he's been told to make you glad you're a woman, and instructed to fuck your brains out and suck your tits dry, and so on, and he'll do it, don't doubt that, he won't want to. You may need to seduce him. Of course you'll succeed. And if despite everything else you can make him enjoy you, Meg will feel a lot easier about some other arrangements she's making."

"Why so, honey?" I asked her. I glimpsed myself in our hall mirror, and felt a surge of pride. I did look lovely, dressed and made up for an evening at home. The pearl drop earrings I'd borrowed from Hayley provided just the right accent!

"He's a very potent man -- his erections come easy and they last and last these days, that's why she'll never be willing to give him up. But she's planning a two week cruise to the Bahamas with her current boyfriend. During those two weeks she won't be available to drain his semen from his cock before he goes to work, as she always does. Well, she doesn't want him jerking off on his own, and she certainly doesn't want him roaming the field with a rampant erection while she's gone. She thinks that would be cruel, and besides, she doesn't want him tempted to take up with other women. It could happen even though he's been forbidden them, because they haven't been forbidden him, and he's now susceptible to any woman who uses the right tone of voice."

I might once have felt solidarity or sympathy for a man so obviously at the mercy of a manipulative wife. Instead, I felt amused, and also curious how Meg had dealt with the problem.

"So she's arranged for a man to visit him and blow him once a day. A gay man. Mark's been done by men before -- he was blown once by a man at his obedience school so he'd get over his homophobia, and he's given several men blow jobs since then, Meg insisting on it as a way to enforce discipline. But he takes no pleasure in it. Not even perverse pleasure. The school certified him homoerotic, but his grades were bare pass.

"So?" I asked. "What does this have to do with me?"

"Meg thinks that if Mark can enjoy sex with you, he'll be a little bit happier with the gay man she's providing him, and she does want Mark to be happy after all, he's her husband! Also, she hopes you'll feel some affection for him, maybe want to drop by and renew acquaintance while she's gone. Then he might take an interest in the new things that interest you, women's things, she's always wished he'd do that. But any kind of friendship is enough."

Hayley hesitated, then came out with it. "Berry, I think she'd like to see you two become lovers. She thinks it would be just beautiful for you to get crushes on each other and then start a long, torrid, romantic love affair. Really appreciate each other. Plaster yourselves to each other, write long love letters to each other on the e-mail, and stay out of trouble. I think so too."

"I see," was all I could say.

"Though all that would only be bonuses, dividends. The main thing tonight is for you two to fuck and suck each other." She turned to kiss me as the doorbell rang, careful not to muss. "It's the greatest thing a woman can know, fucking," she said. "If I could, I'd arrange for the five guys who broke me in when I was sixteen to do you. I want you to lack for nothing!"

Dinner was polite, friendly, cheerful, chatty, relaxed. Mark told jokes and Patti and Dora told me how they first met, at a sorority mixer in college where they were supposed to be meeting boys, and when they disappeared together everyone assumed they'd found boys. I was a little tense, but apparently no one else was. I looked Mark over for the first time not as a buddy but a possible sexual partner. A probable partner. He wasn't altogether repellent. I wasn't crazy about the idea, but apparently he had a highly functional cock, and I knew that if I was ever to learn to be a complete woman I'd need to learn to respect functional cocks. Even to desire them.

Then it all began to happen, after dinner. We paired off in the living room, Meg and Dora, Hayley and Patti, and me and Mark, and it quickly became obvious that we were intended to serve as each other's after-dinner liqueurs. The women began to sip, then clinch, then kiss passionately, and feel each other's boobs, and moan. And then sink to the floor, couple by couple, to continue their nibbling and licking and fondling. Hattie seemed to be the dominant figure with Hayley, who remained rigid in a breathless ecstasy as Patty tenderly nuzzled her neck. But then Hayley bared one of Patti's nipples, then the other, and ferociously threw herself onto them. She'd done that with me a few times. I knew how it felt. Terrifying and wonderful!

Mark and I sat quietly, talking in low voices. He seemed terribly nervous, and on impulse I took his hand. He looked down at where we were holding hands, but said nothing.

"You do know what we're here for, don't you Mark?" I said.

