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What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Klismophalia: Enemas are a Turn-On!

Klismophalia: sexual attraction to and stimulation from the use of enemas.

I have read a lot of from enema fans who claim that they got started with enemas because of the health benefits gained through cleansing the colon and only later discovered the sexual thrills enemas can bring. I don’t buy it. I don’t doubt that there are some people who got introduced to enemas because of medical reasons, but just about everyone who I discussed this with had pretty much the same few stories. Either they wanted to clean themselves out for anal sex and, from that, started to associate enemas with sex, or, they were already into S&M, D/s. or humiliation play and enemas were part of the scene. Regardless of how someone gets into enemas, just about everyone agrees that it is an “acquired taste.”

Like any good fetish, there is an emotion component. In the fet community, a “fetish” is often called a “gift” because that fetish can bring you joy in some form. Isn’t it appropriate to call anything that gives you joy a “gift?” 

To some, the “joy” of the enema comes from the enema experience itself, while to others, it is not the enema but what the enema is associated with that brings them joy. 

I, for one, really like the feeling of the pressure in my bottom. I enjoy the stress that I experience when I am filled to capacity and I must use every ounce of self control to retain the liquid. I thoroughly enjoy the liquid penetrating deeply inside my bowels and how the enema forcefully takes control over my intimate internal organs. The urge to expel becomes overwhelming as you lose control over your own flesh – much like a good orgasm that, once it starts, you can’t control. 

For some, it is not the enema itself that is the sexual thrill; it is the emotions that the enema stirs up that leads them to joy. A number of people that I talked to mentioned that they started using enemas as a way to clean their bottoms out as a prelude to anal sex. It didn’t take long before they started associating some good bottom banging with getting an enema. One friend, who I’ll call “Betty” told me that she practically starts dripping from her pussy at the thought of an enema because the enema always comes in advance of a great night of carnal pleasures. 

Some enema fans masturbate or play with their partner throughout the process. The sexual stimulation together with the enema can be a real thrill. A big nozzle can feel much like a dildo and may be used much like a prostate massager. A really skilled enema lover can play you like a violin: the nozzle is the bow and your internal organs are the strings. With warm hands on your genitals and a probe massaging the inside of your ass while emptying more and more fluid into the receptacle that is your body, you may find yourself in erotic bliss. The truly skilled enema practitioner will know to bring you to orgasm only when the urge to expel is too great to ignore. The two impulses multiple their effect on each other and you can find yourself utterly overwhelmed by the experience. It is a headspace that is difficult to explain to others…

For some, the enema becomes erotic because it can be rather humiliating. To these enemaniacs, they experience embarrassment by having their most private parts exposed and invaded. When a dominant partner enemas them, they turn over control of their bodies to their partner. The expulsion of the enema involves embarrassing noises, smells, and sights which often make the receiver feel a loss of dignity – especially when their partner wants to watch. When you are pumped way beyond what you thought you could hold, the urge to expel will become so great that you would do so, even if you were on the runway during Fashion Week. To those who get a kick out of humiliation, enemas can be just the ticket.

Some people go a bit farther with enema solution that can be painful. These thirsty bottoms learn to balance the painful invasion of the solution with a sexual thrill – not unlike the S&M fan that learns to turn pain into pleasure.

There is another gender-related component to enema – or, at least, something like a gender-related component. If you are the person giving the enema, you are the one who is penetrating your partner – you are in a male role. If you are the one receiving the enema, you are in the receptive female role – open, wanting to be filled. To some men, taking the “receptive female role” is yet another source of humiliation. To sissies like me, it is an experience to crave!

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  1. Id love to be filled and used just like in all those pics but i havent been able to find any one into it