What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Forced Femme Stories

The Inheritance Synopsis: A young boy loses his parents and is sent to stay with his Aunt in the borders of Scotland. His presence is resented and his misdemeanors are heavily punished, but what is the purpose of the master plan for Lewis/Louise. Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl Chemical or Drug Induced Change Crossdressing / TV She Males Victorian Times Keywords: Castration Corsets Hair or Hair Salon Hormones Petticoats and Crinolines Wedding Dress or Married

Forced to be a Woman Synopsis: A man down on his luck meets a Domme and she sets about keeping his old male self inside. The outside changes are a different story. Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications Bondage Chemical or Drug Induced Change Femdom, Authoritarian Sexual Punishment Stuck The Operation Keywords: Appliances Attached Breast Implants Corsets Hormones Long Finger Nails Maids or French Maids Use of Sex Toys Very High Heels

A Change for the Better Synopsis: An out of control druggie is sent to a reform school. It isn't your normal school though. He leaves a much better person. Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl Chemical or Drug Induced Change Crime Punishment Mind Altered, Hypnosis, Brainwashed Slow Transformation Sweet / Sentimental The Operation Keywords: Castration Gay / Lesbian Hormones Pregnant / Having a Baby Wedding Dress or Married

The Awakening Synopsis: Husband's desire to become wife's maid for one year leads to consequences he had not expected. He learns to adjust to his new role as does his family. Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications Crossdressing / TV Cultural Change Real Life Situation Slow Transformation The Operation Transitioning Uniforms Keywords: Appliances Attached Breast Enlargement Chastity Belts Hormones Maids or French Maids

The Making Of Cindi Synopsis: An older woman takes in a troubled young boy and turns him into many roles all leading to the final transition. Every one involved finds their lives far better as a result. Categories: Crossdressing / TV Real Life Situation School Girl Slow Transformation The Operation Transitioning Voluntary Keywords: Breast Implants Hormones School Girl

Stories written by Vickie Tern on FictionMania