"Yes," he replied. "Barry, do you think we could go out and get a burger or something first? I mean, I know you already, but I need to forget that I know you, so maybe if we behaved as if this was a first date or something?"

"Shhhh!" I said. And I kissed him lightly, affectionately, on the lips. The first man I ever kissed. It wasn't bad!

"Tell me I'm beautiful," I told him. "And remember, I'm 'Berry' when I'm like this." I figured, get him thinking of me as a woman, not the man he once knew, and we'd have a head start.

"You are!" he said, with what I took to be sincere feeling. "I've been looking at you all evening, and I can't believe what they've done to you! Berry, you are an absolute stunner! No way the guy I once knew!"

"No, no way. Now you can kiss me!" This seducing was fairly simple stuff, I was thinking. "And just touch my breast, it feels so good when you do that!" He did.

And I lost it. I began to go wild, as happened every time Hayley touched them these days. Knowing how this evening would end, I was wearing only thi-hi stockings, no garter belt, no pantyhose, and no panties. "Ooooh" I squealed, and I climbed onto his lap and took him around the neck and kissed him deeply, passionately, avidly. He returned my kisses with his tongue in my mouth, and continued to caress my bosom. "Oh! Oh!" I moaned. I was beginning to feel orgasms rising one behind the other. God, I needed something in me!

I stood up. "Take off your pants, Mark," I said. He looked behind me questioningly, and apparently Meg nodded to him, because his belt and waistline flew apart, and a moment later he was bare from the waist down. Yes! It was quite a cock! Longer than the span of my hand, an erect, firm, thick shaft of pink ivory, its huge helmeted head an angry red.

Suddenly a figure came between us, Hayley, with a tube of some kind of ointment in her hand. "Here, Mark," she said. "She's mine, you're only borrowing her, remember. Return her undamaged. Be gentle. I want her to love it!" And with a few deft twists of her palm, she spread a thick coat of gelatinous oil on that exposed cock. She handed him the tube, then said "Turn your back and hike up your skirt and bend over, Berry love!" I did. I then heard her say, "That's yours for the night. The most precious ass I know. Take good care of it!" She then sat down again with her three girlfriends to watch.

I felt Mark spread some of that jelly on my asshole, and then he looked at Hayley again. I did too. This moment was hers. She watched me with pride and adoration radiating from her face, as if she were watching her eldest baby toddle off to school for the first time.

I backed toward Mark and straddled his lap, my eyes still on Hayley's, hers on mine. I felt a hot, soft, velvety lump press against my anus, between my cheeks, and I pressed back onto it. After a moment, the head passed into me, and I settled in more snugly onto Mark's cock, wriggling lower and lower until he was seated deep inside me, until finally I was perched on his lap, my thighs straddling his. I then spread my skirt across us as if to preserve an aspect of decency. The other girls watched, slight smiles on their faces, until I was obviously fully impaled. Then suddenly they applauded!

"Brava!" Patti called out. Hayley was transported, rapt, so very proud, hugging both Meg and Dora. She simply beamed!

"Now you're a lady, my sweet darling!" she cried out. "No one can ever take this moment away from you!" In her celebratory enthusiasm she began to kiss the face next to her, whoever's, and soon another face covered hers, attempting to share in her elation. Then they all sank back to their own enjoyments.

Mark's hands reached around my slim body and began to play with my nipples through my bra, and I was immediately in ecstasy! Later I'd turn to face him and re-insert him, I decided, so he could suck on me too, and then I'd be his forever, or as long as Meg would allow it. I leaned back against him and closed my eyes, deep joy filling my body and my heart and my mind, and I wriggled even tighter onto my lover's thick staff! He began pumping into me, just a little, in and out, and I in turn began to roll my rear end round and round his cock to enrich the joyous sensation, just a little, round and round. Now that I was fully penetrated, I opened my eyes. There im front of me on the carpet was Hayley with her face buried deep between Meg's legs, while Meg sucked avidly on one of Dora's huge breasts, while Dora pushed three fingers in and out of Patti's quim and Patti stroked Hayley's clit. All four lay on our thick carpeting in a kind of daisy chain of sucking and licking, all the while lifting their own tits aloft in the palms of their unoccupied hands, and palpating them.

