What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Favorite Erotic Moments: When You Hold My Life In Your Hands

I want you to grab my hair and shove your dick down my throat. I want to gag on your fat hardening cock while you hold my head tightly against your groin. As you allow me to come up for air, I hear you whisper in my ear how good it feels to shove your member deep into my cum-hungry throat.

You also tell me to make sure that I slick your cock with my saliva since it is going back, deep down my throat soon enough. I wrap my lips lovingly around your shaft and massage your cockhead with my tongue. I taste the saltiness of your pre-cum ooze from your tip and become eager for more.

Wearing my hair up in pigtails gives you convenient handles to guide my face down your shaft. Your hips begin to rock as you start to face-fuck me. I press my tongue against the underside of your cock as you relentlessly pound my throat, You pull out of my head and slap your cock against my lips and nose. I try to capture that delicious meat tube again in my mouth but you tease me with it.

“Are you a cum slut?” you ask teasingly. I smile and nod. I hear you whisper “Do you want to be my cum dumpster?” as I once again wrap my lips tightly around your glans. I mumble “Uh huh” as my tongue darts on to the slit of your cockhead.

You reward me by once again holding head tightly while pushing your seaman stick to the back of my mouth. Then you slowly pull back – only to thrust forward, gagging me again. You pull back slowly and ram your cock home again… and again …and again. You allow me a gasp of air and then return to my throat. This continues in a never-ending cycle of face fucking, gagging and gasping for air.

Your pace quickens. Your thrusts push deeper. I sense that you are close to erupting. You push against face and pull my head ever so close to you and hold me there. I cannot breathe. I feel you spasm and then a warm cumload races down my esophagus. My head is still held firmly against your groin, my nose buried in your public hair. Another spasm and more of your seed enter my body. I still can’t breathe. Your strong hands hold my head firmly as I start to panic from the lack of air. I try to pull away but you are too strong and are only concerned with the joys of the next jet of jizz exiting your cock…

I feel as if my life is in your hands. It is up to you to provide me with air. It is only at this beautifully erotic yet terrifying moment that I realize just how much I have submitted to you.

At that moment, I am content.


  1. Loved this description of submission.

  2. Wow! Outstanding! So hot & yummy!

    Another great post, Sarah.


  3. ohmy SO well put and such a lovely description!

  4. Ohhh, yesssssssss ...

    Brilliantly played, lady!

    Such an accurate description of what goes through this girl's mind ...

  5. Such hot pics and such an erotic description. I'd like to experience that sometime.