What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toss a Salad, Tell a French Joke, Bite the Brown, Eat Poundcake - It's All Analingus

Also called “Rimming,” “Blowing Ass,” “Cleaning Up the Kitchen,” “Smear the Tuna” and a “Lickiety-Split,” munching on an asshole can be an incredible experience! Analingus is the act of licking or inserting the tongue into the anus to provide pleasure.

Years ago, oral sex used to be a "no-no" – it was even considered illegal in many states – but has become pretty much widely accepted. Rimming is starting to get accepted too and has become a main stream fetish. Sure, it is doubtful that rimming will ever be as accepted as a blowjob but as our society sheds its historic (and ridiculous) restrictions on sexuality, rimming will become fairly commonplace.

Why do I say this? Partially because, when proper cleanliness is followed, analinguis feels really, really good. If you haven’t experienced an orgasm while having a tongue up your hole, you haven’t come close to true bliss. I especially like it when my lover pushes their face into my ass, their tongue probing deeping inside of me, and then they making “burring” noises with their lips. The vibs are super erotic.

The anus and surrounding tissue of both men and women (and especially sissies!) are full of nerve endings that are highly sensitive. The same is true for the lips and tongue, and when you put these areas together, the combination can be powerfully erotic. Flatten your tongue and press it against the anus then wiggle it back and forth gently. Alternate this with some good ol’ fashion licking and you’ll likely send your partner into an erotic orbit. While you are down there, give some attention to the "miracle inch" – the area between the genitals and the asshole. It can be a super sensitive area and often will respond really well to a good tongue bath. 

Of course, it is only common sense to make sure that your partner is clean "down there" before you dig in. After analingus without a dam, be sure to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash or, at the very least, water.


  1. Such an important part about sex. I was talking with two tgirls this week and they were talking about how bad their sex lives were. I asked them about receiving and they said they didn't have the right equipment. I was confused, and they clarified that the anus is an exit not an entrance. I didn't want to laugh but that's a pretty depressing and backwards view of sexuality for a TRANSwoman to have.

    Love this anal pride here!