Each now and then closed her eyes to concentrate her feelings, and then tense expressions came over their faces, little yips and mews and an occasional loud scream rising from their throats. Then again. And then again! They loved what they were doing to each other! I loved what Mark was doing to me! I squeezed my eyes tight shut! As my ass muscles began throbbing uncontrollably yet again, clenching and embracing that meat in me repeatedly as I orgasmed yet again, I knew I had it best of all! This man's cock in me was just marvelous. A moment more, I realized, and I wouldn't be able to help myself -- I'd just plant my feet on the ground and then raise and lower my rump on his prick, mindlessly, up and down, higher and lower, faster and faster, trying to bring him off, to force him finally to cram himself into me, out of control, and squirt himself deep in my vitals. Then I'd truly be a woman, fully anointed!

Meanwhile, he buried his face in my shoulder, kissing and nibbling it delicately. I opened my mouth and moaned again. His fingers on my tits began to feel slick, wet! My bra was getting soaked! I was giving milk! Oh, the blissful agony!

Suddenly a deep voice broke into our gasping silences.

"Well, you all look as though you're enjoying yourselves! No hurry, Hayley. We have time. I can wait!"

A man's voice! Intrusive and familiar! I opened my eyes.

There, standing near the entrance to this den of delights, confident and suave in his tuxedo, was Jeff! The same man who'd leered at Hayley at Armand's, Hayley's former work partner. I just stared, for the moment terrified. Why was he here? Did he remember me as Berry? He'd already seen how I was rotating my ass lasciviously on the cock Mark had buried deep inside me! Had he heard me moan too? Did he know I was a man? Was I? Would he find out?

Hayley pulled her glistening face out of Meg's snatch. "Is it time already?" she asked him. Then, "Sorry Meg, I've got to go. Girls, later! Don't stop on my account. Won't be a minute, Jeff!" She jumped up and disappeared down the hall.

Mark began squeezing my nipples as if milking me, sliding his thumb and forefinger toward the tips, the roots, then squeezing them forward again. The feeling overwhelmed me, and I closed my eyes. He began making even more profoundly penetrating strokes into my ass, and I couldn't help it, I wiggled and writhed back onto him in response, and cried out deep guttural noises. Again I climaxed. When I opened my eyes again Jeff was still there, watching me, an enigmatic smile on his face. 'Are you who I think you are?' it seemed to ask. I turned away and shifted my thighs on Mark's lap, and began again to roll around on him. I felt myself floating in a dense, perfumed cloud of joy, aware only that my whole body felt radiant. Then I felt two hands on my cheeks, and I looked up.

Hayley was leaning over me, looking deep into my eyes. "You'll be all right here, honey! You'll be fine, you're doing wonderfully! I'm going to the country club with Jeff now, and afterward we'll probably go out with friends. I expect we'll finish up at Jeff's place, just the two of us, we usually do. So don't expect me back till morning. I hope later I'll be enjoying myself as much as you are, and the same way you are! You know, that's a position I've never tried -- it looks heavenly!" She stood up.


She'd changed her dress. That purple evening gown now clung to her. It seemed to be poured over her body and splashed from her ankles. "You see these two, Jeff? You think you can do to me what Meg's husband is doing to mine?"

"Yours?" I heard Jeff say. "She's your husband?"

Oh, God! I shut my eyes tight and cringed. An embarrassed flush overwhelmed my face. She'd identified me, outed me to a man who was clearly my rival! Mark thought my cringing was a call for him to grasp my tits a different way, which he did. And I felt even more aroused! Waves of humiliation and desire crashed over me, and I couldn't breathe!

"Yes, we can do that. If you can mount me the way she's mounted, I can fuck you the way that man's fucking her... fucking your husband, I mean. No problem, Hayley!"

He leaned back, looking at me fascinated, talking to me now as much as to Hayley. "But then, you've never had a problem with any of the things we've done together, have you, Hayley. Berry -- Barry is it, this lady here with a corkscrew for a rear? -- he can't possibly have a problem with anything we do either, can he? Not from now on! He can moan and squeal, maybe, he looks pretty good at that, but he can't complain. I doubt he'll ever have a jealous bone anywhere in his body ever again, now that we've seen him with his ass plumped down tight on that man's bone. This is wonderful! I'm never ever sure how a husband will feel when he finds out I'm poking his wife. This one looks like he'll suck my dick in gratitude."

