What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shoe Fetish: It Is Just Biology!

"Shoes are better than sex because they last longer." ~ Madonna

According to a 2007 study of sexual turn-ons at the University of Bologna, feet and shoes are by far the biggest kinks.

Researchers from the university found that, among sexual preferences for body parts, feet and toes were the most popular, with 47 per cent of those sampled preferring them. They also found that, when it came to objects associated with the body, shoes, boots and other footwear scored 64 per cent. 

Supposedly, this study was the largest global study of sexual kinks ever undertaken. The scientists monitored activity in discussion groups on the internet that have up to 150,000 members dedicated to fetishes, although the number of people surveyed was probably no more than 5,000.

How and why people develop sexual kinks is not known, and the researchers said that despite many theories having been put forward none is convincing. Some researchers have suggested that the interest in feet and interest in genitals occupy the same region of the brain and therefor there might be some overlap. Still, it is all just a matter of biology...

 "A good shoe is one that doesn't dress you but undresses you. So if a woman is naked, and wearing shoes, she should still look nude." 
~ Christian Louboutin, Shoe Designer

Researchers at Wroclaw University in Poland found that a person with a slightly longer leg is more attractive. More specifically, women with about 5% longer legs than average were rated most attractive. In other words, a girl could be more attractive if they lengthen the appearance of their legs by a few inches. And what is a great way to do this? Heels, of course!

So sissyfags, if you want more man-meat between your cheeks, why not let biology work in your favor? Strap on those fuck me pumps and wiggle that ass.

While it is well-known that a woman’s hormones can certainly influence her mood, it seems that they may affect what clothing and shoes she wears. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research came to an interesting conclusion: women who are ovulating wear sexier clothing and higher heels. 

Some studies show women who are ovulating move their hips more when walking, are more interested in attending social gatherings, and reveal more skin when they dress. One study even showed that women have a slightly higher pitch to their voice when under the influence of ovulatory hormones. Still other studies have concluded that women who are ovulating tend to be perceived as being more attractive.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management discovered that, while women choose clothing that’s more revealing and shoes that are sexier when they’re ovulating, it is not necessarily to attract a male directly. Instead, according to this research, women who are ovulating choose sexier clothing to compete with and "outdo" other attractive women.

Researchers showed ovulating women photos of both attractive and unattractive women, some of whom lived locally and others who lived far away. After looking at the photos, the women were asked what fashions they’d choose to wear. The results? When women viewed photos of attractive women who lived locally, they were more likely to choose sexy clothing – compared to when they saw photos of good-looking women who lived at a distance.

What does this all mean to us sissies? Horny women instinctively try more to attract sexual partners by acting more feminine and dressing more revealingly. These women are seen as more attractive so they tend to get more sexual partners. So if you want more sexual partners you should act more provocatively, dress more like a slut and show the world just how femmy you are! Again, it is all a matter of biology.

As a true-blue sissyfag, I can say that one reason I adore shoes - especially those with a tall heel - is that they are decidedly feminine. By and large, heels are a woman's fashion so it is only natural that a sissy would be drawn to them.


  1. wow, a very hot collection of heels, I totally like the pics. And the description.

    xxx martin

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