What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prom Season!

How many of us sissies wanted desperately to attend a formal prom in a long flowing gown, up-swept hair, a beautiful corsage pinned to your breast and a strong arm of a handsome date wrapped around your waist? I think the answer is pretty much all of us!

I suspect that each of our prom fantasies have a lot in common.  You, your mom, and your best girlfriends would shop for weeks looking for just the right outfit. You wanted something low-cut and revealing while your mom, knowing how much of a horny bimbo you are, keeps pushing more traditional gowns with more coverage. You keep thinking that you'll need something that will provide easy access for your date to get between your legs. Perhaps that Cinderella ballgown with a sweetheart neckline, full skirt, and lots of feminine tulle or the strapless number with the beaded waistband, full princess skirt, and dainty gloves. 

Perhaps a strapless dress with a fitted torso and trumpet bottom to show off your round, eager ass.


So many choices! All that you are certain of is that the dress needs to be super-girlie! Your eye keeps returning to gowns that look like they could be wedding dresses if they were in white.

How about a cute party dress that shows off your legs and might even let you flash your panties?

Maybe something wild and unconventional, like a leopard print mini-dress with long train? You know that as the dancing and conviviality of the prom is winding down, you and your date will quickly starting to reeve it up. It won't be Before long before you have hitched up your gown and start getting down. Having a train detaches, it will be easier for you to ditch when your date wants to get frisky...

While a detachable train makes a lot of sense to you, these party dresses are not frou-frou enough for your sissy desires. You keep thinking of pink, swishy dresses with a super tight waist an a full skirt -- yes, pink. It must be pink.

A real sissy would have a full skirt... lots of beads, sequins, or flowers... Yes! And lots and lots of tulle. A ball gown, not just a simple dress!  That is what a good sissy needs to experience wearing while at the prom. You have always imagined holding you skirt about your waist as you bend over the hood of your date's car, one leg up on the bumper as your date...


  1. oh god yes yes yes and yes. Everything you say is right on the money. Super pink swishy frilly tulle,satin and lace prom dresses with full skirts and petticoats and loads of little bows.

    God I love it... I just want it to be me sooo much that it hurts!

  2. Every word is exactly right. Waiting, hoping, wearing just the right pink sissy dress, knowing what will be expected, knowing that you'll be as hard as he will be and that he won't take no for an answer! Oh yes


  3. this is such a wonderful post. i love chatting on line with sissy friends looking at the biggest and most swish prom gowns, i am obsessed as well.

  4. LOVE your blog! I do hope you like mine too?


    Kara x x x

  5. Thanks Kara! I love your blog too! I have been a follower of it for quite some time now. Just promise me that you'll keep posting!