"She," Hayley said. "She'll suck your dick. She will, too, if I ask her the right way. She's Berry now, the girl I introduced to you and Craig at Armand's, remember? I created her, and now she's Berry for the rest of her life! I love it! Just look at her! No, she won't complain. I told you not to worry about my husband. I told you he wouldn't last long enough to be a problem!"

"You did indeed," Jeff said, looking down on me in mild wonder. Mark was still moving his fingers over my tits, and involuntarily I thrust my breasts outward against his palms. "Should I worry about what you might do to me, seeing what you've done to him ... her?"

Hayley sounded amused. "No, Jeff. I like you, and I love what you do to me, and I know you love doing it to me. But we don't love each other. I did love Barry, and he loved me, and that's very different. I loved Barry so passionately I wanted him to enjoy everything I enjoy, to feel as fulfilled as I do in our marriage. So I persuaded him, and now here she is, enjoying it all! Right now she's enjoying Mark's prick moving in her ass the way I've enjoyed yours so many times! And to judge by her expression, she loves it as much as I love yours! Barry put up a struggle, what man wouldn't, but he loved me enough in the end to let me do this to him. You'd never love me that much, so I'd never want it for you, and never want to bother. But now Berry knows why I wanted it. I wanted it for her. When two people love each other as much as we do, love will always find a way."

I didn't even realize that while I was staring wide-eyed at Hayley as she explained herself, I was still rotating my pelvis on Mark. He groaned, and began to thrust into me again, ever so slightly at first. It didn't show under my skirt, but I could feel it. It was our secret! My brain became addled, distracted!

"We'd better go," Jeff said gently.

"Yes," Hayley said, plainly reluctant to leave this scene of her triumph and my apparent joy. "You know, I don't know why we can't double date with Berry some time, Jeff. Isn't Craig still available? He looked so smitten when he met Berry before, at Armand's! Can't we set something up? It would be such fun! She'd love seeing Craig again too I bet, now that she's into men. Or whatever."

"Maybe," Jeff said. "Is she...has she...?"

"Not yet," Hayley replied. "But the moment she wants one, she'll have one. That'll probably happen when someone she cares for deeply wants her to have one." She smiled at that thought.

"Well, I'd think Craig would feel himself fortunate to be where Mark is now. He wouldn't mind any more than I do with you. All the years you kept your cunt strictly off limits, I never minded pushing into your rear end instead. And you always seemed as happy with me in your ass as Berry is now with Mark in hers. If Craig is uneasy about dating a girl like Berry -- and I know he won't be -- then there're others I know who'd love to know her just the way she is. And lots nore if Berry ever decides to get herself a proper pussy. Though she seems to be a plentifully satisfying fuck even now -- your Mark there looks blissed out of his skull. Does she also give head?"

"Not yet. But what a wonderful idea! She'll suck her first cock and swallow her first cum before this very evening's out, I promise! She loves the taste, she told me that herself. You hear, baby?" Hayley asked me.

I was still staring at her now. She was hiking up the skirt of that long, purple evening gown so she could dash out of the house. I nodded.

"Mark, you be sure to teach her everything they taught you at that school you went to! We want Berry to be the very best cocksucker ever! We want men lining up around the block! If you like, I'll bring her over every day this coming week for practice! You'd like that, wouldn't you!"

Mark glanced over at Meg, who with the other girls had stopped pleasuring each other again in order to watch and listen. Meg smiled encouragingly and nodded to him. He nodded to Hayley. "What else are friends for?" Meg said to Hayley!

Now, Mark's attention undivided, he hunched down, refocussed his eyes on on a some imaginary object in the middle distance, grasped me at the waist, and began to make a series of pelvic rocking motions. His dong now slithered all the way into me, then nearly all the way out, at full length. At the top of each stroke he gave a thrust, and I gave an involuntary "Uh!" sound. I couldn't help it, each thrust seemed to complete something magnificent promised by the previous. "Uh!" I said. Then "Uhh!"

"Lovely!" Hayley said. "Berry, you sure you'll be OK?"

"Uhhhh!" I replied as Mark's lap lifted me toward the ceiling. Then, "What?" Then "Unhhh!"

"Oooh, you look so beautiful like that! You should see your face! Mark, take good care of my beautiful girl! Bye honey, enjoy, love ya! Jeff, let's go now. I'll put my face on in the car."

With a last gloating smile over his shoulder, still looking at me, Jeff embraced Hayley's waist and placed a large, possessive hand on a breast tip as they left, making sure I saw. "Ooooh, you!" she said, and snuggled into him with a glance back at me. They disappeared out the door.

I looked at the empty space they'd left behind in the hallway just behind the closed door. Then as Mark tried to pump himself even deeper, I returned to what I was doing. The way things were.

I planted my feet on the ground and lifted my bum up high, all the way off Mark's cock. Standing there straddling him, I suddenly felt empty! Mark's rod was probably standing tall underneath me, under my skirt, stiff and glistening, feeling equally deprived. His hands fell away from my body. The girls all lay there on each other, still watching, not yet ready to resume their own pleasures, curious what I'd next do.

I turned completely around, and recentered myself on Mark's lap, facing him, and lowered myself again. His dong slipped back into my asshole and I sank down onto it, until my buttocks were again firm on his thighs. Now we faced each other! I pressed down hard to resettle him snug inside me, and I grasped his neck with both arms and hugged him. Now he was all mine!

"Take this brassiere off me, this thing Hayley's been so anxious for me to wear, Mark!" I hissed at him. I want my breasts to be naked! Maybe I'll never wear another bra ever again!"

He obediently reached behind me to unclasp the band. It was fun, giving orders to this hulking sex toy!

"Now I want to feel my tits deep in your mouth!" I told him. "I want to fuck your mouth with them, and drown you in what comes out of them! I can feel my milk letting down and seeping out right now! I want you to fill your belly with me! Suck me and fuck me till dawn, and then maybe we'll see whether I'll be giving your prick head or you'll be giving me your head whereever I want it! Do you mind?"

Mark looked past me at Meg, again. I couldn't see her response, but it must have been favorable, because without a word he dropped his head onto my nearest nipple and closed his lips on it. Gently. And sweetly sucked. I felt a warm gush inside my swollen boobs, and I knew a flow was pouring into his mouth. He sucked harder. I closed my eyes and leaned way back, and squirmed. His cock head suddenly pressed steeply against my prostate, and I came! Then again! And again! I couldn't quit! This was the right position! I didn't want to quit! Again! My mind became mush, yet the orgasms rolled on! They stopped only when I flexed my knees and half-stood up, then carefully lowered myself again, this time only once to avoid triggering another arpeggio.

I decided then and there that whatever else Hayley might want me to do, with her or with anyone else, alone or together in tandem, whether by wish or whim, I'd do it! I'd never question her. Why should I? She never questioned herself, and would I ever want her to? Could I ever change her back into the sweet, faithful wife I'd once thought her? She'd never been such a person. And I couldn't ask myself to become again what I'd been. I'm now also someone else, I told myself.

"And I love who I am!" I shouted aloud in the high, girlish voice Hayley'd asked me to use, my breasts glowing and my body clenched in joy. Behind me, only occasional moans and slurping noises. Behind me, nobody was listening. I changed Mark's mouth to my other breast, and began passionately to pump it in and out of his face, and I tenderly embraced his head in my arms. He suddenly lifted his hips high, high into the air, seeking to thrust his stiff penis even deeper inside me. I pushed down hard. It swelled up full and seemed to stretch my asshole beyond capacity, then began to throb, and throb, and throb. I felt suddenly slick everywhere inside me, even in the crack between my cheeks. At last he'd cum!

And at last I felt complete. I was now a woman. A woman deeply loved by her gorgeous, impetuous, stubborn wife, everything she'd ever wanted in a husband. And now, because she'd wanted me to enjoy the greatest gift she could ever bestow on her husband, I was no longer a virgin. She'd seen to it that I was perfectly, utterly fucked!


© 2002 by Vickie Tern. May be copied to free archives, but I'd appreciate knowing (VickieTern@aol.com).


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